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Wayfinder Tier List: Best Class & Weapon [April 2024]

The early access for Wayfinder has finally arrived! Are you wondering which character to play? Here’s our Wayfinder tier list guide to help you choose.

Wayfinder Tier List: Best Characters


Wayfinder has three character archetypes: Arcanists, Survivalists, and Warmasters. Focusing on a single archetype unlocks specific progression paths and abilities, so picking and sticking with one archetype is recommended for advancement. However, players are free to switch between archetypes if they want to experiment with different playstyles.


Each Wayfinder character has 4 set abilities and a passive effect. The abilities are fixed and cannot be mixed between characters. However, players can equip different weapons on any character they choose.

So when picking a Wayfinder, it’s best to focus on their innate abilities and appearance rather than their starting weapons.

Weapons can always be swapped out later, but abilities are tied to the character. Still, nothing is permanent, so feel free to experiment with different Wayfinders and weapons as you unlock more options down the line.

Wayfinder Selection

At the launch of Wayfinder there are seven different classes, aka Wayfinders, to choose from, with more being added every season. When you jump into the game for the first time, you will be able to progress through the tutorial area, figure out which one you like best out of the three starters (Niss, Wingrave, and Silo), and then lock in that choice for the start of your adventures throughout the world of Evanor.

The other four Wayfinders are Heroic Kyros, Kyros, Venomess, and Senja. You will need to unlock/craft them through progression in the game, but if you have a Wayfinder Token from a Founder’s Pack, you can use that token to unlock any Wayfinder to start or save it for later.

Venomous can also be acquired very easily through one of the reward towers, giving you all the crafting pieces you need.

Heroic Kyros can only be unlocked with the $150 founders pack.

What’s the best weapon in Wayfinder?

The general community opinion is that Tempest shotgun is the best weapon currently in the Early Access of Wayfinder.

  • It’s easy to use
  • High base attack
  • Amazing burst damage
  • Double Firerate speed is possible

Watch this video by Nims to see it in action:

Arcstorm is also very good and possibly better than Tempest in some cases.

Best endgame weapons

Not everyone wants to use a shotgun, so here’s the best wayfinder weapons by type:

  • Gun: Tempest or Arcstorm
  • 2-Hander: Titan’s Bane
  • Sword & Shield: Tooth and Claw
  • Daggers: Night’s Edge

Which Starter Wayfinder to choose?

The game has three starter characters, but you can only choose one to play once you’ve completed the tutorial. Don’t worry; you can craft the others later if you want.

  • Niss: Rogue, melee DPS with high mobility.
  • Silo: Ranged DPS with lots of CC and gadgets. Kind of like an “Engineer” class.
  • Wingrave: Paladin or Warrior that can tank or play more of a support role.

Wayfinder Tier List

This is a general Wayfinder tier list.

S+ Heroic Kyros > Kyros

S Venomess

A Wingrave / Silo / Niss

B None

C Senja

Kyros / Heroic Kyros

Wayfinder Tier List: S+

  • Archetype: Arcanist
  • Role: DPS
  • Signature Weapon: Epitaph (Scythe)
  • Difficulty: Easy (1.5/5)
  • Recommended Weapon: Epitaph, Nights Edge, Tooth & Claw, Titan’s Bane

Kyros is currently the best DPS in the game. He has incredible burst damage when using his signature weapon Epitaph, and ultimate ability, “Hand of Reckoning” together.

He’s the closest thing to a mage-type character that exists in Wayfinder. He deals magic damage while wielding a big fat Scythe (his signature weapon). His AoE DPS is the highest in the game, perfect for quickly demolishing grouped-up mobs.

He can be obtained via either crafting or with a Wayfinder Token from a Founder’s Pack.

Heroic Kyros is a unique alternate version only available from the Founder’s Pack. He has increased Echo slots, Echo capacity, and damage attributes. Heroic Kyros must be obtained separately from the original Kyros.

Heroic Kyros is basically like Excalibur Prime from Warframe. He’ll likely not be obtainable after Early Access has ended. However, heroic versions of other characters will be available (and likely stronger) by then.

Kyros is a War Mage who remembers a lost civilization called the Kingdom of Ashes. He possesses devastating magic power but is primarily a scientist determined to understand and stop the Gloom. However, there is much Kyros has forgotten about his mysterious past.


  • Savage Rake: Rake enemies in front, dealing damage. Arcane fragments can be consumed to cast for free.
  • Siphon Radiance: Release a wave damaging enemies and absorbing Arcane power, reducing cooldowns and granting a fragment.
  • Hurricane Focus: Mark enemies. As they are hit, the mark builds power and detonates.
  • Hand of Reckoning: Deal massive damage to enemies in a large radius.
  • Arcane Fragments (Passive): Generate fragments through Siphon Radiance and combo finishers. Fragments are consumed to grant extra Savage Rake charges.

Signature Weapon

  • Epitaph (Scythe): Spinning slash that steals ability power and increases Kyros ability power.


Wayfinder Tier List: S

  • Archetype: Survivalist
  • Role: DPS / Support
  • Signature Weapon: Nightshade (Burst Rifle)
  • Difficulty: Medium (2.5/5)
  • Recommended Weapon: Tempest

Venomess is the perfect all-rounder character and is generally great at everything. She’s probably the best character for grinding, farming maps, and leveling. She’s also great for bosses.

She can be obtained from the Reward Tower.

Venomous was a feared spy and assassin who infiltrated the Avar Empire. Born in the Maze, she is a brilliant alchemist who prefers stalking prey from the shadows. Venomous sees the Gloom as her greatest challenge yet.


  • Transfusion: Shoot poison needles that damage enemies and create healing projectiles for allies.
  • Vampiric Blast: Absorb poison clouds and explode dealing damage and healing allies.
  • Venom Thrusters: Dash leaving a trail of poison clouds that damage and apply Venom.
  • Deep Breath: Massive explosion that damages and applies empowered Venom.
  • Master Venoms (Passive): Weapon hits apply Venom stacks. At 5 stacks, a poison cloud is created dealing more stacks.

Signature Weapon

  • Nightshade (Rifle): Wyvern’s Fury fully automatic empowered clip applying poison.


Wayfinder Tier List: A

  • Archetype: Warmaster
  • Role: Support / Tank / DPS
  • Signature Weapon: Bastion (Sword and Shield)
  • Difficulty: Very Easy (0.5/5)

Wingrave is incredibly sustainable with heals and damage mitigation—he’s probably the best starter character to play, but he can also be good at endgame as well.


  • Righteous Strike – Hitting enemies causes healing energy to explode, healing Wingrave and nearby allies.
  • Radiant Pulse – Forms a shield blocking projectiles and boosting allies behind it.
  • Judgment – Marks enemies, restoring health to anyone who hits them.
  • Divine Aegis – Creates a barrier making those inside immune to damage and healing them.
  • Healing Pulse (Passive) – Melee finishers heal Wingrave and a nearby ally.

Signature Weapon

  • Bastion – Sword & shield with Power Bash dealing massive impact/guard damage.


Wayfinder Tier List: A

  • Archetype: Arcanist
  • Role(s): Single-Target DPS, Mobility
  • Signature Weapon: Night’s Edge (Dual Daggers)
  • Difficulty: Hard (4/5)

Niss has the highest mobility in the game and and deals decent single-target DPS.


  • Shadow Step: Dash in a line dealing damage. A clone dashes from your initial position dealing more damage.
  • Umbral Aura: Become empowered with umbral magic, causing your next 3 dodges to pierce enemies with shadow.
  • Vengeful Shade: Become immune to attacks and damage enemies in front.
  • Gloom Shroud: Shadow Step can be used at no cost for a few seconds.
  • Lingering Shadow (Passive): Gain attack power for a short duration after dodging.

Signature Weapon

  • Night’s Edge (dagger): Creates floating daggers that fire at nearby enemies.


Wayfinder Tier List: A

  • Archetype: Survivalist
  • Role: DPS / CC, Soloing
  • Signature Weapon: Longshot (Rifle)
  • Difficulty: Medium (2/5)
  • Recommended Weapon: Tempest

Silo, as a character, is actually pretty bad. However, when paired with Tempest he becomes very strong.

Arcstorm can also work well with him if you do not like shotguns or being a meta-slave.


  • Firebomb: Toss a firebomb that ignites enemies, dealing damage over time. Can chain react with Oil Bomb.
  • Oil Bomb: Leave a pool of oil that slows enemies and causes additional damage.
  • Proto Clone: Dash backwards, leaving a clone that pulls in nearby enemies. The clone taunts enemies into attacking it until expiration.
  • Arc Nemesis: Send out Arc to shock enemies, dealing burst damage. Arc remains, slowing and damaging nearby enemies.
  • Strategic Advantage (Passive}: Deal bonus melee and ranged damage to debuffed enemies.

Signature Weapon

  • Long Shot (rifle): Deadeye places weak spots on enemies that deal high damage and guarantee crits when hit.


Wayfinder Tier List: C

  • Archetype: Warmaster
  • Role: Tank
  • Signature Weapon: Colossus (Two-Handed Sword)
  • Difficulty: Hard (3.5/5)

Senja is probably the weakest character in the game at the moment, largely because she has to facetank everything and has zero healing abilities.

She can be obtained via either crafting or with a Wayfinder Token from a Founder’s Pack.


  • Gladiator Pummel: Punch forward, hold to showboat, punch again. Showboating buffs next attack.
  • Gain Favor: Hold to showboat and fill favor. Release to taunt enemies and buff allies.
  • Lightning Grasp: Use lightning to pull enemies toward Senja.
  • Grand Finale: Charge and smash enemies with a lightning spear, dealing massive damage.
  • Crowd’s Favor (Passive): Showboating while holding abilities reduces damage taken and builds crowd favor. Favor increases attack and ability power.

Signature Weapon

  • Two-Handed Sword: Gladiator Slice buffs next ability. Empowered Slice deals additional damage.

And that was our current Wayfinder tier list for the best classes in the game. Looking for more Wayfinder guides? Here’s some more that we’ve written:

Play Wayfinder for free on Steam and PS4/5!

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