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Kyros Build, Abilities, Signature Weapon & Lore – Wayfinder Wiki [May 2024]


The Warmage

Wayfinder Tier List (Leveling): S

Welcome to our Kyros wiki guide for Wayfinder. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best Kyros build.

Kyros Profile

  • Archetype: Arcanist (Mage)
  • Signature Weapon: Epitaph (Two-Handed Scythe)
  • Complexity: 1.5/5 (Easy)

While he prefers to avoid close combat, Kyros wields tremendous mystical power. He can scatter foes with blasts of raw energy and crush enemies with a massive shockwave.

A powerful mage with mysterious origins, Kyros is a Wayfinder who uses his powers to siphon arcanic energy from his foes, allowing him to crush and tear through opponents with ease.

Kyros Build

Skill Progression:

  1. Savage Rake (Level 1)
  2. Savage Rake (Level 2)
  3. Siphon Radiant (Level 1)
  4. Siphon Radiant (Level 2)
  5. Siphon Radiant (Level 3)
  6. Savage Rake (Level 3)
  7. Shockwave (Level 1)

Stat Priority:

The general stat priority for Kyros is:

  1. 1. Ability Power
  2. 2. Crit Rating / Crit Power
  3. 3. Break Power

Kyros Abilities

Arcane Fragments
Arcane Fragments grant extra charges of Savage Rake. Generate Arcane Fragments by using Siphon Radiant on enemies, landing combo finishers, and from various Ability Upgrades.
Savage Rake
Rakes the ground with violent energy, dealing damage to all enemies in front of Kyros. Arcane Fragments can be consumed to cast Savage Rake without using an ability charge.
Level 1: Increases Rake damage by 10%
Level 2: Unlock a third Savage Rake combo finisher which deals an extra 25% damage.
Level 3: Hitting a target with Savage Rake heals Kyros a small amount.
Siphon Radiant
Releases a wave of energy around Kyros that damages enemies and absorbs arcane power, reducing cooldowns and granting an arcane fragment.
Level 1: Cooldown reduction increased to 50%.
Level 2: Siphon Radiant generates one fragment per enemy hit, up to the fragment cap.
Level 3: Increases damage taken for 10 seconds.
Arcane Focus
Marks enemies in the immediate area. Mark increases in power as the marked target is hit. After reaching max power or after 8 seconds, the mark explodes, dealing damage based on the power of the mark.
Level 1: Increases explosion damage by a moderate amount.
Level 2: Increases effect radius of Arcane Focus.
Level 3: Deals a small amount of damage each time you hit a target with Arcane Focus.
Hand of Reckoning
Deals massive damage to enemies in a large radius around Kyros.
Level 1: Slows enemies by 50% for 6 seconds.
Level 2: Generates an arcane fragment per enemy hit.
Level 3: Increases damage by 15%.

Kyros Signature Weapon

Epitaph is an Executioner-class Two-Handed Scythe. It is Kyros’s signature weapon.

Crafted by the infamous Mother of Shadows, Epitaph feeds on the essence of its enemies even as it spills their blood. It whispers to you, urging you to battle.

Weapon Ability

Arcane Harvest
Weapon Ability
A spinning slash that deals damage and steals Ability Power from enemies, increasing in power for each Momentum Level consumed.

Crafting Requirements

Epitaph Form1
Epitaph Spirit1
Epitaph Essence1
Epitaph Shell1

Kyros Affinity Perks

Affinity AspectAffinity Perks
InstinctLevel 5: (N/A) Level 15: (N/A)
DisciplineLevel 5: (N/A) Level 15: (N/A)
FocusLevel 5: (N/A) Level 15: (N/A)

Kyros Lore

Arcane power flows through Kyros, and he can unleash this force to devastate his enemies. He’s the last survivor of a forgotten civilization, a wizard who transformed his flesh into pure mystical energy. Though his people are long lost, he’s sworn to keep the Gloom from destroying the world that remains.

There is a place known as the Kingdom of Ashes. Bones are scattered across beaches of black sand, and charred remnants of crystal spires still reach toward the sky. This has been a shunned ruin for thousands of years, but Kyros still remembers it as it once was, a glorious civilization whose achievements dwarfed those of the Avar Imperium or the Maze. He remembers studying the nature of reality itself, and even learning how to transcend his own flesh to become a being of pure mystical energy, bound to a skeleton of arcstone and crystal. While he possesses devastating power, Kyros is first and foremost a scientist. He is determined to stop the Gloom; he will not watch another civilization be destroyed. But he believes the key to defeating the Gloom is to understand it.

Kyros is a deadly warmage and a brilliant researcher. But he has been lost in the void for countless centuries, and there’s much he has forgotten or never knew. What became of his people? How did his wondrous nation become the Kingdom of Ashes… and did he have something to do with it? The answers must be out there, waiting to be found.

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