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Wayfinder Weapons: All Normal & Signature Weapons List

This is our Wayfinder weapons guide. We’ll list all known normal and signature weapons currently in the game. More will be added as they’re found.

Wayfinders, the courageous champions of the realm, are known for their unique abilities and adaptive playstyle. But what truly shapes the contours of their combat approach are the weapons they wield.

From the defensive finesse of Sword & Shields to the raw damage potential of Executioner’s melee weapons, each weapon class offers a distinct playstyle. Coupled with a Wayfinder’s abilities, these weapons breathe life into the dynamic world of combat.

Wayfinder Weapons: Full Weapon List

The Role of Weapons in a Wayfinder’s Journey

The choice of a weapon is not merely an aesthetic or preferential decision for a Wayfinder. It’s a strategic choice that impacts their combat tactics, role, and overall playstyle. Every weapon comes with its own Weapon Ability, which adds another layer of depth to its functionality. This means that while you might be a Wayfinder with a specific set of abilities, your weapon could add a completely new dimension to your combat style.

Weapons also come with their own set of statistics, which are conferred to the Wayfinder wielding them. Just like a Wayfinder levels up through the thrill of combat, so do their weapons. As a weapon gains experience, its level and stat bonuses increase, enhancing its effectiveness in battle. Moreover, weapons can be tempered with specific materials, nudging their bonuses upward.

Each Wayfinder also has a Signature Weapon, a weapon that seamlessly integrates with their kit. These weapons are not necessarily stronger or more powerful, but they harmonize with a Wayfinder’s unique abilities, creating a symphony of combat prowess.

Wayfinder Weapons List

Weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each belonging to a specific class and subclass. Currently, there are 4 major weapon classes and 7 unique subclasses within them:

  • Guardian: Sword & Shield
  • Executioner: 2h-Sword, 2h-Axe, 2h-Mace, Scythe
  • Twin Strikers: Dual Daggers
  • Marksman: Rifle

Wayfinder Weapon List: Sword & Shields

Sword & Shields balance offense and defense, blocking incoming attacks and mitigating damage.

Wingrave’s Signature Weapon Guardian Sword & Shield Melee
Ability: Raise your shield and create an area of effect healing pulse to heal yourself and nearby allies.
The names of the Celestial architects are woven into the steel, and a champion with faith can still call on their light.
Grim Harvest
Guardian Sword & Shield Melee
Ability: Plunges the sword into the ground to unleash an eruption of Bone Spikes in a radius around the Wayfinder, dealing damage and staggering even Heavily Armored enemies. Deals additional damage for each Latent Power Pip consumed.
Throughout history, every champion who’s carried Grim Harvest has died a gruesome death – but only after vanquishing their enemies. Who will be the next to fall prey to this curse.
Radiant Dawn
Guardian Sword & Shield Melee
Ability: Empowers the sword and shield with radiant energy. Extends damage and range of melee attacks, and empowers blocking to greatly reduce incoming stamina damage.
The tools of the first Archon Inquisitor. The blade was forged to strike down evil, the shield to protect the innocent from harm.
Tooth and Claw
Guardian Sword & Shield Melee
Ability: Launches the shield to tear through and bounce between enemies. Deals additional damage for each Latent Power Pip consumed.
Forged for a champion of the Maze, Tooth and Claw carved a bloody path through the Avar frontier. It hungers for battle.
Guardian Sword & Shield Melee
Ability: Performs a powerful shield bash that does Massive impact and high guard break damage. Power increases with each Latent Power Pip consumed.
Forged by the legendary smooth Torlyn Irontongue. His smithy was razed in the Mazewars, but his legacy remains in this mighty weapon.

Wayfinder Weapon List: Swords

Two-handed swords are slower but deal more damage per hit.

Senja’s Signature Weapon Executioner Sword Melee
Ability: Performs a quick Melee attack that buffs Ability Power by 20% for the next Wayfinder Ability used within 3 seconds. Consumes 1 level of momentum per use. Using Gladiator Slice again within 6 seconds will perform an Empowered Gladiator Slice, dealing an additional 20% damage, up to 2 times.
The ceremonial weapon of the champion of the Imperial Arena, used only in the most important matches. It’s deeply insulting to use this glorious blade against goblins and Shrikes.
Titan’s Bane
Executioner Sword Melee
Ability: Consumes all momentum to cleave the ground and damage enemies in a line. The resulting cracks will pulse damage over a short period of time after the initial strike.
The Infinite Warmaster forged this blade to battle the titans of stone in the first age, and the earth still bleeds at its touch.

Wayfinder Weapon List: Axes

Two-handed axes are slower but deal more damage per hit.

Executioner Axe Melee
Ability: [Coming soon]
[Coming soon]
Executioner Axe Melee
Ability: Consumes all Momentum to perform a strong overhead slam. A direct hit will Sunder the target, increasing All Damage taken by 10% per Momentum Level consumed, for 10 seconds.
First wielded by Calas Sky-Cleaver, this axe is blessed by the spirits of sky and stone and strikes with the fury of the storm.

Wayfinder Weapon List: Maces

Two-handed maces are slower but deal more damage per hit.

Executioner Mace Melee
Ability: [Coming soon]
[Coming soon]

Wayfinder Weapon List: Scythes

Scythes are slower but deal more damage per hit.

Kyros’s Signature Weapon Executioner Scythe Melee
Ability: A spinning slash that deals damage and steals Ability Power from enemies, increasing in power for each Momentum Level consumed.
Crafted by the infamous Mother of Shadows, Epitaph feeds on the essence of its enemies even as it spills their blood. It whispers to you, urging you to battle.

Wayfinder Weapon List: Dual Daggers

Dual Daggers have lower damage but can attack quickly.

Night’s Edge
Niss’s Signature Weapon Twin Strikers Dual Daggers Melee
Ability: Forms multiple Magical daggers that fly at nearby enemies.
The ancestral blades of the Duskal Eldren. The spirits of the fallen Duskal are bound to these daggers, and strike out at the enemies of a worthy wielder.
Harvest Moon
Twin Strikers Dual Daggers Melee
Ability: Creates a sigil of light and shadow on the ground, damaging enemies. Enemies and allies within the sigil are imbued with either light or shadow. You are imbued with both. Players deal bonus damage to enemies imbued with the opposite effect.
The Silver Codex’s earliest excavations in Aurelien uncovered peculiar structures dedicated to the study of the night sky. Buried within those ruins was the artifact now known as Harvest Moon.
Rose and Thorn
Twin Strikers Dual Daggers Melee
Ability: Slam into the ground, shooting thorns up from the ground in an area below the player. Enemies hit will be inflicted with Rose Blossom for 10 seconds, taking additional damage each time they are hit.
As deadly as they are beautiful, these weapons were once wielded by the legendary Blade Dancer of the Golden Aerie. Blood sustains the flowering petals.
Slicer and Dicer
Twin Strikers Dual Daggers Melee
Ability: Spins and throws daggers in a large radius around the Wayfinder.
A traditional weapon of the Shrike smugglers, as sharp as the talons of their namesake.
Twin Strikers Dual Daggers Melee
Ability: Spins and throws daggers in a large radius around the Wayfinder.
Perform a leaping stab attack that imbues your daggers with poison for the duration of Blade Dance, stacking a poison with each hit that deals damage over time. Stacks 10 times.

Wayfinder Weapon List: Rifles

Rifles are mid- to long-distance ranged weapons, depending on their firing style.

Silo’s Signature Weapon Marksman Rifle Ranged
Ability: 3 Deadeye Weakspots appear on every enemy in range. Hitting these weak spots result in high damage and guaranteed crits.
Longshot was built by Salan Vex, the first Shrike. He won a fortune from the Avar Reeve in a high-stakes shooting contest, and used this gold to found his network of smugglers.
Marksman Rifle Ranged
Ability: Fires a piercing beam in a line dealing high damage and ignoring defenses. Consumed 1 Locked and Loaded charge.
At the height of the Twilight Heresy, the Archon Astalis ordered the Spellforge to create an arcanic plasma projector of unparalleled power. Arcstorm cost more than entire legion, but it served Astalis well in his final battle against the Shadowbringers.
Marksman Rifle Ranged
Ability: Fires multiple projectiles in a blast, while evading backwards. Consumes 1 Locked and Loaded charge.
The infamous highwayman Duskyn Dodge was the first to carry Ransom. It’s had many wielders since then – scoundrels, every one.
Marksman Rifle Ranged
Ability: Consumes all Locked and Loaded charges and fires 2 rapid blasts per charge.
Tempest’s origins are a mystery, but its power is undeniable.
Marksman Rifle Ranged
Ability: Fires a mortar blast into the sky which rains down fireballs in an area around the player over time.
The champions of the Maze prefer close range brutality to finesse. The Hellswarm unleashes devastating blasts that rip through enemy squads.

How to obtain weapons in Wayfinder?

Weapons can only be obtained via crafting. They do not drop from enemies. However, crafting them requires the recipe and specific materials, both of which can be farmed and looted from enemies.

What are Signature Weapons in Wayfinder?

All characters in Wayfinder have one Signature weapon that synergies well with that character. However, Signature weapons can still be used by any character.

Do weapons have RNG stats?

No. Crafting a weapon will have pre-defined stats. They can be modified with Echos to socket different stats and special effects for extra synergy.

Final Thoughts

Each weapon class offers a unique playstyle, allowing Wayfinders to adapt and overcome challenges in their own way. The weapon of choice significantly influences a Wayfinder’s journey, making this choice an integral part of the game’s strategy.

Remember, a Wayfinder’s strength doesn’t just come from their abilities or weapon; it comes from understanding their role, mastering their playstyle, and effectively utilizing their weapon’s potential. So, choose your weapon wisely, and may your journey as a Wayfinder be glorious!

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