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Wayfinder Reward Tower Guide Wiki

The Reward Tower is a unique feature in the Wayfinder’s universe, a novel twist on the conventional Battle Pass system. It is a seasonal pass that offers extra rewards for engaging with in-game content.

Wayfinder Reward Tower Guide

Understanding The Reward Tower

Every season brings a new Reward Tower available to players. It can be secured anytime during the season and offers three different tiers: Free, Paid, and Premium.

Free Tier

The Free tier comes with:

  • Access to 25 items in the Reward Tower
  • A chance to secure 1 of the 4 components needed to summon the seasonal Wayfinder
  • However, if you fail to claim your Reward Tower items during the season, you cannot earn them after the season ends.

Paid Tier

The Paid tier provides:

  • Access to all 100 items in the Reward Tower
  • All 4 components required to summon the seasonal Wayfinder
  • The ability to earn unclaimed Reward Tower items even after the season concludes

Premium Tier

The Premium tier offers:

  • Access to all 100 items in the Reward Tower + 20 bonus tower keys
  • Instant access to the seasonal Wayfinder and their signature weapon
  • Seasonal-exclusive cosmetics
  • You can still earn unclaimed Reward Tower items after the season concludes

Reward Tower Mechanics

Once you’ve acquired a Reward Tower pass, your journey begins. You will earn experience for the currently active Reward Tower as you play. Any activity that yields Wayfinder experience will also give you Reward Tower experience. This includes defeating monsters, completing quests, etc.

Each level-up earns you a key that can be used to unlock connected rooms in the tower. Unlocking a room gives you a reward and the opportunity to unlock any adjacent rooms, allowing you to advance further up the tower.

If you’ve purchased the Paid or Premium Reward Tower, it doesn’t expire, allowing you to have more than one Reward Tower running. However, you can only gain tower experience for one active Reward Tower which can be selected through the menu.

Founder’s Bonus

A unique feature of the Reward Tower is the Founder’s Bonus. If you have an Enchanted Tower Compass, you get an additional 5% bonus to your tower experience. This special item can only be obtained by purchasing the Exalted Pack during early access.

Diverse Rewards

Rewards are categorized into gameplay and cosmetics. Gameplay rewards are always available to acquire through in-game activities outside of the Reward Tower, while cosmetics rewards may be exclusive to the current Reward Tower or the Premium Shop.

Each Reward Tower has its own unique rewards. Here are some types you may expect:

Gameplay Rewards

  • Components required to summon a Wayfinder
  • Weapons
  • Mounts
  • Consumables
  • Resources

Cosmetic Rewards

  • Wayfinder styles
  • Housing items
  • Weapon skins
  • Gloom Dagger skins
  • Trinkets and charms
  • Emotes


The Reward Tower is a unique feature that adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the Wayfinder’s universe. Whether you’re a free player or willing to invest in the Paid or Premium tiers, there’s always something rewarding waiting for you in the tower. So gear up, choose your path, and ascend to claim your rewards!

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