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How To Breed Tropical Fish In Minecraft

Tropical fish are a passive mob in Minecraft, and you can breed them if you want to. This guide tells you how to breed tropical fish in Minecraft.

How To Breed Tropical Fish In Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to build a world of your own liking. Your house, your farm, everything is according to what you like and feel comfortable with. While there is not a lot of realism in the game, there are still aspects of the game that allow you to keep in touch with reality. 

If you play Minecraft and are fond of fish, Minecraft has many exciting features for you. You can feed and befriend dolphins, and there is also a way to breed fish in Minecraft. Let’s say you are looking to breed Tropical Fish in Minecraft? How do you do that? Let us help. 

You only need raw kelp and some tropical fishes near you to complete the job. You can use the raw kelp to put the Tropical Fish into Love mood and they will do the rest. This guide will give you a complete run down of How To Breed Tropical Fish In Minecraft.

What Are Tropical Fish In Minecraft?

Tropical Fish are a type of mob found in Minecraft. They are mainly found in ocean biomes and are easily found when looking for them. They are not a hostile mob as well, and that means they will never attack you, even when provoked or killed. 

Tropical Fish are just one of the fish types found in Minecraft. Tropical Fish aren’t a lot different from the other. Like you can breed tropical fish, you can also breed other fish types. 

How To Breed Tropical Fish In Minecraft?

How To Breed Tropical Fish In Minecraft

To breed tropical fish, you just need to have some raw kelp on you. The next thing you have to do is go and look for some Tropical Fish to breed. 

After you have found a mob of tropical fish, the next step is relatively easy. You just equip the raw kelp that you have in your inventory and right-click on the tropical fish with it. Once you have done that, it will put the tropical fish into love mode. 

Now, for the breeding to happen, you need two tropical fish in the same mood. Do the same right-click on the other tropical fish as well. The two will now move in each other’s direction and start to mate. One of the two fish will then go to a nearby block to lay eggs. These eggs will take a few seconds to hatch, and you will see the baby tropical fish swimming under the water.

How To Breed Tropical Fish In Minecraft

Can You Breed Other Fish In Minecraft?

Yes, it is possible to breed other fish types in Minecraft as well. Just like Tropical Fish, you can follow the same procedure for Salmon and even dolphins. So, if you are looking to breed other types of fish as well, you can easily do that. You just need some raw kelp.

This technique is specifically beneficial when you are building some Fish Farms in Minecraft. You can build fish farms from all the fish types in Minecraft. 

Breeding Tropical Fish in Minecraft doesn’t have a distinct advantage right off the bat. But, you can build fish farms and catch fish easily. This can help you catch a large number of fish in a relatively short time. You can get a ton of resources and XP really quickly. 

You also have the luxury of using the same procedure to breed other fish in Minecraft, which is always a plus point. 

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