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What Is Tuff In Minecraft?

Tuff is a new block added in the caves and cliffs update that came in 2021. This guide will explain everything about what is Tuff in Minecraft.

What Is Tuff In Minecraft?

Minecraft’s stature is huge among the video game community. Even after years of its release, it continues to pull in new players from across the board. It’s not because people suddenly discover that Minecraft is a great game. It’s because of the consistent updates, Mojang rolls out throughout the year. 

New resources and items are being added to the game all the time. So, there is always a reward for exploration if you are keen and ready. One such resource is a block called Tuff. It was released in the Caves and Cliffs update in 2021. Let’s find out what Tuff is in Minecraft. 

Buried deep underneath the surface, Tuff is a type of igneous rock that forms when volcanic ash is compressed. It is one of the strongest blocks in Minecraft. 

What is Tuff In Minecraft:

Like we have said before, Tuff is made up of volcanic ash. It is a light grey-coloured block that can be found in the deepest region of Minecraft. It is considered to be a very strong block with a blast resistance of 6 and a hardness value of 1.5. So, if you plan on digging underground, you must have a stone pickaxe or higher.

If you are trying to mine Tuff with any other weapon than the pickaxe, then the block will just delete itself. Tuff has a very rough look to it, and its surface also looks uneven. This look comes from the compressed volcanic ash that forms the block.

What Does Tuff do in Minecraft? 

What Is Tuff In Minecraft?

Currently, mining for Tuff in Minecraft does not serve a distinct purpose. The only real and practical use for this block in Minecraft is for decoration right now. If you are looking to gather a lot of Tuff, just know that you can’t really use it for anything right now except for decorating your build. 

Tuff can be a replacement for all types of ornamental rocks such as Stone, Granite and Deepslate. Another important thing to note is that any kind of ore that generates in Tuff will generate in its Deepslate form. Tuff is a unique-looking resource and will look good as a decorative piece hung off a wall. 

Will Tuff Be Useful In Minecraft?

Tuff is an excellent resource for decorating in Minecraft. But is it useful for something else? Well, yes. There is a neat little trick involving Tuff that you can use to find Diamonds. 

If you find yourself mining for diamonds at Y=11, you need to follow these steps to find what you are looking for. If you find Tuff at Y=11, clear out a small area of blocks around the top of the Tuff block. After you have cleared out some of the areas, press F3 to reveal your chunk borders. 

What Is Tuff In Minecraft?

Using the coordinates on the screen find the North most block. After you are facing the north most block, clear out 5 blocks and Mine down for a little bit. Voila! There are the diamonds you have looking for. 

It is important to note that you might not find Diamonds in some cases. But, we guarantee that using this trick a few times will fetch you some much-needed Diamonds. 

What Is Tuff In Minecraft?

Where To Find Tuff in Minecraft? 

What Is Tuff In Minecraft?

If you are going to go digging deep underground for diamonds or whatever, you are bound to find some Tuff in Minecraft. Tuff is a resource you can easily find even when not looking for it. It can be found underground between Y=0 and Y=16. 

Tuff generates in all biomes of Minecraft, and it generates in blobs. If you plan on digging for any resource underground, just bring a pickaxe that is stone or greater to mine Tuff properly. 

Tuff is just one of the many blocks found in Minecraft. It’s easy to locate and mine as well. It might be stronger than most blocks in Minecraft, but that won’t be much of a problem. Tuff is especially useful when you are looking for ores to decorate your house or any build. 

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