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Ultimate Minecraft Mining Guide (1.19) All Ores in the Game

Here’s our ultimate Minecraft mining guide for 1.19. We’ll list all of the ores available to mine in the game, and the best places to find them!

Ultimate Minecraft Mining Guide (1.19)

Ever struggle to find any ores in Minecraft? In this guide, we will cover mining ores in Minecraft so you can easily find them all. Let’s get straight into it!

Why is mining so important in Minecraft?

Mining is a crucial part of Minecraft because, in order to make progress, you have to get better equipment. And of course, they require better materials which you can only mine using a pickaxe.

Not only for upgrade and progressing purposes, but some decorate blocks also require special materials to craft, and that’s where the mining process is involved.

How to find your coordinates in Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open-world game, and with that being said, there is no limit or exact place that you can find to mine the ores. But you can still use your coordinates (or position) to mark important locations such as biomes, structures, and more!

There are two reasons why you need to know your coordinates:

  • First, ores have a pre-defined coordinate to spawn. This means if you’ve come to their location, you can find the ores easier.
  • Some special biomes such as Extremely hill or Dripstone cave biome are well known for their minerals. So knowing the location of these biomes is quite useful!

To find your position, simply press F3 to open the debug screen, in which you can find X, Y, and Z letters followed by the set of numbers. That’s your coordinates.

If you can’t turn the debug screen on, try typing this command in the chat to find your location.

/tp ~ ~ ~

What is a chunk in Minecraft?

Before going ahead with the mining guide and ore distribution, you may want to know what is called the chunk in Minecraft.

It’s important since if you pay enough attention, you may know how many ores you can mine left in the current chunk or just go for a new place to mine.

A Minecraft chunk is a world area with the size of 16x16x319 blocks. That’s a total of 81664 blocks, including the air block.

To see chunks in Minecraft, simply press F3 + G. You will notice a lot of vertical lines indicating each chunk in the world.

Minecraft 1.19 Ores

Here’s a complete list of all ores to mine in Minecraft 1.19.

Coal Ore

Coal is a common ore in Minecraft that is mostly mined for its fuel ability. You can also use coal to craft a lot of important recipes such as a torch and campfire.

Coal ore has two different variants: Stone and Deepslate. They look exactly like the original block but with some black dots embedded in them.

  • Quantity: 20-510 coal ores per chunk.
  • Coordinates: Coal ores can be found at the Y layer of 0 to 320. And mostly in 95 to 136. 
  • Biome: You can find coal ores pretty much in every biome since it’s a common ore.
  • Pickaxe required: Wooden pickaxe or higher.

Copper Ore

Copper is a new ore type in Minecraft 1.17 update and it has a few usages such as crafting blocks of copper, lightning rod, spyglass, or a special interact wax feature with honeycomb.

Copper has two variants just like coal. But this time, you can see some cyan (or aqua) and orange dots in the ore blocks.

  • Quantity: 0-200 copper ores per chunk.
  • Coordinates: Copper ores can be found at the Y layer of -16 to 112. And mostly in the 48 Y layer. 
  • Biome: Copper ores are common in most biomes, and extremely common in the Dripstone Caves biome. So if you’re looking for a large amount of copper, you know where to go!
  • Pickaxe required: Stone pickaxe or higher.

Lapis Lazuli Ore

Despite the fact that Lapis Lazuli Ore has a beautiful color and is quite rare sometimes, most Minecraft miners won’t need this ore that much! Maybe just enough to enchant your gears with the enchanting table.

Like copper ore, Lapis Lazuli ore has two variants and can be found pretty easily because of its color.

  • Quantity: 2-28 lapis lazuli ores per chunk.
  • Coordinates: Lapis ores can be found at the Y layer of -64 to 64. And it spawns the most at the Y layer -1. 
  • Biome: Any biome should work, especially if you’re in a large cave.
  • Pickaxe required: Stone pickaxe or higher.

Iron Ore

Here come the most common ores in Minecraft. Not by its spawn frequency, but by its usage since Iron Ingot plays a big role in the game!

It has two variants, as usual, stone and deepslate. With a slightly white texture and has been joking around like a raw chicken nugget.

  • Quantity: 10-810 iron ores per chunk.
  • Coordinates: Iron ores can be found at the Y layer of -64 to 320. And mostly in layers 15 and 232. 
  • Biome: Iron ores are quite common so any biome should easy to find them.
  • Pickaxe required: Stone pickaxe or higher.

Redstone Ore

MumboJumbo loves this ore! These red glowing ores have so much potential and usage in the game. Although it may require some experience in Redstone to use them for automation.

Like the ones above, but with red dots instead. Redstone ores can emit red light when contacted.

  • Quantity: 4-64 Redstone ores per chunk.
  • Coordinates: You can find Redstone ores in Y layers from -64 to 16. And mostly at the -59 layer.
  • Biome: Redstone ores can be found in any biome.
  • Pickaxe required: Iron pickaxe or higher.

Gold Ore

Shiny and golden, but no one loves it! Until the Minecraft nether update come out and piglins bartering is a thing, the value of gold ores is increased slightly!

Like other ores in the overworld, gold ores have two variants with yellow dots on the blocks.

  • Quantity: 4-450 gold ores per chunk.
  • Coordinates: Gold ores can be found at the Y layer of -64 to 32, or -64 to 256 if you’re in the Badlands biome. The respective layers to find the most gold ores are -16 and 32 to 256.
  • Biome: Gold ores are rare and hard to find in every biome, except for the Badlands.
  • Pickaxe required: Iron pickaxe or higher.

Diamond Ore

The ore everyone loves! Diamond by far is the best ore in the game! With a cyan color and a lot of useful usages, you should pay attention all time while mining for this ore!

Diamond ores have two variants like the others. And of course, they come with cyan dots on the blocks.

  • Quantity: 4-108 diamond ores per chunk.
  • Coordinates: Diamond ores can spawn in the Y layer from -64 to 16. And mostly found in the -59 layer.
  • Biome: Any biome will work.
  • Pickaxe required: Iron pickaxe or higher.

Emerald Ore

Emerald used to be a useful ore in Minecraft since it has zero purposes. But since the Minecraft villager and pillager update come out, emeralds play a critical role in the game!

Like other overworld ores, emerald ores have the most attractive and stand-out color with green dots.

  • Quantity: 100-300 emerald ores per chunk.
  • Coordinates: Emerald ores can be found at the Y layer of -16 to 320. The best layer is 236.
  • Biome: Not like other ores, emerald ores only spawn in the Mountains and Windswept Hills biome.
  • Pickaxe required: Iron pickaxe or higher.

Quartz Ore

Before concrete or terracotta is a thing in Minecraft, Quartz is the number one block if you want to go for a futuristic or clean house. Until now, quartz ores are also useful with the experience points they provide.

Quartz ores quite stand out in the Nether biome since they look like they have some white lines embedded in the Netherrack block.

  • Quantity: 224 quartz ores per chunk.
  • Coordinates: You can find quartz ore in the Y layer from 10 to 125. While they mostly spawn at 10 to 114 layers.
  • Biome: all Nether biomes.
  • Pickaxe required: Wooden pickaxe or higher.

Ancient Debris

Here comes the rarest and most valuable ore in Minecraft! Ancient Debris is the main component to craft Netherite, which is the material to craft end-game gears.

They have a brown chocolate texture and look like a hardened rock, which is pretty sticking out from the surrounding Netherrack.

  • Quantity: 2-3 ancient debris per chunk.
  • Coordinates: You should aim for the Y layer from 13 to 119. But it’s recommended to mine for ancient debris at the 13 to 17 layers.
  • Biome: any Nether biome.
  • Pickaxe required: Diamond pickaxe or higher.

FAQs about Mining in Minecraft

What is the best mining method in Minecraft?

Although there are many methods to mine in Minecraft such as strip mining, cave mining, or simple mineshaft, the best mining method for Minecraft in 1.19 is to create a 1×1 hole and crawl mining.

Since ore exposure is heavily decreased in new Minecraft updates, cave mining is not ideal anymore. You could also try mineshaft mining or 2×1 mining as usual, but it’s not efficient as the 1×1 method.

Are diamonds still at y11?

Shortly, no but yes! If you’re playing Minecraft in the 1.17 version or earlier, you can still find diamonds mostly at layer 11. However, follow the guide we wrote above for the best layer to mine diamonds!

What level should I strip mine for diamonds?

Yes, you should! Since diamond ore’s exposure is now reduced so you can’t find many diamonds by adventuring in the caves anymore! Instead, it’s considered strip mine is the best way to get diamonds in the new updates!


So now you know all the ores in Minecraft as well as their distribution range. Hopefully, you can use this guide to quickly find your needed ores. Either flex with your friends or simply become better at Minecraft!

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