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How to Drop Items in Elden Ring

Wondering how to drop items in Elden Ring? Items in Elden Ring can be dropped from the inventory for trading and gifting other players.

How to Drop Items in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a massive open-world action RPG that can be played both solo and with a group of friends. You can drop items in the Elden Ring by navigating to inventory and selecting the item you want to drop. Keep in mind that not all items can be dropped.

You can not drop Rune Arcs, upgrade materials, and other key items. You are also unable to drop sorcery and incantations. Be extremely careful while dropping items, as you can accidentally discard them.

How to Drop Items in Elden Ring

Players can drop items in the Elden Ring by pressing the menu button and then going into your inventory. Select the item, press X on your controller, and choose the leave option from the pop-up menu.

The item will drop the item from your inventory, and the item will be on the ground for other players to pick it up.

Why Do Players Need to Drop Items in Elden Ring

Item trading has been in From Soft games since Dark Souls 1. You can trade or gift items to other players by dropping items out of your inventory. You can also transfer items from one character to another with the help of a friend. As there is no separate menu to trade items in the Elden Ring. Players need to drop items in order to give them to other players.

How to Trade Items in Elden Ring

Trading can be quite useful in the Elden Ring. Instead of grinding for a weapon that might take hours you can ask your friend to drop it.

Online Coop

In order for you to drop items for your friend or trade with someone. You will have to join the same online session. You can initiate a cooperative session by putting your summon sign anywhere the game allows and the other player will have to summon you using your summon sign. You can put your summon sign using an item called “Tarnished’s Furled Finger”.

How to Drop Items in Elden Ring

We recommend that you set a password for the online session so that only your friends with the password can join your world. As you drop items on the ground and someone invades you they can take the items on the ground, which can be quite a problem as they might not drop it back. Defeating the invaders will also not drop the items they have picked up from the ground.

What Items Can Be Traded In Elden Ring?

Most of the items in Elden Ring can be dropped and picked up by other players including weapons, armor, consumable runes, ashes of war, talismans, consumables, and crafting materials. However, you cannot trade Larval Tears, remembrances, flasks, great runes, golden seeds, upgrade materials, sorceries,incantations, and quest items.

You also can not trade weapons of a greater level than the other players’ highest level weapon, unless the other player already has a weapon equal or higher the level weapon that you’re dropping. If you are dropping a +8 weapon for another player, the other will only be able to pick it up if his highest weapon is +8 or higher.

Dropping Items In Elden Ring

While in a cooperative session with your friend press the menu button. Go to inventory. Move to the section where the items are located that you want to drop. Press X while on the item and select leave, as well as the number of items you want to drop. As mentioned earlier do not select discard as the item will be destroyed.

How to Drop Items in Elden Ring

After dropping the item the other player can pick up the items which will be glowing on the ground.

How to Drop Items in Elden Ring

Transferring items from one character to another can be very useful. You can drop runes from your main character and have someone transfer it to the other character. You can speed up leveling by consuming these runes. It is also very helpful in a scenario if you have acquired a rare weapon, you can trade it with someone with something you need that they have.

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