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Dead Maiden Locations in Elden Ring

Dead Maidens are a key part of the game and knowing where they are is important. Here are all of the Dead Maiden locations in Elden Ring.

Dead Maiden Locations in Elden Ring

Maidens play a big role in the life of a Tarnished in Elden Ring. Without a maiden, you cannot level up your character and there will be no one to guide you either. Plus, it is with the help of your maiden – Melina – that you are able to enter the Roundtable Hold where you can upgrade your weapon and interact with various important NPCs. 

Speaking of maidens and NPCs, the very first NPC that you will meet in White-Faced Varre. If you are like me, you’ll want to complete as many quests as possible during your playthrough. After completing a few quests of White-Faced Varre, you’ll come across a quest that requires the maiden blood. That is why this guide will show you the dead maiden locations in Elden Ring. 

Dead Maiden Locations in Elden Ring

The first dead maiden can be found in the Church of Inhibition while the other one can be found at the Chapel of Anticipation. You can get their blood from both of these locations to complete the questline of White-Faced Varre. 

If you are stuck on the quest or want to know more about how to get to these locations, worry not because we got you covered. With that said, let’s get started and find out the locations for the dead maidens in Elden Ring. 

Church of Inhibition

Dead Maiden Locations in Elden Ring

The easiest way to get the maiden’s blood for the quest is to head over to the Church of Inhibition. To get to this area, you must clear the Stormveil Castle and should have defeated Margit and Godfrey. Alternatively, you can use the side route to skip this area entirely but we do not suggest that.

Once you cross that area, the next area that you’ll come across is called Liurnia of the Lakes. Once you are in this area, keep heading Northeast or check out the image below to find out its exact location. Keep in mind that this area has some strong enemies, so, be careful when running around. 

Dead Maiden Locations in Elden Ring

However, once you are finally at the location, you can enter the church and activate the Site of Grace right in front of you. One thing to note is that this area will trigger the Madness effect so make sure that you hurry. Otherwise, you’ll take tons of damage when your Madness meter is filled. 

From the Site of Grace, look left and you’ll find the corpse of a maiden slumped in a chair. Interact with the corpse and select the “dye cloth with maiden’s blood.” option. Plus, you can even get the Finger Maiden armor set if you choose the “Pick up item.” option. 

Chapel of Anticipation

Dead Maiden Locations in Elden Ring

Alternatively, you can get the blood of the maiden from another location as well. However, getting to this area is more difficult and you must be prepared for a fight. Keep in mind that this is the same area where you initially start the game. Here, you will have to fight the Grafted Scion. This is the same boss that messed you up during the tutorial of the game. Now is the best time to get revenge!

To get to the chapel, head over to the Four Belfries, go to the west area of the Liurnia of the Lakes, and head over to the land and cliff area. From there, follow the image below and you’ll reach the exact location. However, be careful as there are a few giants in this area that can ruin your progress easily. 

Dead Maiden Locations in Elden Ring

Once at the location, go to the top and open the chest to get the Imbued Swordskey. After getting the item, go to one of the portals and use the key to teleport to the chapel. Make your way towards the chapel and defeat the Grafted Scion

Then, you can simply head inside and find the corpse of the maiden. Use the “dye cloth with maiden’s blood.” Now, you’ll have the blood of a maiden and you can return to White-Faced Varre to continue the quest. It doesn’t matter where you get the blood of the maiden, both of these areas will progress the quest. 

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