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What To Do With Rotten Flesh In Minecraft?

Do you like killing zombies in Minecraft? That means you have Rotten Flesh in your inventory. Here is what to do with Rotten Flesh In Minecraft.

What To Do With Rotten Flesh In Minecraft?

Survival is the name of the game when you are playing Minecraft. You will face several difficult situations when you are trying to survive in Minecraft. You might find yourself fighting Mobs. You might be running low on supplies, so you run around looking for resources. That is the true essence of Minecraft.

If you are fond of fighting and killing mobs in Minecraft, you would know what Rotten Flesh is. Most of the mobs you kill will drop rotten flesh as a resource. Since this resource is so easily available, what can you do with rotten flesh in Minecraft? There are several things that you can do with Rotten flesh. Keep reading to find out. 

Rotten flesh can be used as a food item, or you can trade this item with villagers. While it’s not the most helpful resource in Minecraft, it can come in handy in desperate situations. 

How can you get Rotten Flesh in Minecraft:

You can easily find Rotten Flesh in Minecraft. If you kill a zombie, they will drop Rotten Flesh. While zombies are the most common source of Rotten Flesh, you can also find it in loot chests and as a junk item when fishing. 

Zombified piglins and zoglins will also drop Rotten Flesh when killed. These are all the ways you can acquire Rotten Flesh in Minecraft.

What To Do With Rotten Flesh In Minecraft?

At first, Rotten Flesh may seem like a very simple resource. Well, it is a simple resource, and it’s not very useful in most cases. But, when you have your backs against the wall, it can prove to be very useful. 


What To Do With Rotten Flesh In Minecraft?

Rotten flesh can be used as a food item to fill your hunger bar in desperate situations. As weird as it sounds, it’s actually true. But it does come with a caveat, though, eating rotten flesh may end up giving you the Hunger status effect for 30 seconds. This will mean that your hunger bar will decrease pretty quickly. 

However, there is a way around that too. If you get the hunger status effect from eating Rotten Flesh, just stand still and wait for the effect to go away. Since the hunger bar only depletes when you are on the move, you can eat all the rotten flesh you want if you are standing still.


What To Do With Rotten Flesh In Minecraft?

Almost all the items that you find in Minecraft can be traded with the villagers for some in-game currency. The same is the case when it comes to Rotten Flesh. Say that you have had a run-in with some zombies and a fresh new pile of Rotten Flesh. Take that to a villager, and they will buy 32 pieces of Rotten Fresh for one emerald. 

Although that may not sound like a precious trade, you can get heaps of Rotten Flesh, and getting some emeralds in place of them is a fair trade.

Breeding Wolves

What To Do With Rotten Flesh In Minecraft?

Eating Rotten Flesh may affect your character, but it won’t affect the wolves in-game. You can feed wolves some rotten flesh, and they will eat it as typical food. You can also feed baby wolves some Rotten Flesh to make them grow faster. 

Feeding wolves some Rotten Flesh can also heal them if they are injured or low on health. 

Apart from these, Rotten Flesh can also be used to complete some in-game achievements. For example, you can achieve the “Iron Belly Achievement” by eating some Rotten Flesh in dire circumstances.

You won’t need a lot of uses for Rotten Flesh in Minecraft, nor will you see players constantly using it at different junctures in the game. But, it can prove to be very useful in difficult circumstances. 

If you have some extra Rotten Flesh in your Minecraft inventory and you want to put it to good use, these are the things you can do with it. 

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