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How to Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

If you’re wondering how to get Quarried Stone in Skyrim, then we’ve got you covered! Here’s a complete guide on how to find it in the game.

Skyrim introduced new materials in the Hearthfire DLC so that players can use those materials to build their own houses. In the Hearthfire DLC, the quarried stone was introduced, allowing you to make the structure and foundation of your home. Since you will need a lot of stone to complete your home, you’ll want to know how to get quarried stone in Skyrim. Worry not because we’ll show you how to gather stone and key locations where you can find them.

How to Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

To get quarried stone, you need to use a pickaxe and mine the quarry deposits that are found in various areas. The most common areas are near your homesteads where you can mine about 4000 stone using a pickaxe.

That’s not all, though. You can find quarried stone in tons of other locations as well. If you want to know where you can find it or why it is so important, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and find out how to get quarried stone in Skyrim. 

Where to Get Quarried Stone

How to Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

As aforementioned, you can find stone at tons of deposits that can be found across the map of Skyrim. If you do not know where these deposits are located, we’ve listed down all the places where you can get them so that you don’t aimlessly roam around hoping to find the quarried stone. 

Finding stone can be an annoying task. Plus, mining it can take some time, depending on how much quantity you want – which can be quite frustrating to deal with since it is an important resource. However, once you find the deposits, you can mine away all the stones until you have the required quantity needed to build your house. We’ve divided this list into two parts since you can find quarried stone deposits in a few homesteads as well as random areas as well. 

Homestead Deposits

The good thing is that you can find stone deposits near the three most notable homestead locations. This is especially useful since you will have a free deposit next to your land after purchasing it. You’ll be able to easily mine it and continue building the house of your dreams.

Heljarchen Hall

How to Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Once you find or purchase this homestead, you can find the stone deposit in front of the carpenter’s table. The deposit is quite difficult to miss if you know where you’re looking for. You will clearly be able to tell that you’ve found quarried stone since it has a unique color compared to the dirt in the area.

Lakeview Manor

How to Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

The quarried stone is extremely easy to find in this location since it is quite visible even if you are not looking for it. It is right next to the smelter on the left side.

Windstad Manor

How to Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

After you are at this location, go to the northeast rock face. Once you arrive at the location, look for the deposit before the smelter next to the anvil. Again, make sure that you bring a pickaxe with you, or you won’t be able to mine it. 

Random Deposits

How to Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

These deposits are found across the map, but you will have to know where exactly they are located. The good news is that each of these deposits contains about 4000 stone, so it should be enough to help you build your home. With that said, here is a list of all the random stone deposits in Skyrim:

  • Battle-Born Farm
  • Bilgulch Mine
  • Black-Briar Lodge
  • Darkwater Crossing
  • Dawnstar
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Embershard Mine
  • Falkreath
  • Half-Moon Mill
  • Hall of the Vigilant
  • Hlaalu Farm
  • Ivarstead
  • Karthwasten
  • Katla’s Farm
  • Kynesgrove
  • Markarth

Luckily, these deposits are located across the map. So, you can easily find more stones without having to travel long distances. Make sure that you always get plenty of stone, so you don’t have to visit the deposits again and again just to mine more. Some of these locations have more than one stone deposits which is a great thing since you can mine more from one place.

While the usual quantity of these deposits is about 4000 stone before they run out, you can mine an infinite amount of stone. After a deposit has run dry, wait a while for it to fill again before you start mining. However, if you need stone quickly, you can always visit the other locations and start mining those deposits. 

What is Stone Used For

How to Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Now that you know where you can stock up on stone, let’s take a look at what it is used for. Quarried stone was first introduced in the Hearthfire DLC. It allows you to construct your houses if you mix it with clay and other materials. While the entire process of making your own house isn’t that difficult, it can be pretty annoying and tedious, all things considered. 

You also need to use the quarried stone to complete various blueprints so that you can complete or upgrade your home. It is used on the carpenter’s workbench so make sure that you note down how much you need and mine the quarried stone. 

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