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How to Make a Bowl in Minecraft?

Are you needing a bowl to eat some delicious stew and soup in Minecraft? Follow this guide on how to make a bowl in Minecraft!

How to Make a Bowl in Minecraft?

Minecraft allows the player to build anything they want. The game also has a wide variety of items that you can craft to help you on your adventures. From small things to large things, you can make them all. If you find yourself wanting to make a bowl, worry not because we’ve got you covered. This guide will show you how to make a bowl in Minecraft.

To make a bowl in Minecraft, open up the crafting menu and place 3 wood planks in a small “v” shape. You can use any type of wood plank and the end result will be the same. 

Making a bowl is quite easy in Minecraft. However, if you are curious to know why you need to make a bowl, we have listed down some important uses of it in the next section down below. Plus, if you are still confused or do not know how to make a bowl in Minecraft, continue reading to see some images that will help you be more clear. With that said, let’s get started. 

How to Make a Bowl?

First thing’s first, you need to obtain the materials that you’ll need to craft a bowl. Since you only need wood planks, you will want to hit the trees to chop them down. Chopping down trees will give you wood logs that you can change into planks. After collecting a few logs, place them in your crafting menu to convert them into wood planks.

Now that you have the planks, make a crafting table by putting four wood planks in your survival crafting menu that appears in your inventory. After getting a crafting table, place it down so that you can have a 3×3 grid of crafting and can start making new items. 

How to Make a Bowl in Minecraft?

At this point, place the 3 wood planks as you can see in the image above. The best part is that you can use any type of plank, and you’ll get to craft a bowl. Whether you use the oak, birch, spruce, dark oak, or crimson planks – just to name a few – you’ll be able to use them to craft a bowl. So, don’t worry about gathering a certain type of plank. 

Using the three wood planks, you can craft 4 bowls. After successfully crafting it, place it in your inventory.

Uses of Bowl in Minecraft?

How to Make a Bowl in Minecraft?

Now that you have successfully crafted a bowl and have it in your inventory, you might be wondering what its uses are and why is it so important. The best use of the bowl is that you can make various types of stew or soup in it. Each type of stew of soup has its own purposes and you can use them in various ways. However, to help you get started, we’ve listed down recipes that you can use to make the most common type of stews and soup. 

Firstly, to make the Mushroom Stew, place a red and a brown mushroom alongside your bowl as you can see in the image above. This will allow you to make the stew and use it. You can find mushrooms in the swamp biome or any area that has a light level of 12 and below.

How to Make a Bowl in Minecraft?

Secondly, you can craft the Rabbit Stew as well if you want to. To craft it, you need to gather a few items. First up, you’ll need a carrot which can be found in various villages, chests in pillager outposts, shipwrecks, or dropped by certain zombies. You’ll also need to get a potato which can be obtained in the same way as the carrot.

Then, you’ll want to make a baked potato alongside your raw potato as well. To do so, place a potato in the furnace and add some fuel to cook it. After a while, it will be ready and you can collect it to get the baked potato. 

The fourth thing you need is the rabbit itself. Hunt a rabbit and gather its meat, and place it in a furnace with some fuel to cook it. Once it is cooked, place it alongside the other items and your bowl in the crafting menu as seen in the image above. This will give you the Rabbit Stew which you can use. 

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