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How to Get the Hearty Achievement in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course

Here’s our guide on how to get the Hearty achievement in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course.

The latest DLC of Cuphead, “The Delicious Last Course,” is an amazing addition to the game. It has brought new weapons, charms, and enemies you can go toe-to-toe with. There’s an entirely new island that you can visit where the majority of the game takes place, and there’s a new character, Ms. Chalice, that you can play as! But with all the new additions, there are also new trophies. This guide will discuss how to get the Hearty achievement in Cuphead’s DLC!

What is the Hearty Achievement?

The Hearty achievement is one of the newly added achievements in the game with the DLC. It requires you to have 9HP at a time. That sounds unrealistic and confusing initially, but if you consider the various charms and Djimmi in the game, it’s possible.

Two methods are currently available for unlocking the achievement. The first method is relatively simpler but sometimes can be glitchy. That is why we’ll also discuss an alternate method. Although it is trickier, it’ll ensure that you get the achievement. 

Unlocking the Achievement Using the Djimmi

How to Get the Hearty Achievement in Cuphead

The first method we have for unlocking the Hearty Achievement involves using the Djimmi and the Twin Heart charm. The Djimmi is an in-game character that “grants your wishes,” The Twin Heart charm gives you two more HP in exchange for weaker attack power. These “wishes” are HP boosts and, combined with the Twin Heart charm, can make your HP go from 3 to 9 for any boss fight. 

You can summon the Djimmi by quickly moving around in circles. It’ll appear and grant you three or infinite wishes depending on whether you’ve completed the main story or not. 

Although using the Djimmi makes it so that you can’t complete various challenges that require you to beat bosses, you can use it to achieve Hearty. However, if you jump in any boss fight, despite having 9HP, you might not unlock the achievement. 

You can overcome this boss fight by entering the casino and playing King Dice’s games. Amongst King Dice’s games, some games grant you an extra HP known as the heart-up games. You need to try and roll the dice so that it lands on those games. 

So, the first step is to step in any one boss fight. Complete the fight but ensure that you get hit once so that your HP goes from 9 to 8. Then for the next boss fight, land on one of the Heart-Up stages. That’ll grant you an additional heart and take you from 8HP to 9HP.

As soon as you enter the boss fight, you should unlock the achievement. Completing the fight or forfeiting is your choice. 

Unlocking the Achievement Using the Heart Ring

How to Get the Hearty Achievement in Cuphead

The second method is similar to the first method in the sense that you’ll have to play King Dice’s games again. But this time around, you’ll equip the Crackshot weapon and Heart Ring charm. 

The Heart Ring lets you get +1HP on your first, third, and sixth parry. The Crackshot lets you release a turret as your special attack that you can parry. Combining both of these will let you get +3HP.

The second part of this technique is going to Kind Dice’s games and playing all the Heart-Up games without taking damage even once. There are 3 Heart-Up games, and they all grant you +1HP. With a base HP of 3, 3HP from the Heart-Up games, and 3HP from the Heart Ring and Crackshot combo, you should manage to get 9HP.

You just need to ensure that throughout the fights, you don’t get hit. Additionally, use the Crackshot specials and parry them to build up the HP. You can also parry any incoming pink attacks, but the Crackshot special ensures you get the necessary number of parries for the HP boost. 

You should unlock the achievement right at the start of the 3rd Heart-Up game as the HP boost is granted right as you land on the game. 


With that, you know everything about unlocking the Hearty Achievement! There are two different methods that you can try out. The first one is a lot easier, but if it’s glitched, then you can always try the second method.

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Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course is available to purchase on Steam.