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Minecraft Bones

Dec value: 352
Hex value: 160
Maximum stack 64

Bones are dropped by skeletons and can be used in their raw state to tame Wolves. However, bones can be turned into Bone Meal which can be used as a fertilizer and as a dye.


Bones can be turned into bone meal, which can be applied to many plants, which will instantly grow to their last growing stage.

Taming Wolves

Bones are required to tame wolves, which will then change into a dog with a collar. To tame a wolf you simply right click it while holding a bone. It may take several bones before it changed into a dog, which can be seen by the hearts hovering over the dog and the red collar around its neck.


Skeletons can easily be farmed, though it often requires a skeleton spawner which can only be found in dungeons. Full details on how to set up a skeleton farm can be found here.

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