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Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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Ryugiri Kagutsuchi

  • Tier List Rank: S
  • Element: Fire
  • Resource: Energy
  • Gen-zone: Shinou

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Profile

The captain of the “urgent” team of Sasami Crow’s family, but also a master of skipping shifts.

I like to go fishing by the lake alone, but I am troubled by being mistaken for a minor because of my appearance.

  • Height: 155cm
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Birthday: March 21
  • Hobbies: Fishing, drinking carbonated drinks

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Build

In terms of controlling the modifier and aggro, he is an S tier modifier. However, his damage is lacking.

For long, high-risk content, he performs quite well. [Skyfire Descends – Obliteration] gives him survivability. He does not have an energy issue. Therefore, for single target situations, we use Witch’s Judgment and Griffin’s Pride; in normal cases, we use Prometheus’ Flame and Griffin’s Pride. Even though his single target damage is not on par with Shinri Tsukuyomi, he can provide aggro and survivability for the AI in the team to deal damage if controlled well.

The Ultimate Skillchain with Airgetlam Nuadha can provide knockback resistance to the team and maximize the fire resistance benefit. Rahu Asura with Airgetlam Nuadha can provide Asterism Gen-zones buff (more damage in Modified Mode).

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Best Aether Codes

  • Skyfire Descends – Obliteration
  • Ultimate Fury – Flame Demon

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Best Team

These are the best teams for Ryugiri Kagutsuchi:

Fire Team:

  • Rahu Asura (or) Radiant Feather Hera
  • Airgetlam Nuadha

Shinou Team:

  • Shinri Tsukuyom
  • Jie-ei Kuninotokotachi

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Best Sigils

  • Coming soon

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Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Skills

Basic – Fiery Dance

  • Continuously swings odachi to slash at enemies, dealing 222% (Max: 390.7%) Fire DMG.
  • Passive: After a Skill hits, the next Fiery Dance will become Fiery Dance: Alt: dealing 254% Fire DMG and recovers Energy.
    • This is considered a Skill and deals Skill DMG.
  • After an Alt cast, gain Super Armor: Will not Stagger, lasting 5 seconds.
  • After an enhanced cast hits 3 times, it creates a fiery explosion, dealing 360% Fire DMG.
  • For every hit, gains 1% DMG Reduction for 5 seconds (Max: 10 stacks, refreshable).
  • Energy: Automatically restores 3 Energy per second.

Skill 1 – Ashen: Blacken | 12s CD | 20 Energy

  • Perform two sword sweeps, dealing a 130% (Max: 259.9%) Fire DMG.
  • While in the Fiery state, instead deal 230% (Max: 459.9%) Fire DMG and unlock the Secret Blade technique.
  • Secret Sword: Blacken: Perform a sword uppercut, dealing 355% (Max: 710%) Fire DMG

Skill 2 – Ashen: Charge | 12s CD | 20 Energy

  • Stab at the locked-on target, dealing 130% (Max: 260%) Fire DMG.
  • While in the Fiery state, instead deal 230% (Max: 460%) Fire DMG and unlock the Secret Blade technique.
  • Secret Sword: Charge: Perform 2 cross cuts, dealing 354% (Max: 709%) Fire DMG.

Skill 3 – Ashen: Smelt | 24s CD | 20 Energy

  • Brandish the odachi and slash upwards to unleash a sword wave, dealing 250% (Max: 500%) Fire DMG.
  • Self enters the Fiery state, and Scarlet Flames will be considered a Skill and deal Skill DMG. Lasts 18 seconds.

Dodge Skill – Ashen: Slag

  • Dodge effect: Enters Zero Time for 2 seconds and restores a large amount of Energy.

Ultimate – Ashen Destruction | 20s CD

  • Brandish odachi to unleash a fire wave at surrounding enemies, dealing 840% (Max: 1680%) Fire DMG.
  • At the same time, team Fire DMG is increased by 30% for 10 seconds.
  • When anyone on the team triggers a Dodge effect, recover a certain amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate Skillchain – Ashen Meteor

Characters: A Nuadha & S Kagutsuchi

  • Deals 400% + (10.26% x A Nuadha’s Ultimate Skill level) Fire DMG and 1150% + (29.49% x S Kagutsuchi’s Ultimate Skill level) Fire DMG.
  • The team enters a high-energy overload state on hit, gaining Super Armor, where they will not Stagger when getting hit and deal 50% Fire DMG to the attacker. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Increases team Fire DMG by 70% for 12 seconds.

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Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Aether Codes (Skill Tree)

Ultimate Fury

  • Ablation: Fiery Explosion will inflict “Burn” status to targets hit, dealing 30% ATK as DMG every 3 seconds, lasts 9 seconds.
  • Incandescence: While in Fiery state, preserve Fiery Dance: Alt’s hit count.
  • Flame Demon: Self DMG dealt to enemies affected by “Burn” status is increased by 15%.

God of Fire

  • Ancient Blaze: While in Fiery state, DMG taken is decreased by 5%.
  • Scorching Sakura: Every time Fiery Dance: Alt hits an enemy, extend Fiery state by 1 second.
  • Disaster Bringer: If Fiery state lasts till S3 goes off CD, S3 gains an additional attack.

Skyfire Descends

  • Fire Tornado: Every 5 hits of Fiery Dance will enhance S1’s and S2’s Secret Blade technique.
  • To Ashes: “Fiery Dance: Alt” is now activated by holding the Basic attack key, and can be cast after any Fiery Dance sequence. The “Super Armour” effect while casting Fiery Dance: Alt is replaced by “Invincibility”.
  • Obliteration: When hitting enemies with Fiery Dance or Fiery Dance: Alt while in Fiery state, Crit Rate is increased by 3%, and Crit DMG is increased by 7%, lasts 9s, every stack refreshing the duration, max 10 stacks.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.