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Venomess Build, Abilities, Signature Weapon & Lore – Wayfinder Wiki [May 2024]


The Alchemist

Venomess Build

Wayfinder Tier List: A

Welcome to our Venomess wiki guide for Wayfinder. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best Venomess build.

Venomess Profile

Venomess Build
  • Archetype: Survivalist
  • Role: Melee/Ranged, Healer/Support/DPS Hybrid
  • Signature Weapon: Nightshade (Burst Rifle)
  • Difficulty: Medium (2.5/5)

Best Venomess Build

This is a list of the best builds for Venomess.

Tempest Venomess

This is generally the best Venomess build at the moment, which is running the Tempest shotgun and stacking Weapon Power.

Stat Priority:

Weapon Power > Crit Power> Crit Rating / Break Power

Venomess Abilities

Master of Venoms
Weapon hits apply Venom, dealing damage over time and stacking up to 5 times. Weapon hits against enemies with 5 stacks of Venom create a Poison Cloud that deals damage and applies stacks of Venom. A Poison Cloud can only be created by this effect once every five seconds.
Shoot a volley of poison needles that lock-on to nearby enemies, dealing damage. Hitting an enemy with a needle causes a healing projectile to seek a nearby Wayfinder. These projectiles heal over time based on the number of stacks of Venom on the source enemy.
Level 1: Increases damage by 15%.
Level 2: Increases healing by 15%.
Level 3: Fires an additional 2 homing needles
Vampiric Blast
Launch a bomb that absorbs up to 5 nearby Poison Clouds. After a brief delay, the bomb explodes, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies based on the number of Poison Clouds absorbed.
Level 1: Increases healing by 15%.
Level 2: When converting a cloud, causes the cloud to erupt, dealing direct damage before disappearing.
Level 3: Players are healed over time based on the number of clouds converted.
Venom Thrusters
Dash in a direction, leaving a trail of Poison Clouds behind you. Poison Clouds damage and apply stacks of Venom to enemies.
Level 1: Spawns an additional Venom Cloud.
Level 2: Reduces damage taken by 50% for 3 seconds.
Level 3: Dashing through an enemy slows them by 30% for 8 seconds.
Deep Breath
Fire a massive explosion that damages and applies 5 stacks of Empowered Venom to enemies. Empowered Venom deals damage over time and counts as additional stacks of Venom for the Master of Venoms and Transfusion abilities.
Level 1: Increases damage by 10%.
Level 2: Allies in the area of the explosion are healed over time.
Level 3: Ultimate builds 10% faster.

Venomess Signature Weapon

Nightshade is a Burst Rifle. It is Venomess’s signature weapon.

The Venomess designed many weapons for the Maze, but Nightshade she made for herself. Its needles are infused with the venom of the Orlake Wyvern, ensuring a swift and painful demise.

Weapon Ability

Wyvern’s Fury
Reloads the gun with an empowered clip. During this clip, the weapon is fully automatic and every bullet is infused to apply a stack of Poison on hit. Poison is a small DoT that stacks up to 20 times and deals damage over 6 seconds.

Crafting Requirements

Nightshade Form1
Nightshade Spirit1
Nightshade Essence1
Nightshade Shell1

Venomess Affinity Perks

Affinity AspectAffinity Perks
InstinctLevel 5: (N/A) Level 15: (N/A)
DisciplineLevel 5: (N/A) Level 15: (N/A)
FocusLevel 5: (N/A) Level 15: (N/A)

Venomess Base stats

Max Health12
Weapon Power12
Ability Power20
Crit Rating21
Crit Power14
Break Power5
Phys Defense12
Mag Defense12

Venomess Max Stats

Max Health482Ability Power1204Break Power301
Resilience578Crit Rating1264Phys Defense1204
Weapon Power722Crit Power843Mag Defense1204

Venomess Echo slots

LevelSlot type

Venomess Lore

The Venomess is a deadly spy from the Maze, and her poisons have changed the course of history. But the Gloom has swallowed both the Maze and the Empire, and her secret war is over. Ven’s a survivor, and for now the Seekers are the only game in town.

Before the Fall, the name Venomess was feared among the Imperial ranks. Those unfortunate enough to have put the face to the name, seldom survived. Venomess is a spy and assassin from a nation of monsters, born of cold and poisonous blood. In her time, she’s broken into so-called impenetrable vaults, stolen secrets from the Avar Throne itself, and brought down more Archon Commanders and master spellsmiths with her toxins than entire regiments by compare.

Ven was born in the Maze. Her closest friends are goblins and battle-beasts, and though she looks human, appearances, like most things when it comes to Ven, can be deceiving. A brilliant alchemist and inventor, Venomess has always preferred stalking prey in the shadows to mixing salves in a workshop. Most of all, Ven craves a challenge—and the Gloom is the greatest challenge of all.

Vemomess believes the Avar Imperium was an oppressive, warmongering regime and devoted her life to toppling it. Now the Empire has finally fallen, consumed by the Gloom… But all she hoped to protect in the Maze has been lost as well. Ven may not care for Wingrave or the other Imperial soldiers among the Seekers, but she recognizes that her cold war is over. In the wake of the Gloomfall, survival is the only thing that matters—and Venomess intends to survive. No matter the cost.

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