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Best Console For Elden Ring

Are you wondering what the best console for Elden Ring is? Let’s take a look at the performance for each one!

Every gamer yearns for the proprietary equipment needed to play their favorite game at the highest settings possible. While the older generation of consoles has started to fall off their successors have begun to take the helm, especially when it comes to games like Elden Ring. 

While the console market doesn’t have many products in the first place, the PS5 tends to deliver the most performance compared to its Microsoft counterpart. This is mainly due to the recent optimizations in the loading times of Sony’s PlayStation 5. 

Needless to say, simple optimizations aren’t the only reason for the console’s sizable lead. Rather, it is more about the framework and the components that build up the PS5. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at PS5’s delivery while playing Elden Ring in comparison to the Xbox Series X | S. With that said, let’s get started!

Elden Ring: Performance On PS5

Best Console For Elden Ring

As a gaming enthusiast, there are often times when you have to give up on one aspect to get a bump in another. Unfortunately, you can’t hit two birds with one stone and that remains to hold true with PS5’s performance modes. 

PS5 essentially comes with two modes, one is for FPS while the other is for quality. Since Elden Ring is fairly recent, it’s only normal for it to be consuming a boatload of resources on graphics alone. As a result, it’s quite impossible to run the game smoothly on 4k 60 FPS.

However, if you decide to give some performance up by shifting to FPS mode and by lowering the screen resolution, the game isn’t unplayable. Rather, you would be getting a decent amount of Frames regardless of what you do in the game. 

Elden Ring: Performance On Xbox Series X | S

Best Console For Elden Ring

Unsurprisingly, both the Xbox Series variants fail to push similar or higher amounts of frames than the PS5. While it’s fair to send the blame toward the optimization department. The sad truth is that FromSoftware’s main market is PS5 gamers. 

Thus the Xbox Series X | S is always going to be a bit slower regardless if there are any underlying contracts or not. If you’re just trying to enjoy the game then the Xbox Series X and S are still viable options since there isn’t much of a difference in the visual fidelity of the game. 

What sets it apart from the PS5 is its ability to keep everything together under load. While the PS5 tends to hit its highs and lows like it’s a tennis court, the Xbox Series X | S manages to maintain its temperatures to a certain degree. 

PlayStation 5 Vs Xbox Series X | S: What’s Better?

Best Console For Elden Ring

While the PS5 is the obvious winner for Elden Ring, it doesn’t mean that the same can be said for every other game as well. Everything about a game boils down to optimization. The more a game can leverage the next-gen console’s potential, the better it will perform.

Thus, it’s just a game of ifs and buts with no clear winner in sight. Since both consoles can run Elden Ring just fine, we recommend you choose whatever you want between the two since it’s not really going to matter. Unless and until you’re specifically purchasing a console for the title, the spec sheets won’t amount to much. 


In essence, Elden Ring’s optimization on the Sony platform is phenomenal compared to Xbox and PC. Therefore, choosing it is the correct move if you’re aiming to play Elden Ring. Who knows, you might get a few sweet deals out of it because of Sony’s exclusivity contracts. 

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