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Best Young RW RM FIFA 22 (Wonderkids) – Best Young Right Wingers to Sign in Career Mode

Here is our best young RW RM FIFA 22 guide. Rating the top 10 best wonderkid right wingers to sign in FIFA 22 career mode.

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Best Young RW RM FIFA 22

As a good manager, you should know the importance of having stable wings to secure the dominant mentality in your team. Many wonderkids can fill this position, and this guide will cover the top 10 right wingers that are available on the market for you to sign in 2022.

Most of them have already made a case for themselves as good and reliable players that can be the anchor for your offense, initiators of the attacks, and finishers, but some of them can be strange to you as you have probably never heard of them.

However, they may surprise you with their potential, so stay with us until the very end to find out the best young potentials that you can sign on RW & RM positions.


Gonzalo Plata (76 OVR / 86 POT)

  • Team: Real Valladolid
  • Age: 20
  • Wage: £8.100
  • Value: £15 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 87 Acceleration, 85 Sprint Speed, 88 Agility

Plata is a young and versatile player that is very well utilized by Valladolid, although he may be leaving this team soon rather than later due to him drawing attention from Premier League clubs, such as Fulham. His dribbling skills are the most vital part of his resume, as he creates chances and finishes off situations without any hesitation. Apart from that, he is also “gifted” with speed and acceleration, abilities that are much needed for the complete CV of a young, gifted RW/RM.


Cole Palmer (67 OVR / 86 POT)

  • Team: Manchester City
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £18.000
  • Value: £2.4 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 78 Sprint Speed, 76 Acceleration, 77 Agility

Similar to Kayky, Palmer is playing in a team that is drowning with already proven talents. This can be a nice opportunity for you to sign a young, inexperienced player that is eager to prove himself on the field, especially in the RW position. Apart from that, he can be played as a CF and CAM too, and with the potential being there, he should be on your list as a potential signing for your dream-team XI.


Yeremy (76 OVR / 87 POT)

  • Team: Villarreal CF
  • Age: 18
  • Wage: £9.100
  • Value: £14 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 80 Agility, 78 Balance, 77 Ball Control

Yeremy is playing for the team that was the most pleasant surprise in the UCL this season, and he has been a pivotal part of the team too! However, he is available for a small amount of money, and as a manager, you cannot miss these opportunities to fill your roster with such young and talented players! Yeremy possesses high dribbling skills, which allow him to create chances and gets rid of defenders more easily than his competition. Apart from the RM position, he can also be played at the ST and LM position.


Dejan Kulusevski (80 OVR / 87 POT)

  • Team: Tottenham Hotspur
  • Age: 21
  • Wage: £70.000
  • Value: £47 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 85 Sprint Speed, 83 Curve, 84 Ball Control

Dejan has proven his talents for the national team of Sweden and club Juventus, which is why Antonio Konte wanted him so badly since he arrived at Tottenham. And he wasn’t wrong, as his playing style has implemented perfectly well for the London team. Kulusevski possesses good long shot and volley skills, which allow him to score from distance. Apart from the RW position, Dejan can be played at CF, if you lack a player here too!


Kayky (66 OVR / 87 POT)

  • Team: Manchester City
  • Age: 18
  • Wage: £10.500
  • Value: £800k
  • Biggest Strengths: 83 Acceleration, 84 Agility, 82 Sprint Speed

Kayky is playing for a team that is already surrounded by many talents, so he may find it hard to prove himself in that environment. However, this doesn’t mean that he lacks confidence or isn’t a good, versatile player. This is one of the reasons why you should sign him and give him a chance, as his potential is there to “back up” his gameplay and his working ethics. The Brazilian Native can be signed for a bargain deal, and as a good manager, you should never miss these kinds of deals!


Noni Madueke (77 OVR / 88 POT)

  • Team: PSV
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £9.600
  • Value: £20.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 92 Acceleration, 89 Sprint Speed, 84 Agility

The Netherlands has produced amazing talents mostly through Ajax, but other teams, such as PSV, have never failed in this task either! Madueke is a versatile player that is mostly utilized in the RM and ST positions, and his finishing skills are very high for such a young player. Enduring duels without any problems and creating chances for himself are the main abilities that he has in his CV, so he should be high on the list when it comes to wonderkids played at these positions!


Bukayo Saka (81 OVR / 88 POT)

  • Team: Arsenal
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £48.000
  • Value: £45 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 86 Acceleration, 84 Agility, 86 Dribbling

Arsenal fans know what kind of gem they have in Saka. With a stable position in the national team rotation, Saka has already proven his worth at only 19 years of age. This versatile player can dribble, shoot and handle the ball with ease, and enduring duels is just one of the many skills he possesses! Utilized mostly in the RM position, he doesn’t lack the speed, nor the acceleration, as they have been his “main guns” when it comes to finishing or initiating plays on the offensive end of the field.


Rodrygo (79 OVR / 88 POT)

  • Team: Real Madrid
  • Age: 20
  • Wage: £100.000
  • Value: £34.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 88 Acceleration, 86 Sprint Speed, 87 Agility

For those who watched the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City, Rodrygo is very well known and has become the hero overnight for the royal club! Not that he lacked the potential before but scoring two goals in just 3 minutes’ time only added to his impressive resume as a player. At 20 years old, he possesses abilities that not many youngsters possess, with high accents on acceleration, agility, and sprint speed.

He may be a costly addition if you want to bring him to your team. However, rest assured that he’ll justify every cent spent on him.


Antony (82 OVR / 89 POT)

  • Team: Ajax
  • Age: 21
  • Wage: £18.500
  • Value: £55.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 95 Acceleration, 92 Agility, 87 Dribbling

We have said many times, Ajax does have one of the best youth schools in the whole wide world. Antony is a structural piece of Ajax’s offense, and his speed is just phenomenal. This player can escape defenders like no one else, and therefore, he is very utilized in the team he plays for. The high points in Balance, Ball Control, and Vision also complement his playing style, as he’s slowly but surely building a case for a strong winger that can create opportunities out of nowhere!


Ferran Torres (82 OVR / 90 POT)

  • Team: FC Barcelona
  • Age: 21
  • Wage: £115.000
  • Value: £61.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 87 Acceleration, 84 Positioning, 84 Dribbling

Premier League fans know about the importance Torres had in Manchester City and how well he was utilized by Pep Guardiola. However, he is showcasing his abilities in Barcelona now, which is a rebuilding team, and due to his youth, the Positioning, Dribbling, and Acceleration skills he possesses are more than welcome for this team. He is having a stable place in the rotation and is starting most of the time. Ferran has proven himself as a reliable scorer and good initiator of offensive attacks, setting up plays for his teammates nicely and without any problems.

Therefore, his potential says it all. There is no doubt that Torres deserves the #1 place when it comes to young talents that can play the RW position. Furthermore, if you lack a player that can fill the ST position, Torres is the right guy for you!

Best Young RW RM FIFA 22

This is a complete list of all young players with 83 Potential or more.

PlayerOverallPotentialPositionAgeClubGROWTotal Stats
Ferran Torres 8290RW21FC Barcelona81,861
Rayan Cherki7388RM18Olympique Lyonnais151,620
Noni Madueke7788RM19PSV111,782
Bukayo Saka 8188RM19Arsenal71,938
Takefusa Kubo7588RM20RCD Mallorca131,697
Rodrygo 7988RW20Real Madrid91,799
Kayky6687RW18Manchester City211,443
Yeremy7687RM18Villarreal CF111,657
Dejan Kulusevski 8087RW21Tottenham Hotspur71,939
Francisco Conceicao7086RM18FC Porto161,537
Cole Palmer 6786RW19Manchester City191,612
Nico Williams7186RM19Athletic Club de Bilbao151,630
Facundo Pellistri7086RM19Deportivo Alavés161,615
Jeremy Doku7686RW19Stade Rennais101,680
Gonzalo Plata7686RM20Real Valladolid101,777
Tete7686RM21Shakhtar Donetsk101,755
Matias Soule6585RW18Piemonte Calcio201,551
Yayah Kallon6785RW20Genoa181,539
Diallo Amad Traore6885RM19Rangers171,517
Pedro De la Vega7485RW20Lanús111,854
Kaide Gordon6184RW16Liverpool231,369
Johan Bakayoko6584RW18PSV191,499
Shola Shoretire6284RM17Manchester United221,481
Abdallah Sima7284RM20Stoke City121,745

We hope that our guide has helped you in choosing the best wonderkids for the RM/RW positions. You should know that they are the most integral and structural part of any offense, as they can both initiate and finish off opportunities created by/for them. Therefore, think well before you make any signing and ensure that they’ll complement each other on the field!

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