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Elden Ring: Godskin Duo Cheese (October 2022)

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the Elden Ring: Godskin Duo cheese strategy to help you overcome the fight with ease.

Elden Ring is known and loved for the difficult bosses that roam the Lands Between. However, some boss fights are extremely difficult, and when they become compulsory to progress in the main story, you just want to break your controller in half. 

Today we will be looking at such a fight, the Godskin Duo, and finding a way to cheese the battle so that you can progress without any issues. 

Elden Ring Godskin Duo Cheese

Elden Ring: Godskin Duo Cheese

One of the major issues with the Godskin Duo fight is that you don’t have to deal with one but two bosses simultaneously. Usually, in Elden Ring, if faced with a similar situation, one of the bosses tends to keep a distance from you while the other attacks. Additionally, one of the bosses tends to be weaker than the other so that the overall fight is easy. 

However, with the Godskin Duo, none of that applies. They’re both equally strong, and both try to get you simultaneously. That is why many players have been frustrated and if you have not been able to clear the fight after many tries, worry not because you’re not alone.

Before the 1.03 patch, there used to be a great cheese where you could use the Hoarfrost Stomp to finish the fight in seconds. Since then, the skill has been nerfed, and that cheese no longer works. But there is a new cheese, and you will need to get a few things, so let’s dive in.

Saint Trina’s Arrows and bow

Elden Ring: Godskin Duo Cheese

The first thing that you need for the fight is a bow. Almost any bow will work because it’s not the bow that matters but the arrows you use.

The arrows that you will need are the Saint Tina’s Arrows. They can cause the sleep effect on enemies if enough arrows are shot at them. 

You can either craft them or buy them. If you want to buy them, fast travel to the South Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. Run through the east seal and follow the grassy bridge, all the way down till you see a merchant. You will be able to buy 20 of the arrows, which should be more than enough if you have a good aim.

But, if you want more, you can also buy the cookbook that lets you craft the arrows. Note that you won’t be crafting the Saint Trina’s Arrows through the cookbook; they will be the Sleepbone Arrow. But they inflict the same effect.

The Method

Elden Ring: Godskin Duo Cheese

Once you have everything, you can return to the arena to fight the duo once again. Your main objective is to hit both the bosses with the arrows till they fall asleep. Usually, it will take anywhere between 3-5 arrows to put them to sleep.

A purple beam on their head will indicate that the sleep effect has kicked in. Once both the bosses have fallen asleep, you can take a breather, but it’s not over yet. 

The arrows don’t inflict any significant damage themselves. So once both the bosses are asleep, take out any of your hardest-hitting skills or weapons and hit the boss as much as possible. We’d recommend using the Comet Azur spell using the Sword of Night and Flame. Keep hitting the enemy till its entire health drains to zero. Repeat for the other boss as well. 

Unfortunately, you are not done just yet; the bosses will respawn for the second time. However, they will have lower health this time. Repeat the same tactic, and you should come out victorious. 

If you are having trouble, make sure to use the pillars around the arena, as they can block out most of the attacks from the duo. Simply use them to create a distance while you fire off your arrows and then go in for the kill.

With that, you know everything about the Godskin Duo cheese. The fight is certainly frustrating, but this cheese renders the duo completely useless, and you can win within a few minutes. 

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