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CSGO: All Dust 2 Map Callouts

This is a complete CSGO: all Dust 2 map callouts guide. Not sure where you are? Here are all the callouts of the iconic Dust 2 map in CS:GO.

CSGO: All Dust 2 Map Callouts

Dust 2 is one of the most popular and iconic maps in CS:GO brought from the original CS classics and has been the favorite of most CS:GO players worldwide. Due to its popularity, competitive players often must learn its major call-outs for a compelling game.

Knowing the map better than your opponents is almost always a critical factor in your success rate in Dust 2, as it is a complex map. When you are in-game, you are likely to run into players and require immediate support from your team. Learning the call-outs of the map will help you effectively communicate with your teammates.

All Map Callouts in Dust 2 CS:GO

CSGO: All Dust 2 Map Callouts
Image Source: TotalCSGO, Valve

Here are the most common callouts you will use while playing in the Dust 2 map.

  • A Short – The respawn point of counter-terrorists is very near to this area. It’s the shortest way for them to reach site A and also the shortest way for terrorists.
  • T Spawn – Spawn point of terrorists. Usually, they start playing rounds from this area.
  • T Plat – A platform near the T Spawn views T-Ramp.
  • Outside Tunnels – An entrance to B site tunnels it’s a vast area used by terrorists while moving to site B.
  • Upper B Tunnels- If terrorists are approaching the B site in tunnels, they will turn left from here, and turning right will lead them to mid.
  • Lower B Tunnels- it’s an entrance for the terrorists approaching mid-through tunnels.
  • Close – A corner at site B on the left side for the terrorists approaching the site through upper tunnels. It’s a nice place for counter-terrorists to camp and wait for their enemy. This corner must not be left unchecked by attackers.
  • B Closet- A corner for both teams to hide at side B on the left for the terrorist approaching site B through upper tunnels.
  • B Car- A car on the site B closet. A good stop for hiding for players is if the terrorists are moving through upper tunnels.
  • Fence- All walls on the site B are an advantageous spot for the counter-terrorists as they can stay invisible to the coming enemies
  • B Plat- it’s a platform on-site B near the planting area players can see the upper tunnel entrance from this point.
  • Back Plat- It’s a good hiding spot for both teams; the area is situated behind the planting site.
  • Double Stack- Two Stacked boxes one over another on B plant.
  • B Default Plant- An area to plant bombs on site B.
  • B Window- There’s the window on the B site that leads to the CT mid players can use boxes placed on the site that will help them reach it.
  • Big Box- A big box on Site B.
  • B Back Site- if players are looking from the tunnels, it’s an area behind the default B plant on site B.
  • B Doors- an entrance site to Site B from CT mid.
  • B Boxes- The boxes outside of the B Doors are a good place used by players to wait for the opponents moving to CT mid from Site B.
  • Scaffolding- The construction material is opposite the B window on Site CT mid. A good attacking and defending place for players for B site defenders.
  • CT Mid- Terrorists enter this area through mid. It’s an open area between Site B and the CT spawn point.
  • Mid Doors- Big doors present between Ct mid and mid. Usually used by terrorist snipers to snipe the opponents through the openings.
  • Xbox- A big box players can face while moving to mid from lower tunnels and use a vantage point for throwing smokes and grenades.
  • Mid- A significant and direct passage between CT mid and T spawn point.
  • Palm- There used to be a palm tree at this place, but now there’s a telephone booth at the start of mid.
  • Top mid- An area that connects Suicide with mid and outside mid.
  • Suicide- players can reach from T spawn to mid in a short time. But this is a dangerous place to pass through as it is keenly observed by the snipers of the CT from mid-point.
  • Outside Long- While moving to long doors or top mid, terrorists enter this area.
  • Long Doors- This place is usually guarded by Counter terrorists and is a way for terrorists to enter the zone with two double doors having a small room between them.
  • Blue- A big crate present opposite the long Doors
  • Side Pit- A hidden area for the terrorist also watched by Counter terrorists.
  • Pit- A slope while entering a long through long doors
  • Pit Plat- A platform near the pit.
  • A Car- Car on-site A provides a good safeguard for counter-terrorists. Players as terrorists should watch this sweet spot.
  • A Ramp- It’s a slope for Site A to A long-
  • A Default Plant- A place for planting bombs on site A.
  • Barrels- These are present behind Site A.
  • Goose – A tight space or zone having spray-painted goose.
  • The Elevator – is a corner of site A and the closest point to CT spawn. Players use this point to reach the platform.
  • A Ninja- A good hiding space on a platform. A sweet spot for ninja bomb defuse.
  • Stairs- These are located on a path to A Short catwalk.
  • Catwalk- An area used by terrorists to move to A Short from the top mid.
  • CT Spawn- A area close to a short where counter-terrorists spawn in the rounds.


By learning these callouts, it will be easy for the player to give specific information to their teammates about their enemy. 

As you can see, some of the callouts have the same name, so you should use callouts for specific sites making sure you tell your teammates the correct information about the enemy; otherwise, it may confuse your team and put you at a strategic loss.

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