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Minecraft Biome Finder: How To Use

Can’t find a particular Biome in your new Minecraft world? Just use the Minecraft Biome Finder. Let’s tell you how to use it.

Minecraft’s world has this never-ending feel to it. There is so much to explore and find that you never become fully familiar with the environment. The world of Minecraft is made up of several different biomes. Plains, Forest, Jungle, and swamps are just some of the biomes available for you to explore in Minecraft. 

Each world you load in Minecraft is randomly generated, and so are the biomes in that world, making the biomes very difficult to locate. But, there’s a solution for that as well. You can use the Minecraft Biome Finder. Let us tell you how to use the Minecraft Biome Finder. 

Minecraft Biome Finder: How To Use

The Minecraft Biome is not a part of the actual game. It’s a separate tool that you can use by visiting its website. To use the Minecraft biome finder, you have to enter the seed of your Minecraft world into the application. That way, you can find out exactly where to locate certain biomes.

What Is The Minecraft Biome Finder

Minecraft Biome Finder: How To Use

The Minecraft Biome Finder is not an in-game entity. It’s a tool that you can use by visiting the chunk base website. Here you can find the app that will help you locate any Biome on the particular map that you are on. 

The Minecraft Biome Finder is an excellent addition to the Minecraft community. Because all the worlds generated in Minecraft are completely random, there is not a specific spot for the Biomes as well. So, finding the different Biomes in Minecraft can be difficult if you load up an entirely new world. 

How To Use The Minecraft Biome Finder

Using the Minecraft Biome Finder is pretty simple. You have to follow a series of steps to achieve the exact coordinates of the Biome that you are looking for. 

First of all, you need to find out the seed of the world you are in. Here is how to do that.

How To Find the Seed In Minecraft: 

Minecraft Biome Finder: How To Use
  1. For this, you need to be in-game. So, boot up Minecraft.
  2. Load up the world that you want the seed for. 
  3. Once the world is loaded, you need to write a command. Just type “/Seed.” The seed will appear in the chat. 
  4. If this doesn’t work for some reason, you will have to enable the cheats in the options menu. 
  5. Open the options menu. Click on “Open to LAN.” From there, you can turn on the “Allow cheats” options.
  6. After that, just put in the same command, and you” ll get the seed of your world.

After you have found your seed, using the Biome Finder becomes a lot easier. Copy your Minecraft seed and open the Biome Finder using the chunk base link. After that, just paste your Minecraft seed inside the search bar and click on “Find Biomes.” 

Minecraft Biome Finder: How To Use

There you can see your entire world has been loaded up on the screen. Now you can use the coordinates to pinpoint the locations of the Biomes you have to find. It still can be a little tricky since the entire map looks the same. You can filter out the Biome that you want to find by using the ‘filter biomes’ option at the bottom.

Minecraft Biome Finder: How To Use

This will put forward the exact locations of Biomes you are looking for in your particular Minecraft world. You can use these coordinates to find out where you are and how far you need to travel to reach the Biome you are looking for. You can prepare for your journey by collecting food and supplies depending upon where you are looking to go. 

Minecraft Biome Finder: How To Use

Apps like the Biome Finder are extremely useful for the Minecraft community. Since the worlds in Minecraft are so massive, looking for a resource that you can only find in a particular biome can be a hassle. But the Minecraft Biome Finder saves a lot of your time and allows you to put it towards building your dream world. 

That is all we have on how to use the Biome Finder in Minecraft. You only need to follow a few simple steps to locate your Biome. We hope this guide helped you in some way. 

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