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Elden Ring: Malenia Cheese (December 2022)

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the Elden Ring: Malenia cheese strategy to help you overcome the fight with relative ease.

Elden Ring is the latest entry to FromSoftware’s SoulsBorne series. From a large map to extremely difficult bosses, something is waiting for you at every corner.

Elden Ring: Malenia Cheese

Amongst those challenges lies the well-known boss, Malenia. With her difficult moveset and two soul-crushing phases, she can be quite a formidable opponent. However, with our Elden Ring Malenia cheese guide, you will be able to get over the fight in no time.

Elden Ring: Malenia Cheese

For the cheese that we’re about to discuss, you will need to use the arena and a special skill of a weapon, the Winged Scythe, to get to a specific location. Once you get up there, you will need to use the “Swarm of Flies” to hit her from a distance.

Winged Scythe Location

Elden Ring: Malenia Cheese

The Winged Scythe can be found in the Tombsward Ruins. Once you head to the center of the ruins, you will spot a set of stairs that lead straight underground. It will lead you to a massive open room; run across it while ignoring all enemies, and inside the small room at the end, you will find a chest with the Scythe. 

The Scythe comes with a special skill known as Angel’s Wings. It will allow you to elevate onto a tree branch that we will get into in a bit. 

Swarm of Flies

If you want to damage Malenia using the cheese, you will need something that can inflict damage at a distance. The Swarm of Flies is a great incantation for this purpose as not only does it damage her, but it also builds up bleed. Although the blood loss buildup was nerfed in 1.04, it still works well against Malenia.

You can find the incantation on a corpse in the Mohgwyn Palace. If you go directly north from the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace, you should find the corpse along the east wall in a shallow cave.

The Required Build

There is a general build that you can follow to help you with the cheese. That will, of course, include you having the Winged Scythe and the Swarm of Flies incantation.

But on top of that, you might need the Erdtree Seal and the Eleonara’s Poleblade for backup. 

Alongside that, you could equip the Carian Knight’s Shield to help you protect yourself from any oncoming damage. If you also get the Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman, it will let you increase your attack power upon blood loss of the enemy. As you are using Swarm of Flies, this will prove to be useful. Having the Preserving Boluses will be a lifesaver as it can help you with the scarlet rot buildup, which Malenia loves to use against you.

Lastly, you should get some sort of summon, such as the Mimic Tear Ashes to summon or the Black Knife Tiche.

The Method

Elden Ring: Malenia Cheese

Now that we’ve got everything we need, we can proceed with the method itself. As shown in the image, you will need to approach the tree branch with three corners sticking out.

Once you’re near it, use the Winged Scythe’s ability, Angel’s Wings, to get on top of a branch. And then use it once more to climb even higher. Now you will have a sufficient distance from the ground while still being able to hit Malenia with the swarm of flies. 

Elden Ring: Malenia Cheese

She will come after you and stand directly below you. That’s when you want to use the Swarm of Flies to damage her continuously. Doing so will eventually cause her health to drain to zero.

Once the second phase initiates, you will find yourself on the ground again. She is more aggressive in this phase, so you will need to move quickly. To buy yourself more time, use either your Mimic Tears summon or the Black Knife Tiche. As they’re attacking Malenia, head over to the same branch and get on top. 

You will need to be more careful of the scarlet rot in this phase as her Scarlet Aeonia move can reach you even when on top of the branch. If it hits you, make sure to use the Preserving Boluses. The rest of the tactic remains the same, use the Swarm of Flies, and eventually, you will come out victorious. 

With that, you know everything there is to know about the Elden Ring: Malenia cheese. The fight is certainly challenging but, with our tips, you will clear the fight in no time!

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