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Higan Eruthyll Reroll Guide & Tier List

Are you wondering how to reroll in Higan Eruthyll? Here’s our complete Higan Eruthyll Reroll Guide for the global version of the game.

Higan Eruthyll Reroll Guide

Higan Eruthyll Reroll Guide

As it stands in the global version, there isn’t really an easy way to reroll in Higan Eruthyll.

They don’t have guest accounts, and “salted” emails don’t work. (Salted means adding extra symbols to the end of the same email address).

If you really want to reroll, the best way is just to make multiple Gmail accounts.

To reroll in Higan Eruthyll:

  • Make an account.
  • Complete the tutorial.
  • Get the rewards from mailbox.
  • Do 20x pulls on “Soul Threads” (Eluya banner).
  • Do 20x pulls on “When Stars Gather Together” banner (guaranteed SSR unit).
  • If you get nothing good, go to Settings (cogwheel in top right), then tap User Center and Logout.

Check out our Higan Eruthyll tier list guide if you want to know which heroes are the best to aim for.

Higan Eruthyll Reroll Tier List

If you do decide to reroll, here are the best characters to aim for.

  • Best reroll: 2x God tier units.
  • Good Reroll: 1x Good tier and 1x God tier unit.
  • Average reroll: x2 Standard units.

Note that most players should get Media if they have the pre-reg rewards.

God units

  • Eluya – DPS
  • Gyldan – Tank
  • Ceaser – Tank
  • Sirslet – DPS

Good Units

  • Moetesju – Sub-DPS
  • Rooco – Healer
  • Liv – Healer
  • Nuno – Healer

Standard Units

  • Rita – Sub-DPS
  • Basell – Tank
  • Ciamkom – DPS
  • Media – DPS (God tier if you don’t have her from pre-reg)


Is it really worth it to reroll in Higan Eruthyll? Probably not as you’ll also lose the pre-register gift rewards, but it’s up to you.

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And that was our complete Higan Eruthyll reroll guide. If you’re looking for more information about the game, check out the official website.

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