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Last Epoch Tier List: Best Mastery

This is our Last Epoch tier list guide. Rating the best masteries currently in the game. Which mastery is the best? Read on to find out.

Last Epoch Tier List: Best Mastery

Last Epoch Tier List

Last Epoch has five different base classes:

  • Mage – Elemental casters with a melee twist.
  • Sentinel – Melee warriors.
  • Acolyte – Dark casters that can control undead minions.
  • Primalist – One with nature. Controls beast companions, summons totems, and shapeshifts into different animal forms.
  • Rogue – Melee and ranged assassins.

Each class has its own “Mastery”, which is essentially a sub-class with its own unique set of skills and mechanics.

This is a Last Epoch mastery tier list from the latest Early Access/Beta version of the game. It’s obviously important to note that anything can change during this time, so take the ratings with a grain of salt and enjoy the playstyle you like you most!

Last Epoch Tier List: S Tier Mastery

These are currently the best masteries to play in Last Epoch.


The Necromancer belongs to the Acolyte class, and is the master of minions. It’s capable of controlling both large powerful minions, and armies of smaller ones. It can also buff and sacrifice them, making Necromancer less passive than traditional minion classes in other aRPGs. Necromancers will have a large amount of build choice thanks to minions providing different damage types and buffs. The Necromancer has three exclusive skills: Summon Wraith, Dread Shade and Assemble Abomination.


The Lich belongs to the Acolyte class, and is capable of casting Necrotic, Poison and Physical spells. Most of its skilled are used at range, but it can also engage in melee combat. A core mechanic of the Lich is life tapping. It can sacrifice its own health to increase its damage. This synergies with its mastery bonus granting Leech and bonus damage when low on health. The Lich as two exclusive skills: Reaper Form and Death Seal.


The Sorcerer belongs to the Mage class, and is the classic spell casting wizard. It specilizes in dealing massive AoE damage and revolves around casting Fire, Cold and Lighting spells. Many of the Sorcerers scale with Critical Strike, and its mastery bonus provides bonus spell damage and extra mana. The Sorcerer has three exclusive master skills: Meteor, Black Hole and Arcane Ascendance.


The Druid belongs to the Primalist class, and it is capable of transforming into different animal forms. These forms include: Werebear, Spriggin and Swarmblade. Both Werebear and Swamblade are exclusive to Druids. A core mechanic of the druid is the ability to switch between different forms while in combat. Aside from their forms, Druids have an additional exclusive skill: Entangling Roots.

Last Epoch Tier List: A Tier Mastery

These masteries are well balanced.


The Bladedancer belongs to the Rogue class. It’s the classic Assassin, featuring daggers, shurikens and smoke bombs. It has a somewhat risky melee playstyle, but makes up for it in increased survivability via additional Dodge and Glancing Blow. The Bladedancer has two exclusive skills: Dancing Strikes and Lethal Mirage.


The Paladin belongs to the Sentinel class, and is hybrid DPS/Healer that’s capable of dealing fire damage. It can also act as a spellcaster tank while, due to the increased scaling of Adaptive Spell Damage while wielding a shield. The Paladin has two exclusive skills: Judgement and Holy Aura.


The Marksman belongs to the Rogue class. It is the classic bow-wielding Ranger from most RPGs, with core skills such as Multishot. It supports many different damage types, allowing flexibility for builds. The Marksman has two exclusive skills: Hail of Arrows and Detonating Arrow.

Last Epoch Tier List: B Tier Mastery

These masteries are a little underpowered compared to the rest.

Void Knight

The Void Knight belongs to the Sentinel class. It is a melee focused mastery that uniquely deals Void Damage. A core mechanic of the Void Knight is Echoes. This clones a copy of a skill used for a shirt time after using it. The Void Knight has two exclusive skills: Erasing Strike and Anomaly.

Forge Guard

The Forge Guard belongs to the Sentinel class, it revolves around dealing Physical Damage and applying Bleeds. Its mastery bonuses are more focused on defense. Forge Guard supports playstyles for both two-handed weapons, and sword and board. It has three exclusive skills: Forge Strike, Smelter’s Wrath, and Ring of Shields.


The Beast Master belongs to the Primalist class, and is the classic Hunter that can control companions in battle. Unlike Necromancer’s minions, a BM’s companion is not disposable and must be revived when fallen. Companions also active skills that can be used by the beast master. A unique aspect of Beast Mastery is the ability to switch between different Aspect buffs, which apply to companions as well. It has three exclusive skills: Summon Raptor, Summon Sabertooth, and Summon Frenzy Totem.

Last Epoch Tier List: C Tier Mastery

These masteries are currently rated the worst in the game at the moment.


The Shaman belongs to the Primalist class, and is a spellcaster that primarily focuses on placing powerful Totems on the ground. It has two exclusive skills: Avalanche and Summon Storm Totem.


The Spellblade belongs to the Mage class, and is primarily a melee spellcaster. Its melee skills can also proc additional spells, resulting in a satisfying hybrid melee/caster class. The spellblade can also have a Generator/Spender playstyle. It has three exlisiove skills: Shatter Strike, Surge, and Firebrand.

And that was our current Last Epoch tier list for the best masteries in the game.

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Last Epoch is currently in Early Access on Steam.