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YBA Tier List [May 2024]

If you’re a fan of the anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, chances are you’ve dived into the world of Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) on Roblox. This game is chock-full of Stands, each with unique abilities and power levels.

YBA Tier List

But with so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding which Stand to choose. And that’s why we’ve crafted a comprehensive YBA tier list that will help you choose the best stands and stand skins in this popular Roblox game. So, buckle up and get ready to become the ultimate YBA warrior!

YBA Stand Tier List

Our YBA tier list is designed to help you navigate the power levels of the various Stands in the game. We’ve ranked them from S-Tier (the cream of the crop) to D-Tier (the “meh” ones). Keep in mind, this list is subjective, and your experience may vary. Without further ado, let’s dive into the Your Bizarre Adventure tier list.

YBA Tier List: S-Tier Stands

These are the Stands that reign supreme in YBA. They boast the highest power levels and are the most sought-after. If you can get your hands on one of these, you’re in for a wild ride.

  • The World Over Heaven – S Tier
  • Star Platinum: The World – S Tier
  • Gold Experience Requiem – S Tier
  • King Crimson Requiem – S Tier
  • Killer Queen Bites the Dust – S Tier
  • Tusk Act 4 – S Tier
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Love Train – S Tier
  • Chariot Requiem – S Tier
  • C-Moon – S Tier
  • Made in Heaven – S Tier
  • Soft & Wet – S Tier

YBA Tier List: A-Tier Stands

These Stands may not be as powerful as the S-Tier ones, but they still pack a punch and can hold their own in most battles. They’re solid choices for any YBA player.

  • Tusk Act 3 – A Tier
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – A Tier
  • The World Alternate Universe – A Tier
  • Scary Monsters – A Tier
  • King Crimson – A Tier
  • Crazy Diamond – A Tier
  • Stone Free – A Tier
  • Anubis – A Tier
  • Red Hot Chilli Pepper – A Tier
  • Six Pistols – A Tier
  • Aerosmith – A Tier
  • The World – A Tier

YBA Tier List: B-Tier Stands

These Stands are decent choices that can perform well in certain situations. While they may not be as powerful as the A or S-Tier Stands, they can still be quite useful in the hands of a skilled player.

  • Tusk Act 2 – B Tier
  • Star Platinum – B Tier
  • Whitesnake – B Tier
  • Purple Haze – B Tier
  • The Hand – B Tier
  • Cream – B Tier
  • White Album – B Tier

YBA Tier List: C-Tier Stands

The C-Tier Stands have their merits, but they often fall short when compared to the higher-tier Stands. You might want to think twice before choosing one of these as your main Stand.

  • Tusk Act 1 – C Tier
  • Sticky Fingers – C Tier
  • Magician’s Red – C Tier
  • Silver Chariot – C Tier
  • Hierophant Green – C Tier
  • Beach Boy – C Tier
  • Mr. President – C Tier
  • Hermit Purple – C Tier

YBA Tier List: D-Tier Stands

These Stands are the lowest of the low, offering little in terms of power or utility. You’re better off avoiding these Stands altogether.

  • Anubis – B Tier
  • Cream – B Tier

YBA Stand Skin Tier List

In addition to ranking the Stands themselves, we’ve also compiled a tier list for stand skins in the YBA game on Roblox. After all, who doesn’t want to look stylish while battling it out with other players? Here’s our breakdown of the best stand skins in YBA, sorted by tier.

YBA Tier List: S-Tier Stand Skins

These stand skins are the rarest and most sought-after in YBA. If you manage to snag one of these, you’ll be the envy of players everywhere.

  • Mirage of Phantoms – S Tier
  • Horseman of Heaven – S Tier
  • Devil’s Moon – S Tier
  • Ghost World – S Tier
  • Light Bringer – S Tier
  • The Waifu Over Heaven – S Tier

YBA Tier List: A-Tier Stand Skins

While not as rare as the S-Tier skins, these A-Tier stand skins are still highly coveted and visually stunning.

  • FrostBite – A Tier
  • Spirit Bomb Sword – A Tier
  • King Peppermint – A Tier
  • Retro The World Over Heaven – A Tier
  • Sumo Platinum – A Tier
  • Sumo World – A Tier
  • Pumpkin Patch – A Tier
  • Cornsnake – A Tier

YBA Tier List: B-Tier Stand Skins

These stand skins may not be as rare as the A or S-Tier skins, but they still offer unique and eye-catching designs.

  • Tākoizu Dragon – B Tier
  • Tyrant Crimson – B Tier
  • The Waifu – B Tier
  • Shadow The World – B Tier
  • Star Waifu: The World – B Tier
  • Luffy Gear 4 – B Tier
  • Vela Nova – B Tier

YBA Tier List: C-Tier Stand Skins

The C-Tier stand skins offer a variety of designs and colors that can still make your Stand stand out, even if they’re not as rare as their higher-tier counterparts.

  • Magician’s Red Over Heaven – C Tier
  • Elucidator and Dark Repulser – C Tier
  • OVA Platinum – C Tier
  • OVA The World – C Tier
  • Hexed Spirit Requiem – C Tier
  • Volcanic Spirit Requiem – C Tier

YBA Tier List: D-Tier Stand Skins

While these stand skins may not be the rarest, they still offer a unique look for your Stand. They might not be the top choice for everyone, but they’re worth considering if you’re looking for something different.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream – D Tier
  • Tentacle Black – D Tier
  • Tentacle Purple – D Tier
  • Tentacle Yellow – D Tier
  • The Other Hand – D Tier
  • Virus Vessel – D Tier

YBA Tier List FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the YBA tier list.

What is a tier list?

A tier list is a ranking system that helps players determine the best characters in a game, particularly in a gacha game. By ranking characters from best to worst, players can save time and resources by focusing on obtaining the most powerful characters.

How did you create this YBA tier list?

We created this YBA tier list by considering the following factors:

  • Personal experience
  • Community feedback
  • General consensus from other tier lists

Please note that tier lists are subjective, and your experience may vary. So, we recommend that you take this list with a pinch of salt and play YBA for yourself.

How often do you update the YBA tier list?

We update this tier list regularly to ensure that it always follows the latest meta. Typically, you can expect an update around the following events:

  • A new character releases
  • Balance changes

There may be a small delay between the release of a new character or balance changes and our update, as we’ll need to assess the impact of these changes on the game.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you’re a newcomer to Your Bizarre Adventure or a seasoned player looking to optimize your Stand choices, our comprehensive YBA tier list has you covered. Remember, this list is subjective, and your experience may differ. So, keep this list handy, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different Stands and stand skins to find the perfect match for your playstyle. Now, go forth and conquer the world of YBA!

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