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Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List

There’s a lot of different magics to choose from in Arcane Odyssey. Are you wondering which one is the best? Here’s our Arcane Odyssey magic tier list.

Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List

When you first start the game, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one of twenty elements as your starting magic. It’s important to choose wisely because you won’t be able to change your magic later on unless you reach a high level and go dual attunement or dual magic.

Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List: Best Magic

This is our Arcane Odyssey magic tier list. Note that these rankings are based on limited testing and may change as more information becomes available for the game. It’s only natural that a meta-game will emerge in Arcane Odyssey, and certain magics will be preferred.

Overall, each magic is quite well-balanced. Play what you enjoy the most!

Also, it’s important to note that you can play Arcane Odyssey using the combination of two different magics simultaneously. One primary and the other secondary.

S Tier

The best magics in the game.

A Tier

These magics are very well-balanced and are strong picks.

This magic is good for freezing opponents if they are wet. However, upon freezing them, it does 50 less damage. When paired with water, it is useful for applying the wet effect.

Arcane Odyssey Acid Magic Wiki Guide

This magic has blind effects, and all its moves are cast quickly, making it good for PVP.

Fire is a great all-rounder magic. It applies a burn DOT on the target, and buffs yourself while they are burning. It also has spammable big AoE skills.

This magic has blind effects and slows opponents. It is good for both PVP and PVE.

This magic has high damage and a good range. Its attacks are quick, making it great for PVP.

When paired with acid, it can create explosive bottles.

This magic is good up close, has high base damage, and is good for both PVP and PVE.

This magic has blind effects and bleed. Although its moves are not as quick as light, it is still solid for PVP.

Poison deals decent damage, has good speed. It applies a strong DOT that lasts for 20 seconds, the longest of any DOT in the game. Although, it does not stack. It has great area-of-denial as well.

This magic can stun enemies, and has amazing area-of-denial thanks to the clouds that it creates.

This magic applies bleed to targets, which is one of the best status effects in the game. Bleed synergies well with a lot of different magics. It is very fast as well.

B Tier

These magics aren’t bad, but they don’t really really excel at anything on their own.

This magic is a good all-rounder, but it’s a bit hard to use.

This magic applies the Soaked effect, which makes the target vulnerable to other certain types of magic, but it doesn’t really do anything on its own. It’s best to use when paired with Ice, Snow, or Lightning.

This is a balanced magic that steals magic. It is good but not exceptional.

This magic isn’t particularly good or bad. It’s a bit like a slightly worse version of Lightning.

C Tier

These magics are either below average or haven’t been tested enough yet.

Wind deals decent damage and has high speed, but it’s hard to play and the actual playstyle is just not very fun.

Heavy hitter, decent AoE damage, but slow and hard to use optimally. It’s very niche.

The same as Crystal. Heavy hitter, decent AoE damage, but slow and hard to use optimally. both very niche magics that can be good, but probably isn’t worth picking over the others.


And that’s the current Arcane Odyssey magic tier list we’ve got for now. As the meta shifts, we’ll be updating it with the new rankings. Make sure to check back on this page regularly if you want to know what the best magics are in Arcane Odyssey.

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