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Honkai Star Rail Himeko Build Wiki (March 2023)

Here’s our complete Honkai Star Rail Himeko build guide. Rating the best build, relics, light cones, eidolons & skills for this character.

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Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide - Best Build, Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons & Skills

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Story Introduction

One of the best S tier characters in Honkai: Star Rail, Mommy Himeko is definitely one of the characters that deserves love. When she was small, she was already able to repair a stranded train. And as a member of the astral express, she is also a very reliable navigator, venturing across the galaxy together with Welt, March 7th, Dan Heng, Pom Pom, and of course, you as the Trailblazer too.

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In the beta, there is not a lot of backstory about Himeko yet, but she is one of the people who open-heartedly invites you to travel together with her in the astral express. Despite we don’t know a lot about Himeko yet, she showed the vibes of an intelligent person, reliable, and also kind during the main story progression.

Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Best Build

Himeko is a playable 5-star fire character in Honkai: Star Rail, with the Erudition path. As the Erudition, she is your AoE DPS character that will always set the enemies burning thanks to her passive and her big damage from her ultimate too.

In this article, we will share with you what are the best light cone and relics for Honkai: Star Rail Himeko, explain Himeko’s skills and describe Himeko’s Eidolons and the recommended Eidolons for her.

Himeko’s AoE attack from her skill, ultimate and passive revolves around the fire damage, thus it would be ideal to increase Himeko’s fire damage and ATK stats attribute from the relics and light cones. It would also be recommended to pair Himeko with other characters that could break the enemy’s weakness because it will increase Himeko’s stack do deliver her AoE passive more often. Since she is also ideal to become the main AoE DPS, you can also pair Himeko with an ATK buff character like Asta or Bronya to push her damage even further.

Since Himeko can potentially do a fire weakness break, she can also deliver a burn effect, a fire DoT to the enemies. This means that you can also pair Himeko with a character that will deal additional damage to burned enemies, like Hook’s passive, which will deal additional 55% of Hook’s attack to the target enemy when it’s Hook’s turn. Thus you can even get the advantage of Himeko’s AoE attack to the fullest (if you encounter an enemy with fire element weakness).

Still not familiar with the weakness break mechanic? You can read more about it here!

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Best Light Cone

Night on the Milky Way

Honkai: Star Rail Himeko Build Guide - Best Build, Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons & Skills

Rarity: 5-Star

  • For every enemy on the field, increases the wearer’s ATK by 8/10/12/14/16%, up to 5 times.
  • When an enemy is inflicted with Weakness Break, the wearer’s DMG increases by 24/30/36/42/48% for 1 turn.

Night on the Milky Way is the signature Light Cone for Himeko. Because Himeko’s additional AoE attack from her passive revolves around weakness break, that damage increase by 24% will definitely give a significant buff for Himeko. And this will definitely make Himeko shines more as an AoE DPS character. Unfortunately, Night on the Milky Way is a 5-star light cone, so it will be harder to get this light cone for a F2P player. As a substitute, you can also use other light cones that will increase Himeko’s ATK. A friendly reminder, you need to pick the light cone with the path of the Erudition so that you can utilize the light cone’s passive too.

Make the World Clamor

Rarity: 4-Star (The Erudition Path)

  • The wearer regenerates 20/23/26/29/32 Energy immediately upon entering battle, and increases Ultimate DMG by 24/30/36/42/48%.

Serval’s signature Light Cone, Make the World Clamor will only buff Himeko’s ultimate damage. But, compared to the other The Erudition Path light cone, this light cone is the one we recommend because the effect is definitely higher compared to the next 2 F2P light cones. Since this is a 4-star light cone, the chance to get this light cone is a little bit lower because you need to do gacha to get this light cone.

Data Bank

Rarity: 3-Star (The Erudition)

  • Increases the wearer’s Ultimate DMG by 24/30/36/42/48%.

Data Bank is the other light cone that you can equip for Himeko. With only 4% lower compared to Make the World Clamor, and the good news is that this is a 3-star light cone, you will have a higher chance to superimpose this light cone, to increase Himeko’s ultimate damage even higher.


Rarity: 3-Star (The Erudition)

  • After the wearer uses Skill, additionally regenerates 8/10/12/14/16 energy. This effect can only be triggered 1 time per turn.

Passkey is another light cone that you can equip for Himeko. We would recommend Archives first instead of this Passkey light cone because increasing Himeko’s damage has a higher priority compared to the energy restoration that passkey offer.

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Best Relics

Increasing Himeko’s fire damage is the most ideal build you can use right now. So, the only option for that is the fire relics, Firesmith of Lava Forging. What you need to aim for (minimum) is the 4 piece effect that will give more damage bonus for Himeko.

There are 6 relics slots in Honkai: Star Rail, and you can either use:

  1. 5 Piece Firesmith of Lava Forging, or
  2. 4 Piece Firesmith of Lava Forging & 2 Piece +15% ATK

For the 2 Piece +15% ATK relics, you can choose either Hunter of Glacial Forest or Musketeer of Wild Wheat.

It is harder to get 5 Piece relic set, so you can temporarily use 4 Piece first with +15% relics and later on equip the 5 Piece Lava Forging relic.

Firesmith of Lava-Forging

  • 2 Piece: Increases Fire DMG by 10%.
  • 4 Piece: Increases the wearer’s Skill DMG by 12%. After unleashing Ultimate, it increases the wearer’s Fire DMG by 12% for the next attack.
  • 5 Piece: Increases Fire DMG by 12%.

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Best Main Stats

For the main stats, here are the recommended relics build for Himeko:

  • Feet: ATK
  • Neck: Fire Damage Boost
  • Article: Crit Rate / Crit Damage

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Best Sub-Stats

Here are the sub-stats that you should aim for:

  • Crit Damage,
  • Crit Rate,
  • ATK,
  • Energy Restoration
  • Speed

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Skills

This is a list of Himeko’s skills from the beta.

Basic Attack: “Sawblade Tuning”

  • Deals Fire DMG equal to 50/100/110% of Himeko’s ATK to a single enemy.

Skill: “Molten Detonation”

  • Deals Fire DMG equal to 100/200/220% of Himeko’s ATK to a single enemy and Fire DMG equal to 40/80/88% of Himeko’s ATK to any adjacent enemies.

Ultimate: “Heavenly Flare”

  • Deals Fire DMG equal to 132/220/237% of Himeko’s ATK to all enemies. Additionally, Himeko additionally regenerates 10 Energy for each enemy defeated.

Talent: “Victory Rush”

  • When an enemy’s Weakness is Broken, Himeko gains a stack of Charge (max 3 stacks). If Himeko is fully Charged, deals Fire DMG equal to 68/136/149% of Himeko’s ATK to all enemies after an ally performs an attack, and consumes all Charge stacks. Gains 1 stack of Charge at the beginning of the battle.

Technique: “Incomplete Combustion “

  • After using Himeko’s Technique, use a satellite beam to create a Burning Zone that lasts for 15 second(s). When entering battle in the Burning Zone, there is a 100% base chance to increase Fire DMG taken by enemies by 10% for 2 turn(s).

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Eidolon

This is a list of all Eidolon for Himeko from the beta.

E1: “My Childhood”

  • After “Victory Rush” is triggered, Himeko’s SPD increases by 20% for 2 turn(s).

E2: “Convergence”

  • Deals 15% more DMG to enemies with HP values equal to 50% of their Max HP or less.

E3: “Poised”

  • Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1. up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

E4: “Dedication”

  • When her Skill Breaks an enemy’s Weakness, Himeko additionally gains 1 stack(s) of Charge.

E5: “Aspiration”

  • Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

E6: “Trailblaze”

  • Himeko’s Ultimate hits 2 more times, with each additional hit dealing DMG equal to 40% of her Ultimate DMG to a random enemy

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Best Eidolon

Even with E0, it’s already enough because the next eidolons for Himeko are focusing on buffing her damage.

If you plan to pull more for Himeko, we recommend you to aim for E2.

E1: “My Childhood” will make Himeko’s turn even faster after she triggers her passive talent. In a turn-based game, the SPD buff is definitely crucial because you can potentially have 2 turns while your enemy only has 1, meaning you can deliver more attacks to the enemy.

E2: “Convergence” will be useful especially when you will encounter stronger enemies near the mid-game or late-game progression. Because during that time, usually, you will see a boss with an insane amount of HP.

As for now, we are not sure yet what Himeko’s stack(s) of Charge will do in the E4.

E6: “Trailblaze” is basically another damage from her nuke ultimate. Despite it being only 50% of the original damage, late-game Himeko’s ultimate damage is actually very big, especially since we can benefit from the extra damage from E2 Himeko too.


That wraps up the build recommendation and Himeko’s kit details. Being the AoE fire DPS that revolves around benefiting weakness break from the enemy, you want to build Himeko with a lot of ATK and Fire Boost-related buff, while at the same time it is also recommended pairing Himeko with damage buff characters like Asta’s ATK buff and Bronya’s ATK and Crit Damage buff. Since Himeko’s break will apply fire DoT, you can also pair Himeko with Hook so that Hook can also deal higher damage to the enemy with the burn effect.

Visit the official HSR website here for more information about the game!