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How To Assign Workers In Fallout 4?

Wondering how to assign workers in Fallout 4? Follow this guide! Workers can be assigned to specific tasks by opening the building menu.

How To Assign Workers In Fallout 4?

One of the new mechanics in Fallout 4, which was not present in previous titles, is settlement building. You need to manage all aspects of these settlements, from providing water, food, and electricity. It is very difficult to do all the chores in your settlements by yourself, so you need to assign workers to specific tasks.

As you set up new vendor stalls, build new structures, plant crops, and build guard posts. You will have a message pop up asking you to assign a worker to it. It is mandatory you assign a worker to it, or it will not function properly, and you will not be able to defend your settlement against raiders or feed your settlers as the crops will not grow.

You can assign workers in Fallout 4 by opening the building menu. Once the menu is opened, locate the person you want to assign and press the Command button, then walk to the thing you want to assign them to and click the assign button. The worker has been assigned to that specific thing. 

Why Do Players Need to Assign Workers In Fallout 4?

Assigning workers to the settlement is very important if you want a happy settlement. If raiders attack your settlements and you do not have any works assigned at turrets, checkpoints, and other defensive positions, they will damage your settlement.

The same principle applies to vegetation. If you have not assigned a worker to look after crops, they will not produce food to feed your settlement’s members, and your settlement won’t be happy.

How To Assign Workers In Fallout 4

Happy settlements provide you with a constant supply of food, water, and other resources. It is also a safe haven for many wanderers in wasteland. If you do not have enough manpower in your settlements, you can also recruit settlers and assign them to different tasks.

Recruiting Settlers

How To Assign Workers In Fallout 4?

You can recruit settlers by crafting a radio station in your settlements and broadcasting into the wasteland, inviting settlers to your settlements. You can also send settlers to other settlements through some quests. The happier your settlers are, the more chances you have of recruiting new workers. You must also have a working generator to power up the radio tower.  

Crafting materials needed to build a radio station are two Circuitry, two Crystal, six Copper, ten Steel, three Ceramic, and one Rubber. After building the radio station, hook it up to the generator, and It will start broadcasting.

Assigning Workers

Maximum settlers that you can have in your settlements depend upon how many workbenches you have in that settlement and Charisma stats. You are allowed to have 10 settlers for every workbench in the settlement. You can have one additional settler for each Charisma point. You can also see a pop message reminding you when something needs a worker.

How To Assign Workers In Fallout 4?

After successfully recruiting settlers, you can assign them to work on specific tasks. Open up the building menu in your settlement, select the worker you want to assign the task to press the command button. Walk back to whatever duty you want to assign the worker to and press the assign button. The worker will be assigned to that particular task.

How To Assign Workers In Fallout 4?

Keep in mind that you cannot assign one worker to multiple jobs. One settler will not be able to take care of plants and defend the settlement when under attack. 

There are several systems in your settlement that will not function properly if someone is not assigned to them, such as guard posts, crops, plants, and vendor stalls. You must assign workers according to their abilities to maximize settlement productivity.

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