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Where To Find Fusion Cores In Fallout 4?

Where to find Fusion Cores in Fallout 4? Follow this guide to find out! Fusion Cores are used to power Gatling Lasers and power armors.

Where To Find Fusion Cores In Fallout 4?

Power armor is the strongest defense sole survivor can have to protect him/herself from the dangers of the wasteland. Fusion cores are needed to power up these armors. Without a fusion core, power armor is just a heavy chunk of metal. You can still wear it, but it will slow you down and will require more stamina to walk or run, which can be detrimental in a tough fight.

Where To Find Fusion Cores In Fallout 4?

Fusion cores can be found at various locations. You can also buy fusion cores from vendors who sell weapons and ammunition. We have listed the locations where you can find the most fusion cores at a single location

  1. Nuka World Junkyard
  2. Goodneighbor
  3. Milton Parking Garage
  4. The Castle’s Tunnels
  5. Four Leaf fishpacking plant
  6. Malden Center
  7. Robotics Disposal Ground
  8. Greenetech Genetics

Why Do You Need To Keep Fusion Cores In Your Inventory?

While roaming the wasteland in power armor, you need a weapon to go along with it. That’s where the Gatling Laser comes in. Gatling Lasers utilize fusion cores as their ammo and convert their energy into laser beams.

Sprinting in a power armor causes the fusion cores to deplete quickly. You need to have spare cores in your inventory in case you run out of fusion cores already in use which you most likely will.

Where To Find Fusion Cores In Fallout 4

Fusion cores are the fuel that powers Gatling Lasers and power armors; here are the locations where you can easily find the most fusion cores.

1- Nuka World Junkyard

Where To Find Fusion Cores In Fallout 4?

If you have Nuka World DLC then you are in luck. There are 7 fusion cores at this location, the most at any location in the whole game. One fusion core is in a generator near the Port-A-Diner in the warehouse. Another core can be found in the warehouse by jumping into a yellow gondola near the entrance from the second floor. 

The third fusion core is in the mouth of the bear statue after exiting the metro car. The fourth can be found in a metro car to the south of the Ultimate UFO on a shelf. Another can be found in a blue teacup south of the entrance to the Ultimate UFO. The final two can then be obtained from the sentry bot, which guards the Ultimate UFO.

2- Goodneighbor

Where To Find Fusion Cores In Fallout 4?

You can get two cores during or after completing The Big Dig quest.  One of these can be found in the generator on the left side of the first room one enters after Sonya blasts the first dirt wall. The second one can be picked from the generator behind an expert-locked door.

The final two can be found on a shelf in the locked train car that can only be opened by siding with Bobbi No-Nose, as the key to the train car will only spawn on Fahrenheit’s corpse.

3- Milton Parking Garage

This location has four fusion cores, but this one is not as easy to loot as others. You will have to solve a trap-ridden maze inside the parking garage to get them as a reward.

4- The Castle’s Tunnels

There are 3 fusion cores at this location. You can get 2 fusion cores from Sage, and one can be obtained from the generator in the same room as the chemistry station.

5- Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant

You can find 3 fusion cores at this location. Two can be found within the mag-lock door and the third one on the roof of the building.

6- Malden Center

You will have to descend from the elevator to find all 3 fusion cores. One is on the ground in front of the generator. The others can be found in the cardboard box on the table to the left.

7- Robotics Disposal Ground

One can be found in the chest near the robot, and two more can also be retrieved from the robot by enabling it and then self-destructing it.

8- Greenetech Genetics

There are 3 fusion cores here. On top 2 can be found behind a master locked door and one behind a door further on locked at an advanced level. There will need high-level locking picking skills to open them.

You can also buy fusion cores from vendors who sell weapons and ammunition. They can carry up to 5 charged fusion cores. You can also defeat Sentry Bots to obtain 2 or more fully charged fusion cores, but they are extremely tough enemies, so tread carefully.

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