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How to Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft 2024 (June)

Here is our guide on how to find and tame Allays in Minecraft! To tame the Allays!

How to Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft

Players can find all sorts of cute pets in Minecraft that you can tame. From wolves, horses, sheep, and now, the Allays. The Allay is the latest passive mob in Minecraft that you can find and tame. This is a cute little mob that is very helpful and looks extremely cute flying around. That is why this guide will show you how to find and tame the Allays in Minecraft.

To tame the Allays, you need to give a random item to it and it will start following you around wherever you go. The Allays is essentially a treasure-seeking mob so make sure that you bring it along on your adventures to find various items.  

That’s not all though, if you want to find out where you can find this mob and what its full purpose is, then continue reading to find out!

How to Find Allays in Minecraft

Before you can tame it, you need to find the Allays. Luckily, this new mob isn’t as rare as you might expect. It can be found at two locations. If you are playing in the Creative Mode, you can easily spawn this mob but that’s not nearly as satisfying as finding it in the wild. 

Woodland Mansions

How to Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft

The first location that you can find the Allays at is the Woodland Mansions. However, this is a dangerous area that is surprisingly rare to find. If you do find this location, head inside and look for the jail cells. The Allays can be found inside the cells. 

The best part is that you can potentially find multiple Allays at this location since they are located in each cell. If there is more than one cell, you can find more than one Allays. However, that is only if you can find the Woodland Mansions in the first place. 

Pillager Outposts

How to Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft

The Pillager Outposts aren’t nearly as rare as the Woodland Mansions. This is a good area to locate the Allays as you can find one relatively easily. When you are near these outposts, look around them and you’ll find some dark oak cages. These cages can hold up to 3 Allays depending on how many are spawned there. Regardless, you can always find 1 in this area if there are dark oak cages in the surrounding. 

Both of these locations are great for finding this brand-new mob. While the Woodland Mansions are a bit better in terms of how many you can find, the area is quite rare. You’ll come across Pillager Outposts without even searching for them most of the time so that is a good area to find these cute little Allays. 

How to Tame Allays in Minecraft

How to Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft

Now that you’ve found a few Allays and you find these cute little creatures worthy of being your pet, it’s time to tame them. As mentioned at the start, taming these creatures is extremely simple and easy. All you need to do is to give them an item. This can be any item, it doesn’t matter what you give to them. Just make sure that you don’t give them a rare item that you’ll feel bad about giving away. 

Also, once you give it an item, as long as it is with the Allays, it will not leave you. As soon as the items are taken from them, they will stop being your pet and will leave you. Now, you might be wondering what is the main purpose of taming them. 

How to Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft

The item that you give to the Allays will be the one that they will search for when they are with you on an adventure. So, the best thing to do is to give them an item that you want them to find for you. Also, the best part is that you cannot hit them which leaves them away from friendly fire. However, that doesn’t mean that they cannot get hurt. Allays have a total of 20 hearts and they can be attacked by potentially every mob in the game. 

If you do not want your trusty friend to get hurt or die, make sure that you protect it when they are flying alongside you.


That’s all there is to know about how to find and tame Allays in Minecraft. Make sure that you give them the items that you need them to find. Depending on the rarity of the item, they will find it either quickly or will take some time to locate it. 

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