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Elden Ring: Best Sacred Seals 2022 (December)

Here’s our Elden Ring: best sacred seals guide.

It’s no surprise that Elden Ring is filled with challenges that push you to the absolute limit. But the game does an equally great job of providing you with resources and tools to overcome all of those challenges, as long as you’re persistent. Today, we’ll be discussing one of those various tools, the Sacred Seals, and which ones are the best for you.

What are and how to use Sacred Seals?

Sacred Seals are perhaps one of the most powerful obtainable items in the game. They allow you to use Incantations which are forms of spells present in the game. Note, these are different from sorceries which require a staff to be used. 

You can use these Sacred Seals by simply equipping them and memorizing any incantation at a Site of Grace. 

The catch is that each Sacred Seal can affect your incantations in various ways. Some seals can boost certain types of incantations. For example, the Frenzied Flame Seal boosts all Frenzied Flame Incantations. Therefore, when trying to look for the best Sacred Seals, you need to consider the incantations it boosts and overall usage. 

We’ve made the entire process simple for you, and out of the 9 possible seals, here are the top 5 best Sacred Seals.

Godslayer’s Seal

Elden Ring: Best Sacred Seals
  • Requirements – 4 Strength, 27 Faith.
  • Stat Scaling – E strength, C Faith.
  • Buffs – Boosts Black Flame and Godskin Apostle Incantations.

The Godslayer’s Seal is ideal for the Godslayer Incantations but can also be used to provide a boost to most of the incantations. It also works well with Black Flame and Black Flame Blade incantations, making it a truly devastating Sacred Seal. 

You can find the Godslayer’s Seal at Stormveil Castle in Limgrave. Make sure to take a Stonesword key with you as you’ll need it to open a fogged room in a basement that can be accessed through the courtyard.

Golden Order Seal

Elden Ring: Best Sacred Seals
  • Requirements – 17 Intelligence, 17 Faith.
  • Stat Scaling – D in Intelligence and Faith. 
  • Buffs – Boosts Fundamentalist Incantations 

The Golden Order Seal is great for Intelligence-based builds. Due to its scaling, players that are hoping to dive into the world of sorceries and incantations can make good use of the Golden Order Seal. 

If you’re looking to get the Golden Order Seal, you’ll, unfortunately, have to wait till mid to late game. It can be found near the Minor Erdtree Church Site of Grace in Leyndell.

Dragon Communion Seal

Elden Ring: Best Sacred Seals
  • Requirements – 10 Faith and Arcane
  • Stat Scaling – D in Faith, C in Arcane
  • Buffs – Boosts Dragon Communion Incantations

The Dragon Communion Incantations are some of the best incantations in the game. From the Rotten Breath to Dragon Claw, they provide versatility in your gameplay and move set. Additionally, players that have builds more focused on faith and arcane get benefit from the Dragon Communion Seal.

What’s great about this Seal is that it is one of the earliest seals that can be obtained. You will need two Stonesword Keys to enter the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, where you can find the Seal. Once inside, you can obtain it by killing the ghost knight inside.

Clawmark Seal

Elden Ring: Best Sacred Seals
  • Requirements – 4 Strength, 10 Faith
  • Stat Scaling – B Strength and Faith
  • Buffs – Boosts Bestial Incantations 

The Clawmark Seal is perhaps one of the Best Sacred Seals due to how early you can get it, especially considering the low requirements. As many players tend to have a strength-focused build on their first playthrough, the majority of the players can benefit from this Seal. Although there are other options that we have discussed in this list, you can stick with the Clawmark Seal for early to late mid-game and benefit heavily from its scaling. 

To get the Clawmark Seal, you will need to find Deathroot and present it to D, Hunter of the Dead, at the Roundtable Hold. He will reveal a teleporter that will take you to Gurranq from whom you can get the Seal. 

Erdtree Seal

Elden Ring: Best Sacred Seals
  • Requirements – 40 Faith
  • Stat Scaling – C Faith
  • Buffs – no passive buffs

Although on the surface, the Erdtree Seal might seem odd due to the absence of any passive buffs, it’s perhaps one of the best Sacred Seals out there. It makes up for its lack of boosts by providing the highest damage output for any incantations, granted you’ve upgraded the Seal to +10 using somber smithing stones. Therefore, if a player is looking to use a wide array of incantations, the Erdtree Seal is their best option.

You can find the Erdtree Seal in Volcano Manor on a corpse in a prison cell. That prison cell will be in the town below the Prison Town Church Site of Grace.

With that, you know the best Sacred Seals in Elden Ring. There are 9 in total, and we picked the top 5 to make it a lot simpler for you. Remember, at the end of the day, the best equipment will depend on what your personal playstyle and build are, so choose according to your needs!

Elden Ring: Best Sacred Seals

Here’s the top 5 best sacred seals in Elden Ring.

  • Godslayer’s Seal
  • Golden Order Seal
  • Dragon Communion Seal
  • Clawmark Seal
  • Erdtree Seal


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