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How To Get Ballistic Weave In Fallout 4?

Ballistic Weave increases damage and energy resistance of regular clothing. Follow this guide on how to get Ballistic Weave in Fallout 4.

Ballistic Weave is a mod that can be applied to a piece of clothing to boost its defensive stats. There are a huge variety of mods to choose from according to your playstyle. Ballistic Weave is one of the best mods in Fallout 4.

If you have a stylish piece of clothing, like Maxson’s Battlecoat, with poor defensive stats, the Ballistic Weave t will boost its stats, and you won’t have to wear hideous-looking armor just because they have better defensive stats. We have outlined the best path to take in order to get Ballistic Weave as soon as possible.

You can get Ballistic Weave by joining and completing various quests for the Railroad. Here’s how you can get Ballistic Weave as soon as possible

  1. Join Railroad
  2. Complete “Boston After Dark” and “Mercer Safehouse” Quests.
  3. Complete Jackpot Missions Assigned by P.A.M
  4. Interact with Tinker Tom to Unlock Ballistic Weave

Why Do You Want To Get Ballistic Weave in Fallout 4?

Ballistic Weave significantly improves damage and energy resistance. If you are not a fan of chunky-looking power armor, you can apply this mod on compatible pieces of clothing. If fully upgraded, it will grant both 110 defensive and energy resistance which provides better defense than most other armors.

How To Get Ballistic Weave in Fallout 4

Ballistic Weave is an extremely useful mod in Fallout 4. No matter your playstyle, here’s how you get this mod as soon as possible.

Step 1: Join Railroad

Railroad is one of the four main factions in Fallout 4. Joining Railroad can confuse some players as there are no quest markers. Instead, you will have to solve simple puzzles to reveal their locations. You can start their quest by eavesdropping on NPCs either in Diamond City or Good Neighborhood. You will have a quest, “Follow the Freedom Trail” in your Pip-Boy.

A new objective icon will be placed on your map. Follow the icon until you reach a fountain in Boston Common near the Park Street Station. You will find a Tour Bot to the right of the fountain, beside a sign that says, “The Freedom Trail.” The Tour Bot mentions a historical tourist trail that curves throughout the city, starting at this location in Boston Common.

This trail ends at Old North Church; you can even fast-travel there if you have already discovered the location. Once inside, look to the right, and you’ll see a candle flame sign on a broken segment of the building. Go under the segment and continue moving forward until you see the plate on a wall hooked to a wire.

This puzzle can be solved by spelling Railroad by spinning the dial and pressing the button on each letter. The door will open, and you will have your first encounter with the Railroad. Speak with the NPCs, and you have successfully joined the Railroad faction.

Step 2: Complete “Boston After Dark” and “Mercer Safehouse” Quests

After joining the Railroad, you will have to complete two quests called Boston After Dark” and “Mercer Safehouse.” As the Jackpot missions assigned by P.A.M only become available after you complete both quests. 

Completing these quests also raises your reputation with the Railroad. You can interact with P.A.M, and she will give you the Jackpot missions.

Step 3: Complete Jackpot Missions Assigned by P.A.M

(Courtesy: Gameguides)

Once you have completed the aforementioned quests, you will need to complete one or two jackpot side missions. The Jackpot missions are mini side quests in which P.A.M. asks the sole survivor to collect DIA caches at various locations. 

Complete these Jackpot missions, and the Drummer Boy will come and tell you that you need to speak with Tinker Tom.

Step 4: Interact with Tinker Tom To Unlock Ballistic Weave

After completing all the previous steps, the Drummer Boy in Railroad hideout will ask you to speak with Tinker Tom. Upon interacting with Tinker Tom, he will inform the player about the new technology found in DIA caches. At this point, you have successfully unlocked the Ballistic Weave.

Now you can apply Ballistic Weave to clothing at any armor workbench as long as you have the crafting items for it. There are five levels to the Ballistic Weave mod. You must have the Armorer perk in order to apply this mod beyond the first level.

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