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How to Get Curie in Fallout 4

Are you wondering how to get curie in Fallout 4? Here’s our complete guide to obtaining this companion in the game.

Companionships in Fallout 4 provide a few perks that make it worthwhile to pursue them on the side as you progress in your game. Curie’s Combat Medic perk is a good incentive to build on a companionship with her. In this guide, we will be showing you How to Get Curie in Fallout 4!

Curie is a technician/scientist and fairly adept at handling herself in a fight. If you’ve made a character with low intelligence, then Curie can be the perfect yin to your yang.

Benefits of Curie’s Companionship

NOTE: You DO NOT need to romance Curie to get the Combat Medic perk. The perk is obtainable even if you decide to be platonic.

Combat-Ready: When you get Curie a body, she is armed with a laser pistol that does not run out of ammo. She can fend for herself at short-to-mid range.

Combat Medic: This perk allows you to heal for a total of 100 points if your health depletes below 10%.

Where is Curie in Fallout 4

You can find Curie in Vault 81. However, there are a few steps to be followed before you can initiate a romance with her.

There are no requirements to enter Vault 81. Simply mark the location on your map and head there. The nanny robot can be found on the bottom floor, tucked away behind a window.

How to Get Curie in Fallout 4

Here Kitty, Kitty

Before we confess any part of our love to Curie, the first step of the quest is to talk to Austin. Once you’re at Vault 81, ask Austin to give you a tour of the vault. After the tour, head to the classroom to talk to Erin who will inform you that she has lost her pet cat.

Soon enough, you will find yourself strung along for a quest, “Here Kitty, Kitty.” You can choose to either complete this quest or wait 24 hours to start the next quest, “Hole in the Wall”.

The cat can be found marked on the map. Simply head out the vault, make your way to the marker and send the cat home to complete the quest.

Hole in the Wall

You will be lead to a pathway that takes you to the secret vault by Bobby. Fight off the mole rats and pick up the tape on the desk so you can put it in the slot. As another door opens, go through it to find Curie behind a window. After talking to Curie, the quest should conclude with a decision, which doesn’t affect the outcome of your relationship with Curie.

How to Gain Curie’s Affection in Fallout 4

Once you’ve done the two quests mentioned above, you will be able to complete various quests for Curie, which involves getting her a body and making her as human as possible. The more quests you do, the higher level of affinity you will get with Curie.

After completing a few quests, you will be able to flirt with her which will then start a relationship between the two of you. Here are a few options that will impact your relationship with Curie positively:

  • Donating items
  • Healing Dogmat when Curie is with you
  • Picking a good dialogue option
  • Picking a mean dialogue option
  • Resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner
  • Supporting Ironsides in the quest “Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution”
  • Talk about love when talking to Miss Edna
  • Hand Brian Vigil an experimental serum
  • Protect the synths when you meet Desdemona
  • Finish the experiment at the Cambridge Polymer Labs (Combine Gold, Lithium Hydride and U-238)
  • Tell Moe Cronin that baseball is not a bad sport

On the other hand, there are a few actions that will impact your relationship with Curie negatively:

  • Being greedy during quests for rewards
  • Violence to a non-hostile character
  • Stealing from anyone
  • Killing neutral Mister Gutsy or Mister Handy
  • Chem addiction
  • Getting synths for the Institute
  • Destroying the railroad faction

Eventually, the ‘flirt’ option will be replaced with ‘romance’. Doing so will initiate the final check and is only available if you have achieved maximum affinity. From here on out, you will have to increase your charisma by either using the Ladykiller perk, edibles or changing your clothing style to successfully romance Curie.

You can also choose not to be romantic with Curie, and reach maximum affinity by doing the positive actions mentioned above. This will still unlock the Combat Medic perk.

You will also unlock an achievement after successfully maxing out your affinity with Curie, which is the Combat Medic perk.

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