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How To Get Vines In Minecraft?

You can mine Vine in Minecraft using shears. But are you having trouble finding it? Here are all the ways how to get Vines In Minecraft.

How To Get Vines In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game about survival, and you’ll often find yourself scavenging for resources during your playthrough. Not all the resources you find in the game will directly relate to your survival. For example, some will focus on decorating your house and crafting certain items. 

One of these items in Minecraft is Vines. Vines are not a very readily used resource but should still be kept in your inventory to be used later on in the game. But How to get Vines in Minecraft? Well, there are a few different ways. Keep reading to find out. 

How To Get Vines In Minecraft?

You can find Vines in the jungle biomes of Minecraft. You’ll find them sticking on the side of a tree. You can mine this resource to craft some other blocks or apply it to any surface in your own house. 

Getting Vines in Minecraft is not very difficult. This guide will mention all the places where you can find Vines and how you can grow them if you want to.

The Jungle Biome

How To Get Vines In Minecraft?

If you are on the hunt for some vines, the jungle biome should be the first location you check out. The Jungle Biomes are few and far between in Minecraft, but they are pretty easy to spot because of the greenery surrounding them. 

Once you have located a jungle, you won’t have trouble finding Vines. You can easily spot Vines hanging from trees in the Jungle. If you are lucky enough, you might find a jungle temple. These places are even rarer, but they have a vast abundance of vines for you to Mine. 


The swamps are another type of biome in Minecraft. These are also easily locatable areas due to their distinctive looks. The muddy water is easily identifiable, and once you find that, locating vines is going to be very easy. 

Vines grow on Oak trees by themselves in the swamp biome. So, be ready to mine some vine once you have stepped into a swamp biome. 

Building a Vine Farm

How To Get Vines In Minecraft?

If you think that mining Vine takes too long and you just want large amounts of Vine in a shorter time, a cheap Vine farm is what you are looking for. It is a very cheap farm, and the returns that you get are magnificent. 

The materials required are: 

  1. A Bucket of water
  2. Four Vines
  3. 25 Cobblestone 
  4. 5 Cobblestone walls

It’s dirt cheap, and you can accumulate a considerable amount of Vine from this farm. You can say goodbye to spending time in the Jungle biome. 

This Vine farm tutorial by xisumavoid is a great example! 

How To Mine Vine In Minecraft? 

How To Get Vines In Minecraft?

Mining Vine in Minecraft is just as easy as finding it. Once you have located Vine, you need a shear to Mine it. If you don’t have a shear, you can just craft it by combing two iron ingots in the crafting. 

The other way to mine Vine in Minecraft is by using a combo of an Ax and the silk touch enchantment. If that is your tool of choice, you can mine as much Vine as you like without a problem. 

What Does Vine Do In Minecraft?

How To Get Vines In Minecraft?

Vine is not a resource that players use regularly. But, it still has its fair share of uses. You can apply it to any block in your house if you want to give it a touch of nature. There is also a list of things that you can craft using Vine in Minecraft.

  1. Mossy Cobblestone
  2. Mossy Stone Bricks
  3. Bordure Indented banner pattern

That’s it from our guide on how to get Vine in Minecraft. While it’s not used as regularly by players, it is still a helpful resource that players should always have in their inventory. 

Do you have any particular uses for Vine in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below. 

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