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How To Get Orange Dye In Minecraft

If orange is your favorite color, and you want to add it to your Minecraft world, orange dyes can help you do that. Here’s how to get Orange Dye In Minecraft!

How To Get Orange Dye In Minecraft

Minecraft is a very colorful game in itself. The mountain tops, oceans, caves, and plains that you find in Minecraft have a very natural color palette. It’s not a dull game to look at by any means. You can find all the colors you need by exploring the world and looking at the right places. 

But maybe you have a specific liking for the color orange. Perhaps it resonates with you like nothing else. Well, you can paint your Minecraft world orange by getting the Orange Dye. You have the ability to make everything orange if that’s what you like. All that said, you might ask yourself, How to get the orange dye in Minecraft? It’s easy. Read on. 

How To Get The Orange Dye In Minecraft

You can get the orange dye by finding the orange tulip flower in Minecraft. Combining the Red and Yellows dyes can also get the Orange Dye. The Orange Tulips are easily found resources, and that makes the Orange dye easy to get. 

How To Get Orange Dye In Minecraft

Getting the Orange dye in Minecraft is easy enough, and there are a couple of ways to obtain it. There are only a handful of necessary ingredients, and all of them can be found in the Flower Forest Biome of Minecraft. Red dye and Yellow dye are everything you need to craft Orange dye. 

The Red Dye: 

You can craft Red dye by using several different flowers. These flowers are Red Tulip, Rose Bush, and Poppy. All you have to do is bring these flowers to a crafting table, and you can place the flowers on the crafting table to get Red dye. 

The Yellow Dye: 

To Craft the Yellow dye, you need a sunflower or dandelions. Once you have these flowers, you can repeat the process of bringing them to the crafting table and using it to get the dye. 

Once you have both the dyes, it’s time to craft the Orange dye. Here are the different ways you can get the Orange Dye in Minecraft: 

  • Once you have the Red and Yellow dye, simply put them on the crafting table, and it will give you the Orange dye. 
  • You can also craft the Orange dye by merely putting an Orange tulip on the crafting table. 
  • You can also purchase the Orange dye from a Wandering Trader. You can get 3 Orange dyes for one emerald. 

These are the multiple ways you can acquire the Orange Dye in Minecraft. All of these ways are easy and will not cost you a lot of time or resources. 

How To Get Orange Dye In Minecraft

What Does The Orange Dye Do In Minecraft? 

How To Get Orange Dye In Minecraft

As we have mentioned before, Minecraft offers a wide array of options to satisfy all of the player’s needs. Whether they are color-related or not. With the Orange dye, you can paint your world Orange. No matter what it is, you can make it Orange.

Do you want to make your goat Orange? By all means, go ahead. Do you feel like your newly finished house needs an Orange interior? The Orange dye can help you get that.

Apart from decorations, dyes don’t have a particular use in Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that prides itself on the number of options that it can provide to its players, and dyes are just another one of those options. There are other dyes in Minecraft as well if Orange is not your color. We have already mentioned the Red and Yellow dyes. 


So, this is how you get the Orange dye in Minecraft. It’s incredibly easy to acquire, and we think that every Minecraft house needs a little bit of Orange. Get your Orange dyes and start coloring!

What are some of your other favorite dyes in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below.

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