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How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft

Are you looking to put the finishing touches to your house in Minecraft? Why not add a fridge? Let us tell you how to make a fridge in Minecraft.

How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft

When we say that Minecraft gives the player complete freedom to do anything, there is no lie in the statement. It is just straight up what Minecraft is. It’s basically a visualization sim. You visualize something, and you can build it. For example, you have just finished building your new house. You can easily do that by adding a few essential items. 

For your kitchen, you can set up sinks and tables. But did you know you can make a working fridge in Minecraft? Yes, a working fridge where you can store your food. But, how do you make a fridge in Minecraft? It is pretty straightforward. Let us help. 

To build a fridge in Minecraft, you need necessary items like a Block of quartz, iron doors, a stone button and a dispenser to make a fridge. You can build a single fridge or combine it with other items to turn it into a shelve or a sink. 

Items You Need To Make A Fridge In Minecraft

How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft

There are a handful of items that you’ll need to make a fridge in Minecraft. All of them are easy to find and craft, so you won’t have any problems accumulating enough resources for a fridge. Here are the must-have items you need to build a fridge in Minecraft:

  • Block Of Quartz
  • An Iron Door
  • Stone Button
  • Dispensers

These are the necessary items that you need to build a working fridge. But, if you want to channel your inner interior designer and come up with a furnished look for your kitchen, you need more. These are the support items that can make your kitchen look even better.

  • Spruce Trapdoors
  • Hoppers
  • White Carpet
  • Tripwire Hook

Once you have got all these items, you are ready to build your first ever working fridge in Minecraft. All that’s left is to combine these parts together. 

How To Build A Fridge In Minecraft

To build your working fridge, you will just have to follow these necessary steps. 

  • Equip your Block of Quartz and place a two-block pillar. Remember to put these blocks where you want to place your fridge.
  • Remove the bottom block and replace it with a dispenser.
  • Now equip your iron door and place it in front of the two blocks. You can do that by jumping on top of the upper block and facing downward. 
  • Finally, place the stone button you have on top of the fridge. 
How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft

That is everything you need to do to make a working fridge in Minecraft. But you might notice that the dispenser block can make your fridge look a little ugly from the sides. Using our support items list, you can fix that by turning this fridge into a complete kitchen design. Here’s how you can do that. 

  • Start by putting a Block Of Quartz on one side of the fridge to cover up the dispenser. 
  • On the other side of the fridge, crouch and put two hoppers. One that connects to the fridge and another one right next to it. 
  •  If there is still some place left after placing the hoppers, you can cover that up by putting some Block Of Quartz.
  • Next, place your spruce trapdoors against all the blocks you have put up. Close the spruce trapdoors. 
  • Now place the white carpets on all of the blocks except for the one-hopper that doesn’t connect to the fridge.
  • You can put a Tripwire hook to make it look like a sink. 

Following this step-by-step will mean that you now have a working fridge accompanied by an awesome-looking kitchen. 

How To Use A Fridge In Minecraft

How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft

After you have built the fridge, using it is pretty straightforward. You can just put all your food inside the dispenser by opening the fridge and pressing the Stone Button. After storing your food inside the fridge, you can get it back by pressing the stone button again. Every time you press the stone button, the dispenser will push out random bits of your food. 


Building a fridge is an excellent activity and can add a perfect look to your kitchen setup. There are other ways to make a fridge, but we found this to be the easiest and best-looking one too. 

That’s it. You can quickly build a fridge by following these steps. Tell us in the comments below if you have any better fridge ideas. 

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