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How To Make A Heart In Minecraft

Do you have a wide-open space in your newly built Minecraft village? Fill it up with big heart-shaped statues. Learn how to make a heart in Minecraft here! 

How To Make A Heart In Minecraft

Maybe you have just finished building your dream village in Minecraft. You have built your farm, house, everything you wanted to build. But even after all that effort, you still feel that there is something missing. That is a common feeling among players, and there are few options available to make that feeling go away in Minecraft. 

How about building a statue? A giant heart-shaped statue in the middle of your village to give it some identity. You can do that and much more with the versatility that Minecraft offers to its players. But, the question remains, How to make a heart in Minecraft? Let’s break it down for you. 

You can build a big heart statue in your village by following a series of steps. You’ll need wool blocks of the color that you want your heart in. After that, it’s just about carefully building the heart block by block. 

Resources Needed to Make A Heart In Minecraft

How To Make A Heart In Minecraft

You don’t need a lot of resources when it comes to building a heart-shaped statue in Minecraft. You can use the block type of your choice to build the structure. In this guide, we will be using wool blocks to build the heart. You’ll need three types of wool for this. 

  • Black wool 
  • Red wool 
  • White wool

These are all the resources that you will need to build a Heart Statue of your own. 

How To Make A Heart In Minecraft

After you have gathered your resources, all you need to do is follow this guide step by step in order to build the perfect heart. 

  • Start by choosing an open space to build your heart on. This also depends on the size of the heart that you are going to build.
  • Now, place two black wool blocks in the middle. 
  • After placing the two blocks, place four black wool blocks going upwards diagonally on the right side. 
How To Make A Heart In Minecraft
  • Repeat the same process of placing four black wool blocks the same way on the left side. 
  • Now place Four diagonal red wool blocks going upwards on top of the black wool blocks you have already placed. 
  • Repeat the same procedure for the left and right sides.
  • Now, add two red wool blocks on the top of the corner black wool block. Repeat this on both sides. 
  • Join the two Red wool blocks you have already placed with two black wool blocks right next to it. Again repeat the same procedure on both sides. 
How To Make A Heart In Minecraft
  • On top of the outermost black wool blocks, raise a tower of four Red wool blocks joined by four black wool blocks right next to it. Finish off by placing a solitary Black wool block on top of the highest Red block. 
  • You need to repeat this procedure on both sides.
How To Make A Heart In Minecraft
  • Now make a line of three Red wool blocks towards the inner part of the structure, starting from your highest Black wool block that you just placed. Now place three black blocks on top of the three Red wool blocks.
  • End the three-block line with a single Black wool block in front of the Red blocks. Do this on both the right and left sides of the structure.
  • To put the finishing touches, just put a Red wool block under either of the Black wool blocks hanging in the middle. 
  • Now, join them by placing two black wool blocks underneath. 
  • Your structure is now complete, and all you need to do is fill up the center part with Red wool. Don’t forget to add two blocks of White wool in the upper right corner.
How To Make A Heart In Minecraft

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen. Your big heart-shaped statue is ready to be shown off to your villagers. It’s an excellent addition to any village that you have built. Just remember that the size and color of the heart depend on you, and you can try different colors and sizes if you want to. 


We hope you’ll be able to build this big heart-shaped statue quickly after reading this guide. Let us know about the other statues that you have built-in Minecraft in the comments below. 

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