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How To Raid A Bastion Remnant In Minecraft (1.19)

Learn how to raid a Bastion Remnant in Minecraft!

How To Raid A Bastion Remnant In Minecraft

The 1.16 Nether update added a lot of new features to the Nether to ensure that players did not feel bored while exploring the area. Since you could only find a few forts and random mobs before, this update added new enemies and more things to do in the Nether that changed the entire aspect of how you visited the area. That is why this guide will show you how to raid a Bastion Remnant in Minecraft. 

How To Raid A Bastion Remnant In Minecraft

If you want to raid the Bastion Remnant, look no further because we will not only show you that but also tell you how you easily locate the Bastion so that you don’t waste your time aimlessly wandering around. 

The Bastion Remnant is a new building that can be found in the Nether as part of the Nether update. It hosts various hostile NPCs that can be quite difficult to deal with. However, once you kill all enemies in the area, you can earn rare loot that will be useful in your adventures.

Where to Find the Bastion Remnant

How To Raid A Bastion Remnant In Minecraft

Before we talk about how you can raid the Bastion Remnant, you must know where to find one. However, before starting, I must state that these structures are ideally meant to be raided after you have conquered the End and defeated the Ender Dragon. 

The hostile Piglins situated inside the Bastion are much more difficult to deal with since they can easily swarm you and have a movement speed buff as well. That is why it is suggested that you loot the End Cities and get all the enchanted weapons and armor before raiding the Bastion.

With that out of the way, the first thing you need to do is to create a portal to the Nether and enter it. The best places to find the Bastion Remnant are the Nether wastes, crimson forest, and warped forest. 

Keep in mind that you will never find a Bastion Remnant in the Basalt deltas so avoid that biome at all costs. An easy way to tell the Basalt delta is to look for spiky pillars of basalt and pools of lava. If you spot them, leave the biome and go to another. 

Keep searching the biomes mentioned above and eventually, you’ll come across a Bastion Remnant. Once you find one, enter with caution because there are tons of strong overpowered enemies.

Have Gold Armor and Gear

How To Raid A Bastion Remnant In Minecraft

While it is essential that you gear up as much as you can before entering the Nether and looking for the Bastion Remnant, it is also crucial to wear a gold-plated helmet or shoes. Since they take up fewer armor points as compared to a chest piece, you can wear a gold helmet so that the Piglins aren’t hostile towards you immediately. 

Keep in mind that the normal Piglins won’t attack you but the ones in the Bastion will want to whack your face as soon as they see you. A good way to avoid them is to throw random gold items near them so that they get distracted for a while and you can make your great escape. 

Watch Out For the Brutes

How To Raid A Bastion Remnant In Minecraft

One type of enemy in the Bastion is the Piglin Brute. They usually have black armor and are extremely powerful. Depending on how prepared you are, they can either pose a small threat or scare the life out of you. Having a proper armor set and a good shield will allow you to deal with them accordingly. 

If you time your parry correctly, you can negate almost all of their damage and strike them back hard. This will allow you to kill the Brutes without much trouble. However, it can take some time to get familiar with their patterns so keep that in mind. 

Do Not Open Chests

I know, I know, the main purpose of raiding the Bastion Remnants is to open chests and get rare loot. However, if you do it while the Piglins are alive near you, they will all charge toward you and attack you. Even if you are wearing gold armor or throw gold at them, they will not care and continuously strike you. 

The best way to handle this situation is to clear the area and make sure that all the Piglins and Hoglins are dealt with before you open the chests or mine any gold. If you cleared the enemies nearby, you shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever. 

Make Use of the Respawn Anchors

How To Raid A Bastion Remnant In Minecraft

Apart from the new mobs in the Nether update, a new item was also introduced known as the Respawn Anchor. It does exactly what it says – it respawns you in the Nether. However, the catch is that it needs to be fully charged before you can respawn there. Otherwise, back to the Overworld with you. 

To know if it is fully charged, wait for the yellowish glow at the side of it before you go ahead to explore the Nether. This will allow for a more relaxed experience and you won’t always worry about death in the Nether. Respawn Anchors can go a long way if you place them correctly before raiding a Bastion Remnant. 

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