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Jailbreak Value List [May 2024]

Welcome to the ultimate Jailbreak value list guide for trading in Jailbreak! If you want to make the most of your in-game trading experience, you’ve come to the right place.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the Jailbreak trading world, covering everything from the basic mechanics to the most valuable items. So, strap in and prepare to become a Jailbreak trading expert!

Jailbreak Value List

Getting Started with Trading

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of the Jailbreak value list, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics of trading in Roblox Jailbreak. To get started, you’ll need to visit the Trading Island, a unique server created solely for trading purposes. The only way to access this island is by entering the blue square located on the ship in Beach Town.

While on the Trading Island, you can engage in trading various items such as vehicles, car modifications, weapon skins, safes, and furniture items. Keep in mind that teams, arrests, and damage are all disabled on the island, ensuring that the focus remains solely on trading.

Jailbreak Values Explained

While trading in Jailbreak, it’s essential to understand the concept of Jailbreak values or JB values. These values represent the worth of different in-game items and are determined by several factors, including:

  • How hard they were to obtain originally.
  • How cool they look in-game.
  • Player demand.
  • The rarity of the item.

Knowing the Jailbreak value list is crucial for successful trading, as it allows you to determine the fair market value of the items you’re trading and avoid being scammed or making unfair trades.

August 10, 2023: Updated the Jailbreak value list.

Jailbreak Value List: Vehicles

There are no official prices for trading cars in Jailbreak except for their initial purchase. That’s where a Jailbreak value list for cars comes in handy.

Experienced JB players actively trading vehicles daily created this Jailbreak value list. We don’t inflate the values of the cars to realistic values. They are all priced as fairly as possible.

  • You can sort the list by clicking the arrows at the top of each tab. Each vehicle can be sorted alphabetically or by price, demand, and speed.
  • They can also be filtered by their type/source, demand, and price stability.
Lia's Spaceship$1,000,000,000164 MPHUnstable10/10Obtainable Aerial Vehicles
Torpedo$57,500,000380 MPHStable10/10Normal
Beam Hybrid$52,500,000180 MPHStable9/10Seasonal
Arachnid$42,500,000145 MPHStable9/10Normal
Icebreaker$32,500,000195 MPHStable7/10Seasonal
Beignet$22,750,000280 MPHStable7/10Seasonal
Celsior$22,500,000114 MPHStable8/10Seasonal
Raptor$15,500,000143 MPHStable7/10Normal
Banana Car$15,000,000170 MPHStable6/10Seasonal
Crew Capsule$14,000,00088 MPHStable6/10Seasonal
Javelin$12,500,000373 MPHUnstable8/10Normal
Proto-08$12,500,000210 MPHStable8/10Seasonal
Brulee$10,000,000400+ MPHRising10/10Normal
JB8$7,500,000142 MPHStable7/10Normal
M12 Molten$5,500,000240 MPHStable7/10Normal
Volt 4x4$4,500,000225 MPHStable3/10Seasonal
Macaron$3,750,000249 MPHStable8/10Seasonal
Parisian$3,000,000317 MPHRising7/10Normal
Shogun$2,750,000210 MPHRising Fast10/10Seasonal
Torero$2,750,000205 MPHStable6/10Normal
Agent$2,750,000180 MPHStable6/10Normal
Goliath$2,750,000185 MPHStable6/10Seasonal
Bandit$2,650,000197 MPHStable7/10Seasonal
Rattler$2,500,000130 MPHStable3/10Seasonal
Concept$2,500,000313 MPHStable8/10Million Dollar
Bloxy$2,250,000198 MPHStable6/10Seasonal
Airtail$1,500,000180 MPHStable6/10Normal
Snake$1,500,000230 MPHStable7/10Normal
Monster Truck$1,000,000195 MPHStable6/10Million Dollar
Black Hawk$1,000,000130 MPHStable7/10Million Dollar
Volt Bike$1,000,000215 MPHStable7/10Million Dollar
Drone$1,000,000141 MPHStable6/10Million Dollar
Trailblazer$1,000,000240 MPHStable5/10Million Dollar
Jet$1,000,000212 MPHStable6/10Million Dollar
Tank$1,000,00075 MPHStable5/10Million Dollar
Sloop$1,000,00056 MPHStable3/10Million Dollar
Shell Classic $900,000177 MPHStable6/10Normal
Jackrabbit$850,000150 MPHStable2/10Seasonal
Tiny Toy$850,000118 MPHStable7/10Seasonal
Crown$660,000249 MPHStable5/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Roadster$600,000220 MPHStable7/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
UFO$500,000101 MPHStable5/10Obtainable Aerial Vehicles
Eclaire$500,000280 MPHStable7/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Posh$350,000127 MPHStable3/10Retired
Megalodon$250,000169 MPHStable5/10Normal
Steed$250,000119 MPHStable3/10Retired
Sentinel$250,000195 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
SUV$250,000118 MPHStable3/10Retired
Desert Crawler$230,000145 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Classic$200,000110 MPHStable2/10Retired
Stunt Plane$200,000135 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Aerial Vehicles
Stallion$200,000238 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Ray 9$200,000205 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Mighty$200,000122 MPHStable3/10Retired
Little Bird$190,000108 MPHStable6/10Obtainable Aerial Vehicles
Firetruck$175,000207 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Delorean$175,000181 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Surus$109,000172 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
NASCAR #75$100,000141 MPHStable3/10Normal
Escape Bot$100,000101 MPHStable4/10Obtainable Aerial Vehicles
Semi Truck$100,000152 MPHStable4/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Cybertruck$100,000150 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
La Matador$100,000168 MPHStable5/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Shell Mark-5$92,000184 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Ambulance$90,000154 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Tow Truck$80,000140 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Camper$79,000132 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Challenger$59,000165 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Boxer$55,000150 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
ATV$50,000100 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Patrol$45,000119 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Badger$45,000137 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Dune Buggy$45,00099 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Cruiser$35,000381 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Dirtbike$35,000100 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Interrogator$30,000154 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Ray$25,000150 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Jet Ski$25,000488 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Model 3$16,000132 MPHStable3/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Deja$10,000128 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles
Pickup Truck$9,000140 MPHStable2/10Obtainable Ground Vehicles

Keep in mind that the value list is subject to change with each update, so it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

Jailbreak Value List: Textures

In addition to vehicles, another popular trading item in Jailbreak are car textures. Textures are cosmetic items that can be applied to your vehicles, giving them a unique and personalized look.

Like vehicles, textures also have their own Jailbreak community values, and understanding these values is crucial for successful trading.

Gold Color$2,500,000Stable7/10Normal
Orange Pixel$1,500,000Stable6/10Normal
Blue Pixel$2,250,000Stable6/10Normal
Winter Camo$2,500,000Stable6/10Seasonal
Crimson Racer$1,250,000Stable6/10Seasonal
Old Town Road$200,000Stable6/10Seasonal
Red Carpet$200,000Stable6/10Seasonal
Digital Confetti$150,000Stable6/10Seasonal
White Marble$750,000Stable6/10Seasonal
Retro Racer$100,000Stable6/10Seasonal
Black Ice$100,000Stable6/10Seasonal
Wooden Toy$100,000Stable6/10Seasonal
Radar Camo$100,000Stable6/10Seasonal
Carbon Fire$100,000Stable3/10Obtainable
Glowing Yellow$250,000Stable3/10Original
Lady Bug$125,000Stable3/10Original
Candy Cane$40,000Stable3/10Obtainable
Galaxy Wave$20,000Stable3/10Obtainable
Two Sided$20,000Stable3/10Obtainable
Road Warrior$75,000Stable3/10Obtainable

Jailbreak Value List: Rims

Need some fancy-looking wheels? Then grab these special rims in Jailbreak! Here’s a complete list of values for each one in the game.


  • Value: 30,000,000


  • Value: 10,000,000


  • Value: 4,000,000

Snow Flake

  • Value: 3,750,000


  • Value: 4,000,000


  • Value: 4,750,000

Snow Face

  • Value: 100,000


  • Value: 100,000


  • Value: 100,000


  • Value: 100,000

Jailbreak Value List: Spoilers

This is a list of values for Spoilers in Jailbreak.

Live Glider Spoiler

  • 250,000


  • 1,750,000

Turning Key

  • 100,000

2 Billion

  • Value: 1,500,000


  • Value: 5,500,000

Dual Rockets

  • Value: 1,000,000

Triple Fin

  • Value: 100,000


  • Value: 200,000

5 Star

  • Value: 500,000

Eight Leg

  • Value: 500,000

Orange Chute

  • Value: 400,000


  • Value: 2,500,000


  • Value: 2,500,000


  • Value: 400,000

3 Billion

  • Value: 1,000,000

Rocket Wings

  • Value: 5,500,000

Dual Flag

  • Value: 1,250,000

Blue Chute Spoiler

  • Value: 500,000

Jailbreak Value List: Colors

This is a list of values for Colors in Jailbreak.

Vanta Black

  • Value: 4,000,000


  • Value: 2,500,000

Radiant Green

  • 200,000

Radiant Purple

  • 150,000

Radiant Yellow

  • 300,000

Radiant Orange

  • 300,000

Radiant Ice

  • 250,000

Jailbreak Vehicle Rarity

In addition to their value, another important aspect to consider while trading vehicles is their rarity. Vehicles in Jailbreak can be classified into various rarity levels, such as common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and seasonal. Understanding the rarity of a vehicle can help you gauge its demand and determine its worth in the trading market.

Trading Tips and Tricks

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of Jailbreak values and the Jailbreak value list, it’s time to level up your trading game with some expert tips and tricks.

  1. Stay up-to-date: Keep track of the latest updates and changes in the Jailbreak value list to ensure that you’re trading with accurate information.
  2. Join the community: Engage with other players through the Jailbreak Discord server or in-game chat to get real-time information about the trading market and values.
  3. Be cautious: Beware of scams and players trying to take advantage of you by offering low-value items for your valuable assets.
  4. Negotiate: Don’t be afraid to negotiate and haggle with other players to get the best possible deal.
  5. Know your items: Understand the rarity, demand, and value of the items you’re trading to make informed decisions during the trading process.

Most Valuable Vehicles in Jailbreak

If you’re looking to trade for the most valuable vehicles in Jailbreak, knowing which ones are the best is essential. Lia’s Spaceship is the most valuable vehicle in Jailbreak, boasting a staggering value of one billion dollars. However, only one exists in the entire game, so it’s unlikely ever to be available. The next best vehicle is the Torpedo, worth a respectable $30,000,000.

Keeping Up-to-Date with the Jailbreak Value List

As mentioned earlier, the Jailbreak value list is subject to change with each update and adjustment in the game. Therefore, staying up-to-date with the latest information and changes is essential. One of the best ways to do this is to bookmark this page and check back regularly.

You can also join the Jailbreak Discord server and engage with other players in the community. This will provide real-time information and updates on the Jailbreak value list and trading market.

Closing Thoughts

Armed with this comprehensive Jailbreak value list, you’re now well-equipped to conquer the trading world in Jailbreak. By understanding the values, rarity, and demand for various items, you can ensure that you’re making informed trading decisions and getting the best possible deals. So, go ahead and dive into the exciting world of Jailbreak trading – good luck and happy trading!

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