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Soul Land Reloaded Tier List 2024 (May)

Looking for a complete and up-to-date Soul Land Reloaded Tier List? Then you’ve come to the right place! This page will rate every hero currently in the game.

Soul Land Reloaded Tier List

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Huge Credit to BlueFish (AME S2) for putting this list together!


Tank: Main Tank(MT), Off Tank (OT)
DPS: Assassin, AoE, Burst, Single Target (Single)
Support: Healer, Crowd Control (CC), Debuff, Buffer


S+ – OverPowered
S – Very Good
A – Average
B – Decent
C – Bad


PvE – Story, Slaughter City, Sea Goddess / Metal City
PvP – Arena, Grandmaster Match, Hell Slaughter Arena, Soul Beast Forest
Bosses – Soul Beast Invasion, Guild Challenge, Attack of the Treant

Soul Land Reloaded Tier List

This is the main tier list. You can filter between roles and if the hero is hard to obtain or not.

HeroPvEPvPBossSupport SkillRolesNotes
Civet Zhu ZhuqingS+S+S+SAssassin | Single | Burst | DebuffBackline assassin that will kill off healers and mages fast. Best SS in the game currently, her damage is insane.Yes
Gourmand OscarS+S+BSHealer | AoE | BufferAoE healer that also provides HoT as well. His ult can remove CC.Yes
God of War Dai MubaiS+SSSAoe | Burst | Debuff | Self-BufferAoE high Burst unit whose ult is able to hit twice. He also has a pull which targets a unit close to him and the furthest away.No
Phoenix Ma HongjunS+SAAAoe | DoT | Self-BufferAoE DoT unit that burns away at the enemies ramping up high damage over time. Due to the time it takes for him to build his damage up and reach his atk/atk speed passive, he is falling short of the other SS units. Still a solid pick.Yes
Azure Dragon Niu TianS+SAAOT | Aoe | CC | ShieldingA hybrid tank/dps unit that provides shields. He increases his defense based on a % of his attack. He increases his attack based on a % of his defense. It changes after each ultimate he uses. However it's hard to judge him currently, due to him being the only SS tank in the game.Yes
Ah YinS+SBSHealer | Aoe | BufferAmazing AoE healer, best one to get in S tier units. Difficult to obtain shards for however, will have a tough time building up if f2p.Yes
Gu RongAS+SSSingle | Burst | BufferOverall good single target unit that does % health damage. Essentially a mage assassin.Yes
Qian DaoliuBSBCMT | Self-Buffer | AoEMale tank that increases his damage reduction. Invest enough into him and he also has a passive ability that allows him to make 1 unit immortal for 5 seconds. This can activate twice in battle.No
Bo SaixiSABAAoE | Burst | BufferNot difficult to obtain, she is pure AoE. Scales well into mid/late game with her high AoE damage.No
Tang ChenSSACSingle | AoE | DebuffUnquie unit capable of lifesteal. His awakening allows him to do % hp damage as well and the lower his hp the faster he attacks. Chen decreases the attack of all enemies when he is alive.Yes
Zhu ZhuqingAS+SAAssassin | Single | Burst | Self-Buffer | DebuffAmazing Assassin. Very high crit rate due to her unique passive, not to mention she reduces her targets defense.Yes
Ning RongrongSABAHealer | Shield | BufferVery easy to obtain her. She's a single target healer that shields. Eventually she gains the ability to increase her entire team's Atk/Def by 20% every 19 seconds. last 8 seconds.No
Chen XiSSS+S+Single | Burst | DebuffRanged Swordsman that shreds through defense. His awakening allows him to ignore 100% enemy defense when he ults. Highest Damage unit in S tier.Yes
Qian RenxueBSBCMT | AoE | CC | DebuffShe can do it all, self heal, cc, and even take your enemies energy away. Easy to obtain shards for.No
Bibi DongS+SAASingle | Aoe | BurstA versatile unit, capable of shielding, cc, aoe, and high single target damage. A top tier mage pick, and her awakening like Chen Xi's, allows her to ignore defense.Yes
Xiao WuASSAAssassin | AoE | Burst | BufferAn assassin that doesn't do it as good as Zhu. Her damage is lacking, but once she gets going, she gets going. Her awakening allows her to execute any unit below a certain hp %. Enough said.No
Tang SanAAS+BAoe | CC | BufferCC, CC, and more CC. He is amazing for bosses, but pretty average everything else.Yes
Yue GuanS+BBCAoE | BufferA weird unit. He Summons flowers to attack for him and they do a good job at it. His potential in PVE is high, everything else not so much.Yes
Gui MeiBSBAAoE | CC | DebuffKing of CC, amazing in pvp, subpar for everything else.Yes
Ma HongjunBBCCAoE | DebuffThis guy is not good, he doesn't excel at anything.No
Dugu BoAABSAoe | DebuffPretty decent unit who ramps up his damage over time, not to mention his CC is a game changer.No
Jiang ZhuBBCCHealer | ShieldAoE HealerNo
Dugu YanCCCCAoe | BufferAoE Poison Skip themNo
Tai TanCCCCSingle | CCCC but low damage Skip ThemNo
Niu GaoABCCMT | Buffer | CCAmazing tank who has a ton of shieldingNo
Bai HeBCBCSingle | AoEFast Attack speed medium damage Skip ThemNo
Yang WudiBCCCSingle | AoEAoE Unit with Medium damage Skip ThemNo
Bai ChenxiangASSCAssassin | Single | BurstShe stacks her attack speed whenever she attacks. The fastest attacking unit in the game.No
Hu LienaSSBBAoE | CC | DebuffCan Carry as your mage in A+ tier units. Her damage is really good.No
Xiao BaiABABSingle | BurstHigh single target damage that causes bleeding.No
Unrivaled DragonserpentBBCCSingle | AoE | Buffer | DebuffBuffs themselves and decrease enemy defense as well as poisons. Skip themNo
Ning FengzhiABCAHealer | BufferAoE buffer and he can healNo
Azure Bull Python AABCMT | BufferTop tier A+ tier tank, his skills alone let him stun enemies and keep himself shielded. No
Titan Giant ApeCCCCOT | AoE | BufferAoE damage Skip ThemNo
FlenderBBSBSingle | BurstHigh Burst and increases his crit after his ultimate No
Liu ErlongBABBAssassin | Single | DebuffAssassin that is supposed to have high damage, but has a good silence. Skip Them.No
Zhao WujiBCBCAoE | Debuff | OTHe not really a damage unit and not even a tank. Skip Them.No
Yu XiaogangBCBCAoE | DebuffFake Chen Xi, But has good damageNo

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