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The Best Camp Locations in Fallout 76

Are you having a hard time deciding on an optimal camp location for yourself in Fallout 76? You can choose one of our best camp locations in Fallout 76.

When Fallout 76 launched, it was one of the most hated games of the year. It was an unexpected new low for Bethesda and the Fallout franchise for apparent reasons. But, now that the dust has settled and the winds of chaos have died down, Fallout 76 still houses a good base of players who keep on returning to the game. 

Fallout 76 is essentially a survival game, and building a safe spot for yourself is a really crucial factor. To make sure you are safe in one spot, you can build a camp. However, where you build your camp also matters a lot since there is always something happening in the world of Fallout 76. Here are the best camp locations in Fallout 76 for you. 

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a perfect spot to camp in Fallout 76. You need to know the enemy types that spawn in the area, what kind of loot you can expect, and how safe the location is. We have covered all these basics in our guide for the best camp locations in Fallout 76. 

Best Camp Locations in Fallout 76

There is a lot of consideration that goes into deciding a perfect spot to camp in Fallout 76. This list goes above and beyond in covering all those aspects. Here are our best camp locations in Fallout 76. 

The Raider Shack

If you are looking for a hilltop location that gives you the chance to look at some gorgeous scenery, then this is your location. The raider shack is an excellent location to set up your camp at the top of the hills of Hemlock Hole in the Toxic valley just southwest of Wavy Willards’s. 

The best thing about this location is that it is an accessible, fast travel location. Other benefits include a bed, cooking pot, and Tinkers Bench. The fact that this camp is in the hills also makes it a good defensive position. 

Lake Side Camp

Having a camp right next to a water body also makes for an epic view. This location has tremendous potential for players to build an excellent camp. With easy access to water and lesser enemies in the area, this lake is a safe location for you to enjoy and look at the scenery. 

To locate this place, you can head east from Johnsons Acre. Here you can start building the camp however you please. 

Gilman Lumber Mill

The Gilman Lumber mill is already built like a camp and requires you to put in very little effort in building a safe space for yourself. The Mills structure makes for great cover in an already safe area. Since the Mill is in the forest, you will have access to an abundance of wood supplies. 

This location can be found in the region of Appalachia’s Forest. The Gilman Lumber Mill is one of the most peaceful camp locations in the game. 

The Cat Camp

Now, this camp is for a very strict section of players who would love to have a cat in Fallout 76. This location has a cat that you can pet and turn the place into a cat cafe. Since there is already a structure in place, you would not have to do much building on this location. 

To find the cat camp, you must travel to Welch Station. You can find this cafe between routes 83 and 84. 

Whitespring Golf Course

The Whitespring golf course is a very attractive location that draws many players in, making it a busy in-game area. But, if you can build a camo around here, there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy. For example, there is a built-in security system for your safety. There is already a built structure that you can use to your advantage as well. 

The Whitespring Golf Course is found in the forest region of Fallout 76. 

Camp locations are very important in Fallout 76 because they help players make a safe haven for themselves. Since there is a lot of planning that goes into deciding a camp location, we took the liberty to decide the locations for you. 

We hope that this guide helped you determine the best camp location for yourself in Fallout 76. 

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Fallout 76 is available to play on PC via Steam.