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How To Wait In Fallout 4?

Waiting is a mechanic that allows players to wait in a chair or rest in a bed for however long they want. Follow this guide on how to wait in Fallout 4.

How To Wait In Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 is an action-adventure role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Unlike previous Fallout games developed both by Bethesda and Obsidian, the waiting mechanic in Fallout 4 is a bit different. 

You can no longer just hit a button to bring up the wait menu. Instead, you actually have to find something to sit or sleep on to wait in Fallout 4. Waiting is a very useful mechanic in Fallout 4. In certain scenarios, it gives additional perks to players.

To wait in Fallout 4, players must first find a piece of furniture like a chair, bed, or bench after sitting in the chair. Select the number of hours you want to wait and press OK. You can wait anywhere from 1 to 24 hours. Your character can wait, as well as rest in Fallout 4

  1. Waiting 
  2. Resting

Why Do Players Wait In Fallout 4?

Waiting is a very useful returning mechanic from previous Fallout games, instead of tirelessly waiting for certain events to occur during the day or night time. You can wait in the chair until that specific time.

How Can You Wait In Fallout 4?

Waiting is an essential mechanic and quality of life feature to enhance user experience. Follow this guide to learn how you can easily wait in Fallout 4.


First of all, you will have to find any piece of furniture in the wasteland. These can be easily found almost everywhere in the vast world of Fallout 4. You can even craft one for yourself in any of your settlements. 

How To Wait In Fallout 4?

After finding a chair or bench, sit on it. If the game allows you to wait, there will be a prompt. Press the specified button on your controller/keyboard and specify the numbers of in-game hours you want to wait, and press OK.

How To Wait In Fallout 4?

Keep in mind that you cannot wait while you are in combat or while you are being irradiated. There must not be enemies anywhere near you. You also can not wait when you are trespassing in someone’s home or shop. 


Resting is similar to waiting, but instead of sitting on a chair or bench, the sole survivor will have to sleep in a bed. Resting has an advantage that waiting does not provide. Just like other furniture, beds can be easily found throughout the wasteland. You can sleep in any bed if it does not belong to another NPC.

While resting players health will be completely restored and may also provide other temporary perks such as “Well Rested.” This perk can be quite handy if you want to level up your character, as it provides a 10% XP boost for 8 in-game hours. If you rest before the perk has run out, it will cause the perk to be refreshed for another 8 in-game hours.

In survival mode, the effect also grants +2 to Endurance and Agility. Sleeping is the only way that the game can be saved in survival mode. There are also very serious adverse effects if your character does not sleep for a long period of time. Primarily, this is lesser AP refresh and a reduction in overall stats (Strength, Agility, Luck) depending on the duration of your sleeplessness. 

How To Wait In Fallout 4?

What Are The Advantages of Waiting?

Waiting can be very useful if players want to access a shop or a building, but it only opens at a specific time during the day or night. Players can find furniture nearby to rest or wait until the specified time. Waiting can also hasten some NPCs to your location or some other designated location. 

If you want to buy some items from the vendors but they have run out of them. You can wait for 24 hours, and their inventory will restock, and you can again buy the items you need. You can also wait during the night time to wait for the Sunrise before advancing to your next objective, as the most fearsome enemies spawn during the night in the wasteland.

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