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What Is “Let Me Solo Her” In The Elden Ring? (Meme)

In Elden Ring, players can be summoned to assist with the boss fights. Here’s everything you need to know about the “Let me Solo Her” meme.

What Is “Let Me Solo Her” In The Elden Ring? (Meme)

FromSoftware games have some of the most difficult bosses in video games, and the community is known to make memes out of certain scenarios. After the extremely successful release of Elden Ring, new records are set and broken every day, from completing the game without even getting hit once to completing the game with a Level 1 character.

Now, a trend in the game has dominated Elden Ring subreddit and other social media platforms. It is the story of a player known as “Let Me Solo Her”.

The Let Me Solo Her meme originated when an Elden Ring player grew famous among the player base for leaving his summon sign in front of the hardest boss fight in the game. And just like any meme, countless people have created new variants of this meme.

What is the “Let Me Solo Her” Meme in Elden Ring?

Let Me Solo Her has been making rounds lately on Elden Ring subreddit and other social media platforms. Here’s everything you need to know about this meme.

“Let Me Solo Her” Meme Explained

Like previous FromSoftware games Elden Ring is full of extremely difficult bosses like General Radhan, Godfrey, and Radagon. Some of these bosses can even kill a high-level player with only one blow. 

What Is “Let Me Solo Her” In The Elden Ring? (Meme)

One of the most obnoxiously difficult bosses in Elden Ring is Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Even veteran players will struggle to defeat this boss. Malenia wields a Katana, a part of her prosthetic arm that can deal heavy damage with every swing. Malenia also gets her health back with every hit she lands on you, and her Waterfowl Dance attack move is a force to be reckoned with.

There is a summoning mechanic in Elden Ring where you can put your summon sign down before a boss fight, and other players will summon you to help them kill the boss. Players began noticing a summon sign was there to help them named “Let Me Solo Her”. Thus began the infinite amount of posts and memes about “Let Me Solo Her”.

Players summoned “Let Me Solo Her” into their world and, as the name suggests, stood aside and let him take care of Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Countless people posted clips of this player helping them win the fight against Malenia without assistance from the host. 

What Is “Let Me Solo Her” In The Elden Ring? (Meme)

“Let Me Solo Her” only wore a bare minimum outfit, a jar as a helmet, and two Katanas. Rivers of Blood on one hand and Moonveil Katana on the other hand. Always ready to help whoever is in need of assistance with Malenia. “Let Me Solo Her” has achieved legendary status in the Elden Ring Community. The heroics of Let Me Solo Her inspired other players to follow in his footsteps with other difficult bosses in the game.

Who is “Let Me Solo Her”?

What Is “Let Me Solo Her” In The Elden Ring? (Meme)

After going viral all over Reddit and Twitter, KleinTsuboi, the actual person behind “Let Me Solo Her” came out and posted a video of himself beating Malenia in another player’s game which gained over 50K upvotes on Reddit. Videos uploaded with “Let Me Solo Her” in the title have also generated over 25 million views. 

What Is “Let Me Solo Her” In The Elden Ring? (Meme)

KleinTsuboi, the player behind “Let Me Solo Her” streams on Twitch, has already defeated Malenia over 1000 times. To celebrate this occasion, Bandai Namco, the publisher for Elden Ring congratulated him and sent him a gift. KleinTsuboi has already become a legend in Elden Ring, even though the game was released only a little while ago.

An Elden Ring player and Modder Garden Of Eyes have created a mod where “Let Me Solo Her” can be summoned to assist you with bosses. This mod replaces the existing Lone Wolf Ashes with the “Let Me Solo Her” with all its glory.

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