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WoTLK Classic Hunter Reputation Gear Priority & Guide

Here’s our WoTLK Classic Hunter reputation gear priority guide. If you’re a freshly dinged level 80, then here’s the priority of factions that you should focus on first to get the best gear and items for your character.

WoTLK Classic Hunter Reputation Gear Priority

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WoTLK Classic Hunter Reputation Gear Priority

These are the main factions to focus on at level 80 if your main goal is gear. The other factions can be leveled at your own pace, and have little relevance to your PvE performance.

1.) Argent Crusade – Exalted

Argent Crusade is easily the best faction to focus on for a hunter in WoTLK Classic if you’re a freshly dinged character and have no access to raids.

Reaching Exalted will reward Polished Regimental Hauberk, an epic chest that’s pre-raid BiS. It has a huge amount of hit rating and is even better than the 10-man T7 chest from Naxxramas.

You can also buy Zombie Sweeper Shotgun at revered, a decent pre-raid BiS ranged weapon.

As an added bonus, Cloak of Holy Extermination is from honored and is an alternative pre-raid BiS cloak.

2.) Ebon Blade – Revered

Ebon Blade provides some great gear and is the only source of head enchants in WoTLK Classic. If you don’t care about gear then it’s the highest priority, along with Sons of Hodir.

You can buy Runeblade of Demonstrable Power at revered, which is the best pre-raid BiS melee weapon for a hunter.

You can also buy Arcanum of Torment at revered, a head enchant that provides attack power and crit. This will be the only head enchant available in the entirety of WoTLK Classic, so it’s pretty much mandatory to reach revered.

Lastly, Spaulders of the Black Arrow can also be bought at revered and is VERY close to pre-raid BiS for the shoulder slot.

3.) Sons of Hodir

Sons of Hodir rewards BiS shoulder enchants at honored and exalted and is pretty much a mandatory grind for every raider. Reputation can be gained from daily quests and handing in Relic of Ulduar. You can farm Relic of Ulduar from mobs, or buy them from the auction house (the best way).

The quest chain can be started by They Took Our Men! at K3 in the Storm Peaks. It takes around an hour to reach Neutral. You can get to honored from there by doing dungeon and normal quests in Dun Niffelem. After that, you need to do dailies and hand in Relic of Ulduar.

Note: You can essentially buy your way to exalted with gold via Relic of Ulduar if you want.

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