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WoTLK Classic Hunter Hit Cap for PvE & PvP

Reaching the hit cap is one of the most important stats to aim for while gearing up and being hit capped is essential for any raider. Here is the WoTLK Classic Hunter hit cap for PvE & PvP.

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WoTLK Classic Hunter Hit Cap

WoTLK Classic Hunter Hit Cap

The hard hit cap for hunters in WoTLK Classic is 8%, which requires 263 hit rating from your gear. This is for PvE raid bosses (level 83) only. If you have a Draenei in your group, then your hit cap will be 7% (230 hit rating).

Heroic dungeon bosses require 6% hit, which is 197 hit rating.

All other level 80 mobs and players (PvP) require 5% hit, which is 164 hit rating.

These numbers don’t not take into account the Marksmanship talent: Focused Aim, which can increase your hit chance by 1%/2%/3%.

How Much hit rating is 1% hit?

At level 80, 32.79 hit rating will yield 1% hit rating.

Does hit rating affect your pet?

Your hit rating will also grant your own pet expertise and hit.

(Not confirmed in Classic) In WoTLK, Blizzard would round down the hit rating number for pets. As an example, if you had 7.99% hit rating, your pet would actually have 7%. If this is still the case, you’ll always want to make sure that you’re fully hit capped.

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