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Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft – Ranked List of All Enchants

Here is our best axe enchantments Minecraft guide. Having the enchanted version of an axe is a very good idea, but choosing the right one can be a bit challenging. To make it easier, we’ve made a guide for top 9 best axe enchantments in Minecraft.

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

Mastering the art of enchanting in Minecraft is a very useful one, and it’s needed if you want to excel in survival mode. With the help of an enchanting table and fifteen bookshelves that can be placed around it, you’ll be able to access the best enchantments available in the game.

One good piece of advice is to enchant every piece of armor and every tool you’ve got in order to get the maximum benefit. Every tool is better when enchanted, especially the axe. This particular item is often underestimated but is a very good tool for gathering wood and even killing enemies if need be.

So, here is our list of top 10 enchantments of axes.

9.) Curse of Vanishing

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

To be quite honest, Curse of Vanishing is not really a good enchantment. Players often describe it as more of an annoyance, however, it can be put on any tool or piece of gear if a book containing it is used at an anvil. The only use it really has is in multiplayer as if you die you don’t want enemy players to be able to steal your axe.

8.) Fortune

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

Fortune is an insanely useful enchant for the pickaxe, but it’s not as great for a normal axe. This is because it will only grant you more Saplings, Seeds, and sometimes Apples when chopping trees. It does not grant extra wood. Nevertheless, it’s still a somewhat useful enchant to have.

7.) Bane of Arthropods

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

Bane of Arthropods increases the damage done to the following creatures:

  • Spiders
  • Cave Spiders
  • Endermites
  • Silverfish
  • Bees

It will also slow them.

You could clarify these creatures as annoying, but they are very easily managed on their own and they require little effort to kill. This enchantment is extremely situational and therefore not really that great, however, it has its uses.

6.) Smite

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

Smite increases the damage done to the following creatures:

  • Zombies
  • Piglins
  • Zombie Drowned
  • Phantoms
  • Husks
  • Skeleton Villagers
  • Zoglins Skeletons
  • Withers
  • Zombie Horses
  • Zombie Horses
  • Skeletons
  • Strays
  • Wither

It is basically an undead version of Bane of Arthropods. However, there are obviously quite a lot more mobs that it includes and many of them are useful to kill. Overall, Sharpness is slightly better though.

5.) Sharpness

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

If you want to kill enemies with your axe, then Sharpness is definitely the best enchantment for you. It’s as good on axes as it’s on swords, as it increases the damage dealt with any mobs it gets in contact with. This is why Sharpness is a better choice compared to Smite, as it doesn’t categorize enemies when it comes to damage dealt.

4.) Silk Touch

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

Silk Touch is quite a strange enchant to use. When you break a block with the enchantment on, it will actually drop that block, and not the resource it usually offers. As an example, if you break Melon Block, it will drop another Melon Block instead of Melon Slices. This makes it actually very useful for farming melons.

3.) Unbreaking

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

Unbreaking reduces the rate at which your axe loses durability. It’s a must-have for any trusty tools you want to keep around. Yes, the ability to amplify the efficiency of a tool or turn it into a killing machine isn’t here, but slowing down the wear of an item and making it last longer is a very good boost to your tool! And Unbreaking allows you to do exactly that!

2.) Mending

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

If you have Mending on your axe while gaining an experience orb it will consume the XP to repair your enchanted axe. This process is automatic and does not require an anvil. Amazing to use on your most valuable tools, as it effectively makes them immune to durability.

1.) Efficiency

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

Efficiency is the best enchantment in Minecraft, not just for axes, but for any other tool in the game. This enchantment gives a huge quality of life boost, as it saves time when you gather resources. If it took half a day for the process, Efficiency would cut the deal to half the time. It allows a tool to break its target block much faster. If you, have it on a Diamond Axe, the utilization will be at its optimum. On the other hand, Efficiency tools wither much faster due to the number of blocks they break, so it’s a necessity to have Mending or Unbreaking combined with Efficiency.

Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

These are the best axe enchantments in Minecraft.

  • 1.) Efficiency
  • 2.) Mending
  • 3.) Unbreaking
  • 4.) Silk Touch
  • 5.) Sharpness
  • 6.) Smite
  • 7.) Bane of Arthropods
  • 8.) Fortune
  • 9.) Curse of Vanishing

Best Axe Enchantment Combinations in Minecraft

These are the best axe enchantments to use together on a single item.

  • Efficiency
  • Mending
  • Silk Touch
  • Unbreaking
  • Sharpness

How to use Enchantments with Cheats in Minecraft

If you want to try out an enchantment or simply just get them without any hassle, then they can be obtained via Minecraft’s cheat commands.

The command structure is (As of Minecraft 1.19):

/enchant @p minecraft:enchantname rank

For example:

/enchant @p minecraft:efficiency 5

This will apply the enchant to the axe you’re currently holding.


We hope that this guide has helped you in finding the right enchantment for your axe! Hopefully, you can now choose the best enchantments, and avoid the not-so-great ones.

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