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Best Young CDM FIFA 22 Wonderkids – Best Young Defensive Midfielders to Sign in Career Mode

Here is our best young CDM FIFA 22 guide. Rating the top 10 best wonderkid Defensive Midfielders to sign in FIFA 22 career mode.

Best Young CDM FIFA 22

The defensive part of your rotation is what enables your team not only to defend and prevent the enemy team from scoring but also to take the ball back in possession and initiate attacks. Of course, they usually are not the ones who end up scoring or assisting, but their long passes and dribbling in small areas are more than enough to create space and start an offensive launch towards the enemy goal.

One of these positions is the CDM, and you have to be extremely careful when it comes to picking up players who are available to play as ones. Luckily, we’ve covered the top 10 choices you can get from the wonderkids category or players under 21 with potential varying from 83-99. Here’s our choice.

1.) Sandro Tonali (81 OVR / 89 POT)

  • Team: Milan
  • Age: 21
  • Wage: £29.000
  • Value: £49 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 83 Ball Control, 84 Stamina, 83 Sprint Speed

In one of our previous guides, we covered Tonali as one of the best young CMs in FIFA 22 that you can purchase. That is because he can be also utilized in that role due to the high potential he possesses, but his main position is CDM and that is where he is absolutely shining for his team Milan. Tonali has been one of the key pieces that Milan is one game away from winning the Scudetto, and the high skill points he has in Ball Control, Stamina, Sprint Speed, Short Pass, and Balance only go to show that he is a versatile and very utilized player.

So, no doubt that Tonali can make your defense stronger and make his teammates feel his presence on the defensive side of the field. Therefore, he is the #1 pick from the wonderkids category for CDMs.

2.) Boubacar Kamara (80 OVR / 86 POT)

  • Team: Olympique de Marseille
  • Age: 21
  • Wage: £27.000
  • Value: £34.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 84 Aggression, 82 Stamina, 83 Interceptions

Kamara is a player that can also cover the CM position, like Tonali. However, he possesses different qualities, as he is more aggressive, and he is able to intercept passes more compared to Tonali. However, it’s worth saying that his finishing abilities are quite lower than Tonali’s, but that shouldn’t be as big of a problem because the players playing in this position shouldn’t be mainly finishers or goal scorers.

Therefore, the defensive presence that Kamara can bring to your team is very high and he is here to back up the score points with his qualities.

3.) Romeo Lavia (62 OVR / 85 POT)

  • Team: Manchester City
  • Age: 17
  • Wage: £651
  • Value: £300k
  • Biggest Strengths: 66 Ball Control, 66 Aggression, 68 Slide Tackle

Lavia isn’t high up here because of his OVR rating or because of the low salary he receives in Manchester City. It’s because of the high potential he has, and as soon as he’ll be eligible for a huge contract, Manchester City will be right there to offer it to him. However, he might be snatched from other teams too, and he may be the kind of player that brings a revolutionary spirit to your defense. Therefore, if the defense in your team is stalling and needs fresh blood, Lavia can be brought for a bargain, and you can develop him into a very good CDM by including him more often in the rotation.

4.) Maxence Caqueret (79 OVR / 85 POT)

  • Team: Olympique Lyonnais
  • Age: 21
  • Wage: £38.500
  • Value: £23.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 87 Agility, 86 Stamina, 85 Balance

Caqueret doesn’t joke around when it comes to defending, and he’s proving this night in and night out for his team. The agility, balance, and aggression he has allows him to be more present on the defensive end and initiate attacks for his teammates up front. Also, he has high stamina, which allows him to be more aggressive in duels without fearing injuries as much as other fragile CDMs.

5.) Amadou Onana (72 OVR / 84 POT)

  • Team: LOSC Lille
  • Age: 20
  • Wage: £13.500
  • Value: £4.8 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 79 Strength, 79 Sprint Speed, 74 Ball Control

Onana is a kind of defender that cannot be judged by its OVR performance. At only 20 years old, with a potential rating of 84, it’s more than clear that only sky’s the limit for this young gem. However, he needs to be utilized properly in your rotation, otherwise, his talents will go to waste. He is eager to earn and has shown his worth and potential in Lille, a team that won the championship in 2021.

6.) Eric Martel (66 OVR / 84 POT)

  • Team: Austria Wien
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £2.500
  • Value: £750k
  • Biggest Strengths: 74 Aggression, 73 Jumping, 73 Stamina

The potential is there for Martel, as he is a pivotal player for one of the strongest clubs in Austria. However, in that small market, the possibilities for him are limited. Therefore, he may be on the move soon rather than later, and the team that’ll snatch him for the bargain deal that he has on his “head” will probably unlock his full potential. As a manager, you should not pass on these kinds of players because they are the ones that can bring a totally new and innovative approach to your defensive end.

7.) David Ayala (68 OVR / 84 POT)

  • Team: Portland Timbers
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £1.500
  • Value: £1m
  • Biggest Strengths: 84 Balance, 75 Acceleration, 72 Stamina

MLS is an attractive market for players that come from Argentina and South America in general. And the narrative of this league being low in quality and not interesting to watch has passed by because MLS is gaining popularity on a very fast note. Players like Ayala can bring out a very good spirit in your team and can be just the right piece you might be missing in your defense. And, for that amount of money, the risk is worth taking. So, you should consider signing this player to your team and include him more often in your rotation in order to develop a strong CDM from his profile.

8.) Oliver Skipp (77 OVR / 84 POT)

  • Team: Tottenham Hotspur
  • Age: 20
  • Wage: £44.000
  • Value: £17.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 76 Reactions, 80 Aggression, 78 Stamina

Skipp is a valuable piece in Konte’s rotation, and he rarely failed in completing his task, which is mostly defending and winning the ball back or initiating a counterattack for his team. The qualities are there, the OVR rating is decent and most importantly, the potential is through the roof. He plays in a league that requires physical readiness and mental strength, so he is definitely possessing these qualities in his resume.

9.) Alhassan Yusuf (71 OVR / 84 POT)

  • Team: Antwerp
  • Age: 21
  • Wage: £7.900
  • Value: £3.9 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 82 Acceleration, 92 Stamina, 89 Agility

Yusuf is slowly but surely building himself a profile of a strong, reliable, and aggressive CDM. However, there aren’t many possibilities for him in Antwerp and he may be on the move soon rather than later. He has a nice OVR rating for a player of that position and this could grow if he finds a team that can utilize his talents. So, have him on your list of potential signings because he can be the right player for the CDM position.

10.) Mohamed Camara (76 OVR / 84 POT)

  • Team: RB Salzburg
  • Age: 21
  • Wage: £15.500
  • Value: £14.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 86 Agility, 91 Balance, 85 Stamina

A young, stable, and durable CDM that looks for a way out of Austria can be found in Mohamed Camara. His dribbling skills are high, and the speed is there, so the chances of him intercepting enemies’ offensive attacks and creating new ones for his team are surely there. No need to think twice if you have the opportunity and the available place in your rotation, Camara can be the right piece for your CDM position.

Best Young CDM FIFA 22

This is a complete list of all young CDM players with 82 Potential or more.

PlayerOverallPotentialAgeClubTotal Stats
Sandro Tonali 818921Milan2,048
Boubacar Kamara 808621Olympique de Marseille1,865
Romeo Lavia628517Manchester City1,465
Maxence Caqueret 798521Olympique Lyonnais1,866
Amadou Onana728420LOSC Lille1,716
Eric Martel668419Austria Wien1,572
David Ayala688419Portland Timbers1,603
Oliver Skipp 778420Tottenham Hotspur1,728
Alhassan Yusuf718421Antwerp1,732
Mohamed Camara768421RB Salzburg1,870
Daniel Samek728317Slavia Praha1,827
Lewis Bate638318Leeds United1,580
Alan Varela698320Boca Juniors1,646
Guillamon758321Valencia CF1,661
Tomas Handel 678220Vitória de Guimarães1,684
Lucas Gourna-Douath 718218AS Saint-Étienne1,672
Sotiris Alexandropoulos 698219Panathinaikos1,688
Lucien Agoume 718219Stade Brestois 291,691
Enzo Loiodice 698220UD Las Palmas1,737
James Garner 698220Nottingham Forest1,713
Joris Chotard 748219Montpellier HSC1,790

We hope that this guide has helped you in choosing the next young player for the CDM position. Make sure you learn his qualities well and see if you can blend them with the rest of the team, as this position holds a crucial role in defending and initiating offenses for your team.

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