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Best Cheap GK FIFA 23 – Cheapest Goalkeepers to Sign in Career Mode with High Potential

Here’s our best cheap GK FIFA 23 guide, rating the cheapest goalkeepers to sign in career mode with the highest potential.

The best goalkeepers in FIFA Career Mode are usually old and tend to be expensive. This is a not-so-good situation in either way. Hence, investing in a cheap goalkeeper with a highly promising rating might be extremely profitable in the long run.

Best Cheap GK FIFA 23

We have listed the best shot-stoppers you can get on FIFA 23 without breaking the bank. While some of these keepers can fit into a team instantly, most are better off as reserves.


Andrew da Silva Ventura (OVR 70, POT 82)

  • Age: 21
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Club: Gil Vicente FC
  • Value: €3.4M
  • Wage: €3K
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Best Qualities: 72 GK Reflexes, 71 GK Diving, 69 GK Handling, 66 GK Positioning

Andrew da Silva Ventura, a 21-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper for Gil Vicente of the Primeira Liga, is a professional football player. Despite signing with the Portuguese team in July 2021, he didn’t make his professional debut until six months later. He is now a member of the first team, taking Stanislav Kritsyuk’s place in the lineup, who is 31 years old.

His rating of 70 overall is wholly justified. It would be seen in his 71 diving and 72 reflexes. Although the Brazilian prospect has room for improvement in his 69 handling, 66 placement, and 64 kicking, his 82 potential rating indicates high hopes for him.


Luis Marquines (OVR 63, POT 82)

  • Age: 19
  • Nationality: Colombian
  • Club: Atlético Nacional
  • Value: €1.1M
  • Wage: €500
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Best Qualities: 67 GK Reflexes, 66 Reactions, 64 GK Diving, 59 GK Handling

Behind Kevin Mier and Aldair Quintana in the Atlético Nacional goalkeeping lineup is left-footed Luis Marquines. The goalkeeper, who is only 19 years old, has exceptional talent. His presence is striking as a result of his 6’2 height, in addition to his quick reactions and reflexes.

Luis Marquines, a goaltender from Colombia with 82 potential, can land safely as a cheap high potential player to acquire in Career Mode thanks to his €1.1 million worth and similarly low salary of €500 per week. With 67 reflexes, 66 reactions, 64 diving, and 59 handling, the 19-year-old is well-suited to be a backup goalie in any circumstance, but one whose attribute values nearly match his overall rating. When Marquines reaches his potential, the traits should generally peak at 84, 85, or 86.


Samuel Soares (OVR 65, POT 82)

  • Age: 20
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Club: SL Benfica
  • Value: €1.7M
  • Wage: €2K
  • Height: 6’3″
  • Best Qualities: 75 Strength, 70 GK Kicking, 69 GK Reflexes, 65 GK Diving

Even with his 82 potential rating, Samuel Soares, a 6’3″ player, is only priced at €1.7 million, making him one of the finest affordable high-potential goalkeepers in FIFA 23.

The Portuguese player’s shot-stopping ability comes naturally, but not at the price of other essential qualities. Soares’s 75 strength and 70 kicking points toward being a defensive goaltender, but his 69 reflexes and 65 diving allow him to stop the easier shots securely.


Kasper Schmeichel (OVR 83, POT 83)

  • Age: 35
  • Nationality: Danish
  • Club: OGC Nice
  • Value: €4M
  • Wage: €31K
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Best Qualities: 86 GK Reflexes, 82 Reactions, 81 GK Positioning, 81 GK Diving

Kasper Schmeichel made a name for himself with the Foxes, earning promotion with the team in 2014 and notably winning the league and FA Cup with them before moving to OGC Nice during the recently ended summer transfer window. Schmeichel will forever be remembered as a Leicester City legend.

The 35-year-old Danish goalkeeper represents his club and nation in first-team football. He is the ideal option if you need a starting netminder for FIFA 23 Career Mode who can join your team immediately. He possesses all the necessary skills of an exceptional, well-known goalkeeper, including 86 reflexes, 82 responses, 81 positioning, and 81 diving. Moreover, you would get these and more at such a low price!

Kasper Schmeichel’s age may prevent him from being a good long-term choice, but his 83 overall rating and 83 potential rating are an excellent way to start.


Maarten Vandevoordt (OVR 71, POT 83)

  • Age: 20
  • Nationality: Belgian
  • Club: KRC Genk
  • Value: €4M
  • Wage: €5K
  • Height: 6’4″
  • Best Qualities: 74 GK Reflexes, 73 GK Diving, 70 GK Handling, 68 Reactions

Three years after making history as the youngest goalkeeper to play in the Champions League, the 20-year-old is making an impression at Genk. The Belgian goalkeeper is now emerging as one of the most promising young goalkeepers in football.

Vandevoordt’s overall rating of 71 is hardly unexpected, given that he is already well-known as Genk’s No. 1 GK. The talented player has proven his potential in FIFA 23 with 74 reflexes, 73 diving, 70 handling, and 68 reactions. When manning the goalpost, his 6’4 height offers him a substantial advantage. His 83 POT rating makes him an ideal option for a Career Mode team’s future shot-stopper.

Given the team he represents and his tall, skinny build, Vandevoordt has been compared to Thibaut Courtois, and Belgian supporters are hoping that Vandevoordt can be a worthy successor to the Real Madrid star as the Red Devils’ long-term shot-stopper.


Lucas Chevalier (OVR 67, POT 83)

  • Age: 20
  • Nationality: French
  • Club: LOSC Lille
  • Value: €2.4M
  • Wage: €5K
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Best Qualities: 68 GK Diving, 67 GK reflexes, 66 GK Handling, 65 GK Positioning

Calais-born Lucas Chevalier had turned down Lens’s approaches when he was a teenager in favor of joining his preferred team, Lille. The goalie developed rapidly, making his reserve team debut at 16. After spending the previous season on loan at Valenciennes, the 20-year-old goalkeeper returned to LOSC Lille this summer to face off against the most seasoned Léo Jardim, who is seven years older and the team’s first choice at the beginning of the season.

Standing 6’2″ and valued at €2.4 million, Lucas Chevalier is one of the top affordable goalkeepers with excellent potential to sign in FIFA 23’s Career Mode. The Frenchman may not look ready for the first squad just yet, with his primary goalkeeping skills being similar to his overall rating of 67. Still, Chevalier has the potential to develop into a reliable goalie.


Guillaume Restes (OVR 60, POT 83)

  • Age: 17
  • Nationality: French
  • Club: Toulouse Football Club
  • Value: €700K
  • Wage: €500K
  • Height: 6’1″
  • Best Qualities: 63 GK Reflexes, 62 GK Kicking, 61 GK Diving, 61 Strength

You’ve found the best deal with Guillaume Restes. No matter the size of your club, you should consider his 83-rated potential—especially given how cheap he is.

Guillaume Restes can be signed as a low-cost, high-potential player since his worth is just €700K, and his potential is rated 83. In FIFA 23 Career Mode, each of Restes’ important goalkeeping ratings is ranked in the 60s. Even though the Frenchman’s 63 reflexes, 62 kicking, 61 diving, and 61 strength are only a few points better than his overall rating, they will steadily improve with time and enough practice. Additionally, the 6’1 GK appears to have the makings of an effective shot-blocker.

For your Career Mode team, the 17-year-old youngster is a solid backup goalkeeper and a fantastic goalkeeping prospect. Guillaume Restes is a bargain, given the meagre value and wage for a teenager with his potential.


Samir Handanovič (OVR 84, POT 84)

  • Age: 37
  • Nationality: Slovenian
  • Club: Inter
  • Value: €4.7M
  • Wage: €46K
  • Height: 6’4″
  • Best Qualities: 90 GK Positioning, 85 GK Reflexes, 80 GK Handling, 80 GK Diving

Over many years, Samir Handanovič has been a devoted Inter Milan player. He had never won a major trophy in his whole career until May 2021, when Inter Milan won the team’s first Serie A title since 2010.

One of the top-rated goalkeepers in the game, Samir Handanovič, has an overall rating of 84. For a goalkeeper his age, he has a potential rating of 85, which is not terrible. His statistics are impressive: 90 positioning, 85 reflexes, 80 handling, and 80 diving. Few players may be concerned with his 65-kicking rating, but his other qualities make up for it.

Samir Handanovič is no doubt the best choice on this list if you need a cheap short-term goalkeeper that would fit into your FIFA 23 Career Mode team immediately.


Kevin Mier (OVR 72, POT 84)

  • Age: 22
  • Nationality: Colombian
  • Club: Atlético Nacional
  • Value: €5M
  • Wage: €3K
  • Height: 6’3″
  • Best Qualities: 74 GK Reflexes, 72 GK Diving, 71 Reactions, 70 Jumping

Despite having a pretty respectable 72 overall rating at 22, one of South America’s hidden talents, Kevin Mier, is only valued at €5 million. The Colombian shot-stopper has a rating of 74 reflexes, 72 diving, 71 reactions, and 70 jumping on FIFA 23. His handling and jumping ratings of 70 and 70, respectively, are not too bad. His towering 6’3 height proves that clearing aerial balls is not something to be concerned about. Nonetheless, his 84 potential rating is still his biggest attraction.

If necessary, Kevin Mier can instantly fit into a FIFA 23 Career Mode team. But he’ll also work well as a backup or substitute goalkeeper.


Gavin Bazunu (OVR 70, POT 85)

  • Age: 20
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Club: Southampton
  • Value: €3.4M
  • Wage: €13K
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Best Qualities: 79 Jumping, 72 GK Reflexes, 72 GK Kicking, 70 GK Diving

Bazunu is a competent goalkeeper overall, although he doesn’t really stick out from the pack. He may not be the best at keeping possession, but he can direct balls into deadly attacking areas. In his early years, he played as a winger before switching to the position of goalkeeper.

With a staggering 85-potential rating in FIFA 23, Southampton’s new goaltender is undoubtedly the most gifted goalie on this list. In the first season of Career Mode, Vandevoordt, who stands 6’2 and has a jumping of 79, reflexes of 72, kicking of 72, and diving of 70, makes a decent backup goalie.

If you can put your faith in the Irishman for an entire season, you’ll hasten his progress and help him realize his enormous potential sooner.

Best Cheap GK FIFA 23

Here are the cheapest goalkeepers to sign in FIFA 23 career mode with the highest potential.

  1. Gavin Bazunu: €3.4M (OVR 70, POT 85)
  2. Kevin Mier: €5M (OVR 72, POT 84)
  3. Samir Handanovič: €4.7M (OVR 84, POT 84)
  4. Guillaume Restes: €700K (OVR 60, POT 83)
  5. Lucas Chevalier: €2.4M (OVR 67, POT 83)
  6. Maarten Vandevoordt: €4M (OVR 71, POT 83)
  7. Kasper Schmeichel: €4M (OVR 83, POT 83)
  8. Samuel Soares: €1.7M (OVR 65, POT 82)
  9. Luis Marquines: €1.1M (OVR 63, POT 82)
  10. Andrew da Silva Ventura: €3.4M (OVR 70, POT 82)


In FIFA 23, most cheap goalies have poor all-around ratings. Nevertheless, given the longevity of the position, the time spent developing those with high potential can lead to the goalkeeping spot in your starting lineup being filled for many years.

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