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Skibi Defense Tier List: Best Units (May 2024)

This is a Skibi Defense tier list. An updated Roblox Skibi Defense tier list that ranks the best units currently playable in the game.

Skibi Defense Tier List: Best Units

Skibi Defense Tier List Guide

We’ve compiled a tier list for units in Skibi Defense. They’re ranked and classified into various tiers based on their effectiveness in the game. Here’s a breakdown of the tier rankings:

  • S+ Tier: Overpowered
  • S Tier: Very Strong
  • A Tier: Good
  • B Tier: Average
  • C Tier: Weak
  • D Tier: Useless

Tier List Changelog & Notes:

  • Note 1: Make sure to keep track of the Skibi Defense Trello for any changes to the game.
  • Note 2: Don’t forget to redeem Skibi Defense codes for in-game freebies.
  • October 6th Changelog: The tier list has been added.

Skibi Defense Tier List: S Tier Units

S-Tier units are the best, offering the most significant stat boosts. Here are the units you should aim to acquire:

Speaker Titan

Tier List Rank: S

  • Unit price (in lobby): 45,000 C
  • Unit price (in-game): 25,000 $
  • Placement limit: 5
  • Rarity: Titan
  • Also known as TS, Titan speaker

Upgraded Camera Titan

Tier List Rank: S

  • Unit price (in lobby): 75,000 C
  • Unit price (in-game): 150,000 $
  • Placement limit: 1
  • Rarity: Titan
  • Also known as UTCM, UTC, Titan camera

Titan TV Man

Tier List Rank: S

  • Unit price (in lobby): 90,000 C
  • Unit price (in-game): 80,000 $
  • Placement limit: 2
  • Rarity: Titan
  • Also known as Titan TV, TTV

Titan Cameraman

Tier List Rank: S

  • Unit price (in lobby): 50,000 C
  • Unit price (in-game): 20,000 $
  • Placement limit: 4
  • Rarity: Titan
  • Also known as TC, Titan camera

Skibi Defense Tier List: A Tier

A-Tier units are not far behind in terms of power. They are quite strong and can significantly benefit your tower lineup:

  • Camera Sniper Woman
  • High Tech Camera
  • Space Detainer
  • Speaker Strider
  • TV Woman

Skibi Defense Tier List: B Tier

B-Tier units are still quite powerful, providing good stat boosts:

  • DJ Woman
  • Dancing Camera
  • Researcher Camera
  • TV-Person
  • Large TV Person
  • Large Camera
  • Helicopter Speaker
  • Camera Strider

Skibi Defense Tier List: C Tier

C-Tier units are average and provide decent stat boosts:

  • Large Speaker
  • Speaker Fighter
  • Camera Fighter
  • Engineer Camera
  • Plunger Camera

Tier List Disclaimer

We’ve made this Skibi Defense tier list to help players progress through the game faster. However, as with any tier list, the unit ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. They’re purely based on our opinion—and what worked for us may not work for you.

If you like the way a certain unit looks, then play it! It isn’t always about dominating the meta. Play the game for fun.

We recommend using our Skibi Defense tier list as a starting point for your own explorations within the game. Experiment with different team compositions, hero builds, and strategies to uncover what works for you.

In conclusion, this Skibi Defense tier list guide aims to serve as a compass, not a map. We’ll work hard to keep it updated with the latest meta shifts in the game. However, there are many different ways to play, and ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which units they want to play to use.

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