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Diablo Immortal: Class Guide – Basic Overview of Each Class

Here is our Diablo Immortal: class guide – A very basic overview of each class currently available to play in the game.

Classes are what make an RPG dynamic fun to play. They allow you to spec according to specific predefined routes while mixing your own hint of creativity. Surprisingly, the class system in Diablo Immortal takes this mechanic to even greater heights. 

For ease of use, there is nothing better than the Barbarian, whereas the Wizard enables you to dismantle your opponent from long range. Consequently, the Necromancer and the Demon Hunter have their own unique magic. 

Needless to say, the 6 classes in Diablo Immortal aren’t limited to a single playstyle. Therefore, many variations can arise that counter the class’s innate weaknesses. 

In this guide, we will be taking a dive into the topic of classes in Diablo Immortal, along with their specific roles. With that said, let’s jump in and get started!

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Classes in Diablo Immortal

As mentioned, the game houses a total of 6 classes that are available from the extreme early on. While there are not many variations in the classes themselves, you can expect to spec them as unique as you want. 

With that being said, here are all the classes available in Diablo Immortal along with their unique strengths:


Diablo Immortal: Class Guide - Barbarian

The Barbarian is a straightforward class that believes in hitting the opponent without using any strategies or methods. Their spells are pretty easy to get the hang of and can be fired off indiscriminately in most scenarios. 

While the class lacks range, you can still expect to dish out a humongous amount of damage in close-range combat. 


✔️ Very high mobility.
✔️ Spin-to-Win fun game style.
✔️ Great AoE damage.
✔️ Provides useful group buffs.


❌ Single-target damage isn’t great.
❌ Constantly takes damage.
❌ Long cooldowns.
❌ Melee DPS are more squishy in harder content.

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The Crusader is a class that specializes in dealing true damage to the opponent. They possess a decent amount of defense along with tons of controlled damage. You will have to engage in a defensive style of combat with your enemies in order to excel in this class. 

Despite having a slow start, the Crusader tends to become a menace the later you head into the game’s storyline. 


✔️ Fastest class in the game via Draw and Quarter.
✔️ High AoE DPS.
✔️ Great group buffs.
✔️ Large kit of defensive abilities.


❌ Single-target damage is on the low side.
❌ Primary attacks are a bit “meh”.
❌ Hard to avoid taking damage.
❌ If you like PvP, there’s only one viable way to really play it.

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Diablo Immortal: Class Guide - Wizard

The Wizard is a control-based class that focuses on unleashing lethal magic damage-based attacks that can shred the HP bars of most bosses. While the Wizard does not provide consistent damage, its utility is nothing to scoff at in the middle of battles. 

For example, you can teleport from one place to other while striking lightning at your enemies like it’s nothing. 


✔️ Fun and satisfying gameplay.
✔️ Amazing AoE damage and crowd control.
✔️ Good mobility.
✔️ Flexible playstyle for PvP.


❌ Squishy, especially in PvP.
❌ Uses some skillshots that require aiming.
❌ Skills have long cooldowns.
❌ Doesn’t really provide any group buffs.

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Diablo Immortal: Class Guide - Necromancer

The Necromancer is a complex class in Diablo Immortal that specializes in raising the dead as your pets. It’s essentially a taming class with a hint of dark magic. You can expect to summon hordes of skeletons and deal damage through curses and vice versa. 

Your main source of damage will be your summons. Therefore, combatting this class tends to become tricky. 


✔️ Great balance of single-target and AoE DPS.
✔️ Amazing buffs for raids.
✔️ Best ultimate ability in the game.
✔️ Pets can be used for almost anything.


❌ Poor mobility and can be very reliant on having corpses.
❌ Too many Short / Mid ranged skills.
❌ Class Consumable isn’t good.
❌ Build swapping is needed to min-max.

Resources: Diablo Immortal: Best Necromancer Legendary Gems

Demon Hunter

Diablo Immortal: Class Guide - Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunters use trap-based mechanics in order to deal damage to their opponents. They rely on well-executed pre-planning in order to win battles. While the class can get pretty technical, it’s extremely fun to play once you get the hang of it. 

That being said, we won’t recommend it for beginners, since you need to have a decent amount of aRPG knowledge to find success with it. 


✔️ Highest single-target damage in the game.
✔️ Fight enemies from range, while also moving.
✔️ PvP allows for tactical gameplay.
✔️ You can use Primary attacks and skills at the same time.


❌ Very squishy, more of a glass cannon class.
❌ Small choice of builds to play.
❌ No group buffs.
❌ Low mobility.

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Diablo Immortal: Class Guide - Monk

The Monk is a fairly decent class when it comes to expressing your skill. You will be the main damage dealer for your team. Therefore, being efficient in fighting in the melee range is one of the many prerequisites of this class. 

A Monk player will have to rely on explosive bursts of combos in order to win their games. This might sound too hectic for beginners, but it’s a great dopamine experience to have!


✔️ Fast and fun gameplay
✔️ High AoE DPS.
✔️ High mobility.
✔️ Provides group buffs and shields.


❌ Requires skill combos and constant button mashing.
❌ Harder to avoid damage.
❌ Single-target DPS isn’t great.
❌ Not many skills for solo play.

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